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  1. Fraser, as a side-note to the testing, does this mean that you guys will also develop the standard R1 features for use with IPv6? While just basic support is better than nothing, I also don't want to lose the gaming features that make this router stand apart from all of the others out there...
  2. Sure thing Fraser! My first piece of feedback is what I mentioned above (the routes going stale after 90 minutes; this has to do with subsequent IPv6 route advertisements after the initial advertisement and the current implementation not being able to receive the subsequent ones, from what I understand). I'm sure there others with R1's that are also willing to help (for example, those in this thread). This isn't meant as a criticism at you guys, but I'm surprised you don't have any implementation at the office for IPv6. Seeing as how the world is moving in that direction, maybe put some thought into implementing it, even if only on a small test network, so that we all, as users and customers, can get the benefits of you guys testing and implementing it directly? I can definitely see advantages there when you guys build IPv6 support into DumaOS. I'm still willing to provide specific feedback, but the troubleshooting/development cycle would go much faster if you're not waiting for user feedback when a change is made. Thanks for (hopefully) putting this into the next upgrade!
  3. It should have had more IPv6 support from day 1, considering that we've known the IPv4 address space was running out long ago. Having said that, I get that IPv6 is only now growing fast, so the R1 was built with supporting the most common protocol of the day. I can also understand if Netduma comes back and says that the R1 can't properly support IPv6 due to it's aging hardware, and we'll have to buy a newer model to get full support. My main issue is that we have no news in that regard, and I would love to hear the official word either way. That way, I (and the rest that are interested in a full IPv6 network) can plan to either keep the R1 in place, or move to a different piece of router gear that has full protocol support.
  4. I just saw this post, as I haven't been on the forum in quite a while. I've also asked for an update with regards to the issue of missing IPv6 support, here: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/27284-ipv6-current-and-future-support-level/ Other Duma users, please add your voice to that request if possible! Ultimately, I'd like to request that, if it's not already being considered or being worked on as part of this particular update, to have fully functional IPv6 support as part of this major 3.0 update. Please and thanks!
  5. So... I'm resurrecting this since it was my original post. I still have a need for this (amongst many, I'm sure), and would like to request a status update. It's been a year and a half since my original post, and I would hope that, at least by now, there has been some progress in getting fully functional IPv6 support baked into an update. From my last testing, IPv6 routes are dropped after 5400 seconds (90 minutes; routes go stale), requiring a reboot of the R1 to get them back. This is, again, not doable, and a router in 2020 should have this functionality as part of its base layer. Have you guys done any work with regards to IPv6 for the R1? Can I get a status update, please? Thank you
  6. Thanks for the info, Fraser. Would it be possible to at least get the route being dropped issue fixed in the interim? As it stands, if I want constant basic v6 functioniality in my network, I can't use the R1, as it drops the routes after 90 minutes, requiring a reboot to get them back (that's not doable). I really don't want to use my ISP's modem/router... Please and thanks for any more info you can provide! PS: Also, would it be possible to see this 'Ideas Sub-Forum' as Netduma Admin mentioned?
  7. Hey guys, Any updates on this request? Through some recent testing, I've found out that the R1 eventually drops the IPv6 routes, and it causes all v6 functionality to stop throughout the network. I know this is the case because if I connect my PC directly to the ISP modem/router, the routes, and functionality, continue to work just fine. All of my devices behind the Netduma stop functioning on v6 after about 90 minutes, which is the time at which stale routes are dropped (5400 seconds). On the PC that is directly connected, the routes are not dropped, and v6 is working as expected. Can I get an update, please? As I stated above, I think all of the NAT issues that people experience will be resolved for those that are on v6 capable ISP's and networks, and so in my opinion, this should be of a higher priority rather than an afterthought. Of course, I wouldn't want to sacrifice all of the fantastic feature-set that the R1 brings to the table, but I do think this is important enough to bring up again (not trying to give you guys a way to slip out adding this sooner, mind ). Hopefully you can figure out how to add the v6 support while maintaining the feature set, or at least, give us a toggle-able option to pick either v6 support, or v4-level functionality. Thank's again!
  8. Wait until the cloud update in the next couple of days, and let's see what happens.
  9. Just reporting in to cover both sides of the fence. I'm one of the lucky few that didn't have issues with dedicated server games on the new OS. 1) Which console are you using? Xbox One X 2) Which game m´╗┐ode are you trying to play? HC TDM 3) Which DumaOS powered router are you using? R1 4) Where are you located (approximately)? Vancouver, Canada 5) Describe any problems you're having. None, game works almost flawlessly. No issues getting dedicated servers when successful. It doesn't always work, but depends on how quickly I put it into 'Filtering' mode; either before or after I start multiplayer. If it doesn't connect to a lobby, I put the R1 into 'Spectating' mode, restart the game, start multiplayer, then put the R1 into 'Filtering' mode. Works every time. 6) If you have the Netduma R1, please try setting Ping Assist to 50ms and make sure Filtering Mode is enabled. Then, reboot your game. Does this fix your problem? No issue to begin with . I haven't performed the 'Flush Cloud' update you guys recommended an hour ago, but again, I didn't have issues, sooooo.... I'll try it later tonight. Is it the idea that we're supposed to be able to leave 'Filtering' mode on permanently and not have to toggle it to get an open NAT and dedicated servers regardless of the setting? Thanks for your efforts guys!
  10. With all of the recent issues with BO4, and Moderate NAT (and of course previous and future games as well), IPv6 is an easy answer and seeing as how it's the future of the Internet, I think it's better to get on that train ASAP rather than waiting any longer. We're far too behind on general implementation as it is. A lot of ISP's and now most third-party routers support it as well by default. As for QoS and Bufferbloat.. I'm hoping Netduma engineers figure this out eventually. For now, I've got a 300 Mbit up and down fiber setup, so I don't have congestion issues regardless. My only issues are NAT related, and IPv6 solves those. Hence the wanting of those features sooner rather than later .
  11. My ISP supports IPv6, and I would like to start using it in my network. The benefits of a no-NAT configuration are, I believe, self-explanatory. Just a quick few questions with regards to IPv6 support on the R1: 1) What is its current state with regards to usage? Can I enable it and expect to use v6 on my network successfully in a dual-stack configuration the same as a lot of other third-party routers out there? 2) The current implementation on the R1 seems to be very basic. We can't see any v6 addresses that are assigned (DHCP or otherwise) to the R1, and can't see nor modify any relevant info on its status or LAN details. Is this going to be improved over time and is there a timeline for it? I realize you're busy with bug fixes and newer betas, etc, but this IS 2018 and the R1 needs to be future-proof to some degree, so this is a big area for improvement. 3) If nothing else right now, can we at least get support for console IPv6 support so that we can benefit from the no-NAT nature of v6 for our Xboxes? Thanks for reading!
  12. Get an 8-port dumb switch and put everyone on that behind the R1, otherwise the R1 is pointless. Here's what it should look like: Modem ---> R1 ---> 8-port dumb switch ---> Everyone's connection (and a separate WiFi access point) The way you have it right now, the only one the R1 affects is you, and since you're the only one on it, anyone affecting your connection in your household is outside of your R1's ability to control their impact on your gaming. That's just.... wrong... lol . If you're concerned about your R1's WiFi performance, add a separate new WiFi access point behind the switch as well.
  13. Unfortunately, I don't think I can do this test for you, unless I reconfigure another device as a router, which, at this point in time, isn't possible. Hopefully the other guys here can assist with that test, although each case can end up being different. Based on what I'm seeing, I think it is an issue with the R1. I'll have to do some further testing to confirm, but I believe there are 2 reasons for that: 1) In-game voice chat doesn't seem to work when the in-game NAT is 'Moderate'. Xbox Live party chat works fine, but then again, the console NAT is reported as 'Open' so that makes sense that there is no chat issues there. Since the in-game NAT is different (different UPnP ports), it might be interfering with the in-game voice chat. Could it be that the UPnP stack in the R1 is tying up the port that CoD wants to use, from a previous session? Stabbing in the dark here... 2) To further my thinking that this is an R1 issue, and the strongest evidence so far, is that last night, after seeing an in-game 'Moderate' NAT, I rebooted the R1, rebooted my console, and afterwards both console and in-game NAT reported 'Open'. I did not reboot my Internet modem, so I think that immediately eliminates that from what may be causing the issue. With that evidence, I'm not sure your proposed test will be successful in eliminating the R1. If other testers report that both console and in-game NAT remain open over multiple days and gaming sessions, then that firmly points to the R1 as the source of the problem. On the flip side, finding games doesn't seem to be an issue, mostly because the game is so popular right now that there doesn't seem to be any shortage of multiplayer games, so finding one even with a 'Moderate' NAT seems to be working just fine. You wouldn't really notice this as an issue unless you knew there was only 1 MP game running, and you couldn't connect to it, or, with the sheer number of games running, finding a lobby took multiple minutes instead of less than 5 seconds the way it is right now. I'm sure some of my assumptions are way off, in which case, please correct me . Just glad we can work together on trying to get this resolved
  14. Without restarting anything, NAT is 'Moderate' again. It was 'Open' last night during my gaming session. Shut down the Xbox then, and turned off the Geo Filter. Tonight, I started up the Xbox and the game, and checked the in-game NAT status and found it 'Moderate'. Did not enable Geo Filter until I checked the NAT status. I also realized I had QOS disabled on the Netduma, but that just wasn't a factor as my tests were done with it disabled. Something's not right here. This should not be an issue.
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