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  1. Anything from the ROG lineup is solid in my opinion, although I have mostly just bought PC parts from ASUS and I'm not going back to anything else. Then again, you will benefit a lot from a router that runs firmware that actually exists.
  2. Ok folks, today is the fateful day. I am no longer a Netduma user. Waited patiently (and not so patiently at times) for any new releases, but as of this morning, I went back to my ol' trusty Netgear WNDR3800 with OpenWRT LEDE, and I gotta say, for a device that was shoved in the back of a closet (much like my Netduma), it sprung to life with efficiency and gusto. Good luck to all of you, and hopefully will go back when DumaOS 3.0 is out and available for BrainOS and AI devices in the near 2050. Stay safe out there!
  3. What I find funny is, why and how do they keep posting new features on a firmware that no one expects any more? It's like adding mod support to Half Life 3.
  4. Just focus on being safe dude. I may rag on the company for their unfulfilled promises but I have a different stance on folks like you, who has been the ONLY voice in these forums for a long time. Family is important, trust me.
  5. As much as I hope all the team is safe and not running any unnecessary risks, I'm sure this won't affect the deadline, seeing as the COVID vaccine will be ready and available way before DumaOS 3.0
  6. While this is a sensible point, bear in mind, you've been doing this for years! How can it be practical to string people along with "announcements" and "features" that end up not even on the radar for months or, again, years, without the slightest hint of progress? I don't blame you since you're the only one that keeps us somewhat updated, but I agree with the post above you, if you're trying to put out a perfect product, let me save you the trouble, you never will. But at this rate, not only are you losing the support and respect of the people that have believed in your product (myself included), but you are also, and more seriously, letting bigger manufacturers catch up to you on a niche where you guys used to be the lone players, or at least the most advanced. At the rate this is going, DumaOS will release when every other router manufacturer already has their own solution, and even if it's better than the rest, you can't seriously expect your customer base to wait forever. /endrant
  7. Pretty much this. Even in an age when releases are often pushed, this is downright disrespectful. I'm in the same boat, and just for fun, i tried hooking up my console directly to Google WiFi, and lo and behold, much smoother gametime. Makes you wonder.
  8. Long Time R1 User and helped Beta test the first iteration of DumaOS. Would love to get involved as well.
  9. Glad to say the Flush Cloud procedure worked for me. I'm back to instant lobbies. Thanks Fraser!
  10. Spoke too soon. Switched to my modem directly, no more lobby issues PS: I have been testing for about an hour going back and forth from straight modem to Duma. Sorry to say, when connected to the R1 no lobbies at all, while on the modem, smooth sailing. Afraid to say, testing is pretty conclusive, DumaOS and the latest BO4 update aren't on speaking terms.
  11. I just downgraded to pre-DumaOS, and the issue persists. While I don't dispute it was a fix for some of you, issue seems bigger than this.
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