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  1. most will be fine... remember that a lot of those youtubers/streamers talked wonders and were recommending your routers now look on YT ... lol no one is talking about it, because the only reason it gained popularity was because it could get you around sbmm, Just look at youtube search. Literally the first video that comes up is about bot lobbies lol you all can be in denial. But what I say is the truth
  2. I actually have quite a following on YT and you would be surprised on how cheaters affect my gameplay, I have tried to work with netduma together but its no use
  3. I agree but some people make a living out this one game, for it to be ruined by cheaters. Thats why people are trying to get around SBMM. Cheaters have high stats and very often they get matched against the more decent/good players. In other games with good anti cheat like Valorant and Fortnite you WILL NEVER hear anyone trying to get around SBMM. If I was a CEO of a company like Netduma I would try to attack this problem and EVOLVE, SBMM ignores connection, matches you against cheaters in most free to play games (they are the most popular/populated) like Apex, Destiny 2, CSGO, Warzone. But thats just me, I remember whem people found out you could bypass sbmm using Netduma everyone bought and everything was soldout. Its crazy to think this has never happened again, instead everyone went to buy NLVPN
  4. You are lucky, I have AT&T and I cant never be routed to Miami server unless I use a NLVPN or Former Haste combined with geo filter
  5. Mostly to not play against cheaters, also SBMM on gamemodes that aren't ranked are just not fun. That's why if there would be any ranked mode on warzone you will see less talk about SBMM here in the forum. But in public games is a joke. I have 4.2 KD, If I wanted to play with friends that usually only play twice a week they get bodied. But mostly people want to avoid cheaters (at least in Warzone with the current cheating crisis)
  6. Welp its important to a degree, I used to combine Haste with geo fencing and worked wonders, the peering would actually help the game to force your connection to the server you wanted. It helped reduce the time in queue tremendously. I suggested that Netduma and Haste to work together but it didnt happen, Now Exitlag bought Haste. But Exitlag doesnt work too well with geo filter.
  7. Ok, but you guys in the past have promoted what you call "unintended use", just look at this screenshot. Lets face it MOST (not all) people who bought this router FOR COD was to get around SBMM if you would've keep on trying and trying you guys would have more sales and possitive feedback, look at (once again) how popular NLVPN is, everyone uses it and 100% gets you low ping games with low sbmm . This screenshot was on 2019, its 2021 and you guys have made no progress at all. And Im saying this with a lot of respect, because I love Netduma, but it pains me to see this. You guys are still struggling with ping heatmap when Exitlag never have issues with it, you guys said a year ago that were working on a tool to fix that issue. But its almost 2022 and no progress. 😕
  8. That said I wonder, why even bother to buy a Netduma Router, there are other routers in the market that do the same as this router. The difference is that you guys could beat SBMM thanks to geo fencing. Now that the game has patched the ability to pick and choose servers buying Netduma is useless (even for it intended purpose) just look at the ammount of people here in the forum complaining. VPNS do better job at getting a better connection, and Exitlag manipulates the afinity of the routes. You guys havent even updated XR500 in over a year. Did you guys really just gave up?
  9. Im connected to the server in florida but I wasn't in a match, I was just sktting on the menu. When I start looking for a match I get stuck in queue and it wont find any match. Me and others believe that Activision patched the game so you can no longer hop/fence servers, to avoid people from getting on low population servers, but since like 8 months ago you cant even use the router for connecting to the lowest ping server because you will get stuck forever in queue you guy gotta step up, because on most games Geo Fencing just wont work. Fortnite, Apex, Destiny 2 now Warzone
  10. I did a little bit of digging and look what I found. Seems like Activision patched this so people wont hop on diffetent servers. People are literally stuck in queue forever. This first guy knows a lot about the game, he has helped streamers with overclocks, tech and to get better connection, he also owns a router. So you guys better do something about this or people will stop buying this router, myself included. Geo filter wont even work on Destiny, Apex Legends, etc etc. I cant believe NLVPN actually does work better than a $260 router
  11. Hello, I haven't used Netduma in a long time because I could never get in warzone matches. I came back to use geo filter again and to my surprise nothing has changed. I live in Miami and the game never makes me play there... but when I use No Lag Vpn it actually finds me matches with 27 ping most of the time. Now I don't want to use the VPN anymore. In the pictures below I chose Seattle, Irvine California and Miami as the servers because those are the easiest servers and Miami gives me 23-27 ping. I cant connect to none of them. The game always want to make me play on Missouri, Texas, New York, and Georgia. This happens everytime, no matter the hour or day. Yes I also tried removing the device, flush cloud, add it back, wait 2 minutes with Bnet closed. I tried resetting by default, you guys haven't update Duma0s on XR500 since I left more than a year ago. I still have the latest version V2.3.2.120, I have Nat open, Open DNS. I tried opening the game on spectating mode then filter and nothing helps... sad stuff. Netduma and warzone used to work very well, maybe this stuff got patched within the game. Because everyone in this forum has had clearly the same issues over and over again. I would suggest that you guys make a software that influence matchmaking like NLVPN, ExitLag so people can find matches faster
  12. miami server still misplaced, shows 2 in NY and the other one in Kansas idk shows as a peer, you can never connect to it when fencing fl
  13. you are not using filtering mode my guy, thats why... delete your device in geo filter. Change your device to a Playstation then add it back but now instead of Call of Duty PC just put Call of Duty, and enable filtering mode. That should fix the problem
  14. Based on this test, that server showing on NY is a server from Miami, in the Ping heatmap shows 2 servers in Miami and they are no where to be seen on the Geo Filter, AND because there is no way I'm getting 23 ping in NY when the other one in NY gets me 60-70. I want to be able to fence it so I don't have to use ping assist. Either way I'm struggling when I try to find games, I basically sit on queue for 5+ minutes when ping assist should be allowing any server below 35 ping. 2 servers in Miami , 1 in Georgia servers.mp4
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