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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Kostas83 in how to get better hit detection   
    Hi my friend! The rules above are for traffic priority that you must put them on QoS. I don't know if you can do it on the R1 router. Try on the Rule2 you send outgoing ports start 3074 end 3076. On the rule1 outgoing ports start 30000 end 45000. But 3074-3076 I thing that is ports that use Xbox and PS4. If you play from PC maybe is different...
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to SolidOny in how to get better hit detection   
    Port 3074 I think it’s for console, would be needed to find out what are the ports for PC
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Chaiyoabc in Defeat MW Lag Compensation!   
    How To Make MW Playable, My Sad Conclusion
    Before everyone comes in guns blazing, hear me out.
    I've spent years and hundreds upon hundreds dollars trying to optimize my gameplay. Higher bandwidth internet (200/20) top of the line modems (SB6183, SB8200, CM1000) high end routers (X4S, Netduma R1, X6S) expensive lan cables, and of course monitors, scufs, headsets. Way too much money to summarize.
    Nothing was helping. One day the game is enjoyable, the next I feel like a day one noob. Some days the connection feels solid, the next I feel like im on dial up.
    Until one day I thought about what's making my gameplay bad APART from SBMM. Lag comp. We definitely need it to make real time, online PVP work, obviously. But the servers cater to poor connection quality a little too much. It gets worse and worse each year. 
    So i had the thought: How about I reduce my upload speed! The server will take pity one me! .... This was snake oil. One game the gameplay feel super smooth, like what it should be. The next, i felt like trash. Lol. So throttling didnt work... Or at least, was highly inconsistent.
    Then I tried the unthinkable. Play on my phone's wifi hotspot. I thought the gameplay would be jittery, extremely laggy, with possible disconnects. I. WAS. WRONG. I set my hotspot to a 5G bandwidth, restarted my phone to clear the cache and free up RAM. Disabled a few apps running in the background and closed a few more. I connected it to my xbox then started up MW.
    You will have a Strict NAT, there is no way around that. You will only be able to connect to Open NAT players. But the biggest difference I noticed: The Gameplay. I went from the little timmy with the reaction time of a snail to seeing people first and being able to react to people. And my bullets were hitting, better than my cable connection. Lol. 
    Long story short, I made an alternate account to strictly play on my hotspot account, a legit account. My SPM double and my KD was higher. I rush nonstop so I do die a lot but gunfights felt even. Im dropping 30 kills a game, roughly. Not the best pubstomper but the game is enjoyable! 
    Conclusion: Don't waste hundreds of your hard earned money buying modems, routers, and various other equipment to make a game play better. Especially when the game DOES NOT care about ping, jitter, or bandwidth.
    Hook up to your phone's hotspot and join the side Activision seems to care about more - The Lag Comp Crew.
    Side note - there are apps you can disable to free up RAM, and a few settings to change on your phone to make the gameplay ultra smoother. I usually have 2.7 gigs free without optimizing. After, 3.8 gigs of RAM free. I might make a YT video showcasing my gameplay for proof.
    copied from one guy from reddit
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Sable in Defeat MW Lag Compensation!   
    After various testings over the last few weeks I’ve finally found a way to defeat lag compensation on my end, when I was playing on servers in my country (UK) I was always a second behind foreign players due to lag compensation, so I used to always connect to the Spanish server or the Italian server to get myself on the better end of lag compensation, that worked for a while but then when the updates rolled out it began not to work. 
    For about a week now I have had no issues with being insta melted and Hit marker bullet sponging. 
    My solution is simple but please note that just because this works for me that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for others, but hopefully it will.
    On QoS I leave sliders at 100% and then select Never. Then on the console you will be playing the game on (which is PS4 for me) Give it exactly 3mb Download and 0.5mb Upload (between 0.5 and 0.3mb) and untick share excess, make sure you untick both download and upload. You can check in PS4 Network settings: test connection to see if what you have set has been applied. I don’t bother with port prioritisation and I leave DumaOS games ticked.
    I keep my geo filter on strict with no ping assist and set it to 500km radius around my home country.
    I hope this can help others out because this game can be quite frustrating, MW is very generous with the amount of lag compensation that it gives to higher ping players but by manipulating your connection and making it seem like you have slower speeds it seems to do the trick of eliminating it.
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Aspect of Wrath in Destiny 2 Forsaken PVP gameplay 30+ kills and 2 all medals   
    check out this gameplay i got in destiny 2 using the Netduma Nighthawk XR500, ill post my router settings down below if you want to know what they are.
    My setup
    Monitor: RL2460ht BenQ
    Console: Ps4 Pro
    Sound: Astro A40
    control: SCUF with metal paddle
    Bell modem router Settings: (skip to netduma settings if your not with this ISP)
    ISP: Bell Canada. Bell homehub 3000 settings:
    1. Factory reset homehub 3000 to wipe existing pppoe credentials off HH3000
    2.type in on a web browser to login to bell
    3. disable wifi on HH3000 and disable WPS, upnp, sip alg and DLNA(leave DHCP enabled its for tv) 
    4. plug your own router's WAN to any of the HH3000's Lan
    5. Configure PPPOE on the Netduma xr500, go to settings and internet setup. change to PPPOE and input Bell User and pass (user starts with b1) and save. 
    NETDUMA settings:
    Geo Filter device: Add console, and use the correct profile for whatever game you play(keep lowering the distance if you find games laggy)
    Anti buffer bloat: Set correct internet speed, set to when high priority is detected so that internet speeds are normal when not gaming, set download to 70% and upload to 70%
    Bandwidth allocation: Share excess enabled on both download and upload and give your console 30% download and 30% upload or 75% both(best).
    Traffic prioritization: Keep dumaOS classified games checked(you do not have to manually prioritize your console) OR you can disable DUMAOS classified games, then click on device(ps4) and set as games console.
    Wan setup:
    Disable port scan checked
    Respond to ping checked
    Disable igmp proxying checked
    Mtu Leave it alone
    Nat filtering Open
    Disable SIP ALG unchecked
    Advanced settings UPNP: enabled(If you are using than 2 consoles and you find that both do not have open Nat, set Nat filtering to open)If UPNP is not working disable it and use portforward or default dmz server under WAN. 
    Edit: setting NAT to open reduces lag just leave it open. 
    Lan setup: put consoles IP under address reservation. 
    Settings USB storage: uncheck enable media server.
    Ps4Pro Settings:
    Resolution: Automatic
    RGB: Automatic
    HDR: off
    Deep color: off
    Display area: smallest
    System settings: only thing checked is limit number of items on screen rest uncbecked
    Ps4 network settings: press easy router will do the rest anything else will lag ps4. 
    Monitor Settings:
    look for game mode on your tv/screen and if you have an option for response time set it to fastest.
    Destiny 2 geo filter setup
    step 1: log into duma go to geo filter and select destiny profle and click on flush cloud.
    step 2: make sure auto ping host is unchecked
    step 3: log into destiny 2 and go to the tower, look at geo filter and click on ALL the symbols that does not look like a head and click on it, click allow and name it something you would remember( it will say dedicated if u clicked on the right one).
    step 4: play a crucible and follow step 3
    step 5: play a strike and follow step 3
    step 6: Free roam planets and follow step 3
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Netduma Fraser in how to get better hit detection   
    Judging from the first post of the topic you could try these rules:#
    Source  3074-3076 destination  30000-45000 udp  rule 1
    Source 30000-45000  destination 3074-3076 udp   rule 2
    Source  3074-3076  destination 3100-3500 udp    rule 3 is probally not needed but you  can exeriment yourself to see if it helps
    Source  3100-3500  destination 3074-3076 udp    rule 4 is probally not needed but you can exeriment yourself  to see if it  helps
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to SolidOny in how to get better hit detection   
    wow i did this and noticed much lower ping. and hit registration became wayyy better! 
    Im still using port forwarding/port triggering btw 
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to kinel in trying to fix lagcomp expiriment   
    i would love it if users would help  by posting these setings
    so it might help everyone looking for help on lag compensation
    please dont comment  about your not goona be able to fix the problem with lag comp and its sbmm 
    also we know everyones lines are diffrent so we might have difrent expierinces
    we probally might not be able to help but i want to try at least   well for mysel atm i fixed my problem  this has been updated to show how i did it
    i not trying to be rude i just want to try and keep this on topic as all of my other attemps have failed so far
    the setttings i would like users to post are 
    1 ping to the dedi there playing on
    2 the ingame ping this can be found in game settings account it shows you there during a game i
     i look there right at start of game
      3 also how the game  played if you felt a seond behind everyone and if kil cames dont show what you  seen
    if possible the game mode as well
    here are my settings from last week i will keep updating
     8ms to netdumar      15 to 20 ingame ping  good hit registration  in kill cam its dosent show accurately  i am a second behind   game mode  ffa 
      16ms to netdumar        25 to 30 ms ingame ping   good hit registration   in kill cams it dosent    show accurately  i am sec behind  game mode ffa 
    31ims to netdumar         40 to 50ms ingame ping     great hit registration   in kill cams it dosent  show accurately  i am still a tiny bit behind    game mode f
    31 ms ping to the dedi i play on  40 to 50 ms ingame ping   my hit detection is great but still not as great on my older firmare
    i am now not a second behind
    These settings i got were from sable 
    They were like me hated playing on a 9ms ping as it was a bad experience
    They tried the 30 ms ping lobbies with the traffic rules  a member here called   east  made
    And they posted a  video of them getting a nuke
    I am not saying you will get a nuke but it might help you
    I will never get a nuke as i aint as good as them b ut the settings have helped me
    i know know how to get my hit detection \ hit registration perfect where my bullets instantly kill
    In traffic priotization  you need to prioratize these ports  
    below this has been updated with my findings so far
    Rule1 source 3074  3075   destination   30000  45000  udp
    Rule 2 source 30000  45000  destination   3074  3075  udp
    The reason we make two rules is because the first rule is for your upload to the server
    The second is for your download from the server
     i know how to do this from god rest his soul a7legit this guys game play was amazing
     i now have the same kind of hit detection as he used to get
     if you would like to know how to get it heres a link  but i posted it above here as well when i updated it
    I was always a second behind but not no more thanks to the settings above
    sorry im going of topic here
    heres my expierinces with lag comp
    btw ive played cod since cod4
    mw3 was when i found out about it
    im mw3 it used to show bars for connection i had a 4 bar connection with a fastpath profile  11ms
    most players on 4 bar cnnections i could easily kill
     and 3 bars was easier
     the guys who i couldnt kill no matter what i tried was the guys who had a 4bar one second and a 3 bars a second later it used to fluctuate betwen the two
    this was lobby after lobby after loby
     the person with the 3-4 bar connection would nearly always win
    also years ago we used to sometime play private matches
     and my cousin who is from ireland would play with us i am from london  and i would host  the game
    my cousin would always win every game
     when i hosted because he had a 3-4 connection  and i couldnt kill him
    when he was host   he was a lot lot easier to kill as he had 4 bars
     So please any one post your ping settings good or bad expieriences so it might help us all out 
    All welcome to post your settings i asked for 
    I hope i made sence 
    And this isnt as confusing as my other threads i made
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Grafti in Modern Warfare ESP   
    Buen topic para reunirnos lo que hablamos castellano.
    En mi experiencia, las partidas que mejor funcionan son las que te dan entre 50 y 65ms de ping. Mas de 40... suelen ser jugables al menos, pero lo que baje de ahí es basura.
    Mi solución es poner el geophilter en centroeuropa (soy de España) y tener suerte para que me conecte a uno de estos servidores sin pasarme de ping, ni quedarme por debajo. Los lobbys españoles suelen derivar en partidas nefastas.
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    thewilloxdiaz got a reaction from Netduma Alex in MW unplayable (PC)   
    These are the results, with the proper Download and Upload bandwith speed, at 70 - 70 Always Buffer-bloat:
    Saturatting with:
    * Laptop streaming 10 4K videos
    * Streaming Netflix
    * Downloading 2 apps
    * Downloading COD Mobile on my cellphone.

    It seems kinda better now.
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Netduma Fraser in MW unplayable (PC)   
    Your speeds are 25/25 but you haven't input these into the Anti-Bufferbloat options so they're set at the default 1000/1000. So when you've been changing the percentages it hasn't been affecting it because it assumes the speeds are higher than they are. Put your speeds in and then repeat those tests, you should notice the difference.
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    thewilloxdiaz got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in MW unplayable (PC)   
    My bad, didnt notice that. I'll let you know the results of the tests.
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Crysister in MW unplayable (PC)   
    This game so full of BS is unbelievable...
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Netduma Fraser in MW unplayable (PC)   
    Looking it up online it is possible to get a lower ping between your location and Miami however this is very dependent on the route your packets take from you to the server. Between Miami and Ecuador the lowest ping is about 70ms with perfect routing. The ping you're describing is that what the Geo-Filter says or the game? If we assume that it is fine and focus on your connection then I would suggest you follow this guide while saturating your connection with downloads, streams etc and lowing Anti-Bufferbloat to find what keeps the ping as low and stable as possible: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-how-to-test-your-internet-ping
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to faulko in MW unplayable (PC)   
    I think geo filter and ping assist should be used seperate to each other, not at same time.

    Try geo filter on and ping assist off first and see if it improves.

    Have a read through the section at other peoples attempts to clean up their online experience.
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to oRaGaMi in MW unplayable (PC)   
    turn off geo filter, turn off ping assist.
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to d.o.c in Destiny 2 (PC/Steam) Geo-filter challenges   
    It seems to be more of a Steam issue compared to Bungie; I've never had issues on Battle-net since they had their own North America server.
    And what I mean by North America server; is the login server to the battle net client has presets for each region, and not just for the friends list server.
    And the only reason I say this is due to the fact I see way more blocked players yet 'allowed' servers on the eastern part of my map; yet a handful if that within the US, let alone within my criteria range.
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    thewilloxdiaz got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Geo-Filter not working with Destiny 2 PC (Steam)   
    Yeah. I did what you suggested and now it seems to show some servers.

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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to d.o.c in Destiny 2 (PC/Steam) Geo-filter challenges   
    Once I get time later, I will start recording my screens to show the difference in connections when Ping assist is on/off.
    With Ping Assist Off I've noticed -- longer queue times with a 50% chance you'll only match people within your set "home" distance range (typically seems to happen after the first PvP match); I've had instances were it looks like a UK server is connecting me to EU player lobby.
    With Ping Assist On I've noticed -- shorter queue times  (night/day difference) with more "stable" but suspect connections. Also looks like a higher chance of having players in your lobby or hosting your lobby that are outside of your set "home" distance range.
    This is also maybe due to the fact I am in EST (time zone) so no one in my area is playing PvP right now. So most likely  tomorrow morning at 8am (EST) I'l try to get a recording of the geo-filter in action along with my game capture.
    Otherwise the Auto-ping host looks like it only works when the lobby host is within your set criteria.
    ** Also all of my testing has been done solo queue in either 'Classic mix' (since it is not supposed to be skilled base, but connection based) or in 'Gambit Prime' **
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to d.o.c in Destiny 2 (PC/Steam) Geo-filter challenges   
    So since Destiny 2 moved from Battle-net to Steam, I've reconfigured a lot of my settings. The list below is my current config along with the order I preformed each change (ascending).
    Changed my "PC" device from XBOX to Computer in the device manager menu. Flushed the Cloud. Reset my computer Set distance to 600 miles Set Strict mode = on Set Auto Ping Host = on Set Ping Assist = 30 (ms) Set Fast Search = off So far with the above settings I've noticed longer queue times although some what of a better connection overall; yet I still see people not blocked outside of my desired mile range.
    And the Auto Ping Host only shows details while match making, and then goes null once the match making ends/match starts; previously prior to the move to Steam the Auto Ping Host would show details through the match, not just during match making.
    Also I would like to note that I stay in spectating mode until I reach orbit in game (Destiny 2), then I will toggle Filtering mode on & then select whatever PvP/PvE mode to start match making.
    I never toggle filtering on prior or while Destiny 2 is loading characters.
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to bizanshee in Destiny 2 (PC/Steam) Geo-filter challenges   
    I can confirm that Destiny 2 geo-filtering works perfectly on my Xbox, but doesn't work with my PC with identical settings(below) on the same network.  I can enable/disable filtering for my Xbox and go into a tower or strike completely alone if I want, but the PC D2 always enters a populated tower even though it's set up as a console.
    Device Type: Xbox
    Strict Mode: Off
    Auto Ping: Off
    Ping Assist: 0
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to d.o.c in Any decent config for Destiny 2 pvp on Steam? (PC)   
    Thanks; I will start a new topic in the proper sub-forum.
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to d.o.c in Any decent config for Destiny 2 pvp on Steam? (PC)   
    Prior to Destiny 2 moving to Steam I had set up my gaming PC device as an Xbox 'Device Type' just to get the geo-filter to function correctly; once that worked it actually was doing its job filtering IPs out depending on the geo-filter settings.
    Now with Destiny 2 on Steam.. The DumaOS software tries to geo-filter since it does auto-ping a host IP briefly ( which I think it is just showing my info reflected back from the Steam server ) and then once a match starts it never shows a host ping again, and doesn't seem to work at all. This never happened previously, and no updates were made on the DumaOS software or changed any settings.
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    thewilloxdiaz reacted to Netduma Fraser in Need help on User and pass on new DumaOS   
    If you didn't have a username/password before then it will be by default admin & password. If you did then it will be the same details as you had before.
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    thewilloxdiaz got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Not received your DumaOS Download Link Email? Post here   
    Oh ok im gonna upgade now. 
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