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  1. Thank you Frazer, I've tried that. Do I need to be in game with them to add them? Or just in the party chat on the dashboard? I've taken filtering off too. Still no joy.
  2. Hi, Trying to add my friends in xbox live party chat to whitelist but they're not showing up in geo filter. any ideas? Cheers
  3. I received mine today, ordered on Boxing day. Great service, can't wait to get it set up tonight
  4. Sorry Frazer. I bypass the Netduma altogether. I've not thought about using it in DMZ mode.
  5. Hi Frazer Iniitally I was using it and adding people via the "Spectate" mode. The issue still persisted so I did a factory reboot. Same issue occurs without Geo-Filtering Set up. Also, not everyone shows up in my map in Spectating mode. Co-Incidentally, if I connect direct to my direct to my VM router, it works fine. Only when putting VM router into "modem mode" and using the Duma as main this happens.
  6. Hi. For whatever reason, I can't join xbox live parties. When I join I get "connecting". It also throws other people out. It's really frustrating. I've now reset duma to factory settings and issue is still happening. Any pointers would be great as this issue is increasingly irritating
  7. Hi all, is there any reason I can't see all the party members on my geo filter
  8. Here's a list of "peers" which I have seemed to always connect to:
  9. Hi Alex Thanks for the reply, i thought as much. It must have been on the old R1 firmware. Good news about the mobile app too. Feel free to close this thread. ThanksKenny
  10. Hi All I've just plugged my NetDuma back in after not using it for a while, I'm sure I was able to run a Badnwidth/Speed/Ping test from the unit itself. Now I can't remember if it was on DumaOS or the Old R1 Firmware. Can anyone assist please? Also, is there any scope for a mobile app just for the geo-filter map? The UI doesn't display correctly when I connect using my phone. Thanks Kenny
  11. Is there a way to tell which profile has been loaded and if we can revert back to the "general" profile on the R1 with DumaOS?
  12. Hi, I'd be interested in helping you out. Do you use the VPN Hybrid feature on the original R1 firmware? Yes What VPN Provider do you use? Express VPN Thanks Kenny
  13. Hi Jack Sorry for the delayed reply. I've checked out the guide, first thing I've tried. It seem's be be Windows 10 devices. My iOS devices do not disconnect. I have tried a few channels but still have the same effect. The router is unobstructed. I'm inclined to think it's W10 related.
  14. Hi guys. I have an issue where 2 Windows 10 devices in my house will constantly drop the connect to the R1. I have changed channel. Enabled the WiFi work-around and disabled the WiFi work-around and it is still happening. There are no other wireless devices. Very frustrating when you are trying to download something. Any ideas?
  15. Hey guys, More of a question rather than support. I have my filter set to UK only and ping assist at 38ms. My ping to UK COD servers is around a steady 25ms and I can killl/feel like i have a fair game 8/10 times. Assuming my virgin connection ping was better, would this lower my ping to the UK COD servers? I understand that ping is king and the lower the better but my question is, What does a pingplotter test actually do as we can't test our ping to those COD servers without the NetDuma, surely this isn't a fair way of testing? Can anyone please explain. Cheers Kenny
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