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  1. Honestly, im not sure how to reply that but i always search for games on quickplay without any other party members. I already allowed that player icon just in case.
  2. ccb9b580566b1d22 is already Allowed and still i cant join on CW. Is like the the game is only forcing to connect to that Europe server.
  3. Im not located on Europe. Now, when im searching for a game, that Europe server is the only one that appears. It used to appear all the US servers but now only shows that Europe server. Already added, found a lobby and still in game says i cant join.
  4. Not always works better without Geo Filter. Is just the same as using another random router. I logged into Device Manager trough my laptop, deleted the device (my PC), added again my PC and set it as a PS4, then did all those steps one on Geo Filter and Polygon mode and now is worst. Is trying me to connect to Europe? Because in game, it say "Cant join lobby as usual" but now, the only server that is forcing me to join is in Europe. So weird. Heres the ID: ccb9b580566b1d22, 2960501bfdc8191e.
  5. Sadly, didnt had the chance to get the server ID. As soon as i that server appear again, i'll share it with you'all. Basically, yes. I always had the forcing servers trouble. There are some few random times that i found 70 ms servers that are kinda decent. Again, im not located on the US, im located on Ecuador, South America and the nearest server is the 66ms (70 - 75 ms in game) one that is located on south Florida. Thats the server that im always trying to connect to. Thanks to ping heatmap, now im forcing to connect a "new" 66 ms server that is in the north of the US. Is weird because sometimes when im gaming with the Geo Filter or Polygon mode OFF, i destroyed everybody on the lobby. This was a random match with the Geo off: I wont get a less ping server due to my location, im aware of that, but since you guys are launching several updates to the OG R1 (Thank You all for that and for the hard work), im always up to give another chance to my R1. Those are the lowest ping servers that i have for CW and MW:
  6. Yeah. Already did that. Deleted the decive, flushed the cloud, Re added the device, manual mode, no fast search, flushed again the cloud, 0 ms on ping assist, select desired location, wait 2 minutes, all while Battlenet and COD CW Closed and still on Polygon mode or normal Geo Filter mode, still forcing me to connect to not desired servers.
  7. Currently, im turning Geo-Filter and Polygon mode off because honestly, is just a struggle just to find a game with the less ping available. Allowed a bunch of server while i drew polygons on the less ping area and nothing. Sometimes i found a game but most of the times it says "I can't joind the lobby"
  8. That's what im afrid of. Getting connected to not desired servers. In my opinion, getting connected to random not desired servers is the same than not using the main feature of the R1. I cant force allow that 66 ms server in the Green Polygon because when in searching for a game, only appears the Blue one.
  9. Yes, there are several servers i could draw but theres only 3 that have the lowest ping for me. Just found another 66 ms server thanks to Ping Heatmap but im not sure where should i draw the polygon. Should i draw it on the Green with 66 ms or Blue polygon?
  10. I just allowed a lot of servers, still most of the times i can't find any game at all at any playlist as you could see on Pic 1. Not always the Blocked Player icon appears, most of the times it just keeps on "SERCHING..." and the only two Allowed Server that appear is the Texas and Virginia server that i already allowed them (Pic 2). Honestly, this is very frustrating.
  11. I did and i found another game with 80 ms. Then i searched for another game and the Blocked Player appeared on the same location but this time with another id: 32606934fdd1191e. By the way, at this time i was doing all this tests while Auto Ping Host was ticked. EDIT: Now, everytime i found a lobby, can't join and shows another id everytime.
  12. This was while Searching for a game on a Specific Playlist like "St. Patricks Stockpile" or "Nuketown 24/7": Again, the Texas and Virginiia servers appear. No games found, but there was a time when random player joined me but still no games found thou. EDIT: Found a game and the Blocked Player icon appear while in game says "Failed to Join Party. Unable to join Party (3)" Heres the id 32605f2afdd1191e.
  13. On CW, all game modes selected on Quick Play: Pic 1 was in a game i found eventually after a long time of search and the Allower Server icon appear on Virgina server. Pic 2 was while searching for a game. A Texas server appear with the Allowed Server icon. Dont see anything blocked.
  14. Yes, game and Blizzard launcher closed. There are times that eventually after a long time of searching says "Joining Game" but always fails.
  15. Drew another one on Miami. Still, no games found on CW. Still "SEARCHIING..."
  16. Drew a polygon on the less ping area, on CW no games found on any playlist. Stays on "SERACHING..." However, found a game with 75 ms on MW.
  17. Ok. Then, should i just draw a polygon on the 79 ms server area since thats the lowest ping at this time?
  18. Ok, just deleted the Miami server since is just an authentication server but before i did, i drew a polygon only where is located the Miami server and was able to find games with 75 ms. Still i dont know what is the real difference between Authntication and a Server and where should i only draw the polygon. In the pic you can see the polygon on Miami and the icon of an Allowed server on Virgina.
  19. So should i just delete the polygon on the coast (Miami)?
  20. I drew a few "polygons" in two areas when i found 66 ms servers on Ping Heatmap one on Miami and another one on New York. Also, the north Texas server is a very decent 100 ms server so i also drew a "polygon" on it. The north east one (New York) is 66 - 68 ms for both MW and CW. The Miami one is 66 ms. I found games Easily in MW, however on CW sometimes is a struggle to find some games. In pic 1, i was on a 70 - 77 ms Miami server while in game on MW. Now, my question is: what server im exactly connected to? Since the legend says Miami is just an authentication server and a Virginia server that just appear is an Allowed Server? In pic 2 is basically the same as pic 1. This time Server icon appeared on Texas while the Allowed Server appeared again on Virginia. By the way, im located on Ecuador, South-America.
  21. Did a reboot and Forced Cloud update and now more servers appear on CW. Thats great news! Theres a 67 ms server on Miami. Should i delete the device, flush cloud, add the device and draw a polygon on the Miami server area? or maybe is that an authentication server? What would you recommend me? On Ping Heatmap, Is there a more easy way just to click on that server or saving it without drawing a polygon or setting the location as usual, so i could always connect to that server ?
  22. Ok. I guess as we speak, the update is running because the Ping Heatmap tab isn't loading for me since this morning.
  23. Oh, great. Do i have to download any kind of update for my R1?
  24. Checked past 6 pm GMT and still theres only 1 server on CW. Failed 50. However, theres a lot more of MW servers and theres a 65 ms server.
  25. Same for CW. No games found on any playlist.
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