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  1. When i change the channel on WIFI settings, i click the SAVE NETWORK button, a message of 'ERROR_UNKNOWN' appears on the screen. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. When i click the "SAVE NETWORK" button, nothing happens. There's no "Applying settings" mesagge. EDIT: Did another Factory Reboot and now i can enter and SAVE the MAC address.
  3. Im on current version 3.0.171. At the Duma Dashboard, im at Network Settings, WAN, Network tab i set a desired DNS but when i click the SAVE NETWORK button, the changes are not applied. The message saying "APPLYING SETTINGS" wont appear. Then, closed the Dashboard, went to the Network tab on WAN and no changes were applied. Im using Chrome, no Adblocks, tried using Opera, did a Factory reset and still the same. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Yes, just managed to Deny those servers right from the list by clicking on the "ping" icon. Now i reached the point where i cant connect to Cod online services.
  5. Already gave it a try. I cant even Deny the server because the Deny button is not available when i click on those specific servers. ID: ccb9edb8566b1d22, ccb9b681566b1d22, ccb9b580566b1d22
  6. It is a real pain in the ass. Its more frustrating that i cant even Deny those servers. As soon the game boots, i see those NL server then tried to Deny and i cant because the Deny button isnt available, so i Allowed those servers and even i added a name, closed the game and boot again and still cant Deny it. ID: ccb9edb8566b1d22, ccb9b681566b1d22, ccb9b580566b1d22
  7. Thanks again for taking time to help. The "Deny" button is in grey that means it doesnt allow me to deny it. It happens only with that NL server.
  8. Thanks for the help, no translation needed. Shoul i have to allow all those US servers?
  9. I play solo. Sometimes, when im on those Florida or 66 ms servers, i play against people from my country or nearby countries. I dont know anyone who plays COD MW, CW or WZ but im gonna asume that the lowest ping for anyone based on Ecuador is 70 - 75 ms on MW- and 80 ms on CW. I have to mention, but i think you already know that, ping heatmap says 66 ms but in game is 70 ms for MW and 80 ms for CW. The only thing i want to achieve is play on those less ping server when is desired.
  10. Not always im connecting to the same server, i think that is obvious because there are times that i have 80 ms, 100 ms, 130 ms and even 160 ms. PIC 1 is Filtering mode disabled, Ping Assist 0, no Auto Ping Host. Those are the servers that showed while i was on a game. Still is showing the Europe server. While in game i was 125 ms ping. PIC 2 server latency PIC 3 is the servers i have available when i boot the game.
  11. Still the same. Found games and says i cant join the lobby and is forcing me to Europe. Location is on the ocean, 66 ms ping on Ping Assist, nothing.
  12. Thanks for the tip but im not sure if that would help. The less ping ive ever had is 66 ms (77-80 ms in game) because to my location. Still, gonna give it a try.
  13. Great for you! I wish i could say the same.
  14. Just did that. Didn´t work. Not even found a lobby.
  15. Tried that for this whole week. Nothing changes. Strill trying to connect me to Europe and outside the polygons.
  16. You mean you want me to click on the "Ping again" red button while searching for a game ?
  17. As i said before many times, i already allowed that Europe server even if im not sure how much ping i get and still most of the times i cant join the lobby. Found a few times games with more than 150 ping. Also, im not sure what server im actually allowing because when i click over that server it shows me the id, then i click over that same exact server again and show me another different ID.
  18. Drew a new polygon to make sure that the server is fully inside. Still, no games found and still trying me to connect to Europe.
  19. As i said before many times, i allowed almost everything that is blocked and yes, i allowed already that blocked server inside the Polygon. i was asking why this happens? Why the server that im supossed to connect to is blocked even inside the polygon? Is very weird.
  20. Just did those steps and didnt help at all. Still cant find games on the desired servers. Still says "Cant join lobby". Still forcing me to connect to servers outside my range. Still trying me to connec to Europe. Also, cant join a lobby inside the polygons.
  21. Should i try that still having polygons on the less ping servers?
  22. I think every tuesday or wenesday, not sure, CW launches a new playlist update and sometimes they launch some patches. I think they launch updates very ofter. Getting a blocked server inside the radius of a Polygon that i just drew is very weird and annoying. The only thing that i want to achieve is in CW and MW, is connecting to those 66 ms servers most of the times.
  23. There are some weird times that a blocked server appears inside the polygoin. Yes, already allowed that still that blocekd server appears. Also, the blocked server icon above the Allowed Server icon.
  24. Thats basically my same issue. The game is always trying to connect me to a server outsie of the polygons i drew and the weird thing is that even allowing that blocked server, still i cant join it.
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