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  1. So... is there gonna be a milestone 14, or any new version?
  2. Glad to say the Flush Cloud procedure worked for me. I'm back to instant lobbies. Thanks Fraser!
  3. Spoke too soon. Switched to my modem directly, no more lobby issues PS: I have been testing for about an hour going back and forth from straight modem to Duma. Sorry to say, when connected to the R1 no lobbies at all, while on the modem, smooth sailing. Afraid to say, testing is pretty conclusive, DumaOS and the latest BO4 update aren't on speaking terms.
  4. I just downgraded to pre-DumaOS, and the issue persists. While I don't dispute it was a fix for some of you, issue seems bigger than this.
  5. Don't think it's the Duma, since everything was working perfectly until Thursday approximately, unless there was a ninja upgrade, which seems unlikely. My money is on some dedicated servers going kaput. I've tried Spectating Mode and removing the console from Geofilter and results have been mixed. PS: Even hooking up the console to the modem directly does not fix the issue.
  6. Quick question, will we receive updated firmwares as well, or the download link was a one time thing?
  7. All I can say is, besides the VPN which I miss terribly, the level of attention and polish on this firmware will make even the strongest doubter a believer (I mean, look at me). I have been playing Black Ops 4 flawlessly, while my wife watches Netflix. I can categorically say it is worth the wait.
  8. Same here, I was able to do so at first but not anymore
  9. I have used Express VPN with the previous version of Duma on the R1 successfully
  10. Not to nitpick, but when do you think we could get the VPN feature back? Only thing I miss. Aside from that, very pleasantly impressed.
  11. Just upgraded (couldn't wait), and it went smoothly, preserving all settings, including port forwardings. A bit sluggish at first but after a few minutes, it came back like a champ. So far, very impressed with the level of polish.
  12. I just got it as well. I can only test it tomorrow, but I got it, thanks!
  13. Funny how folks in here hate on WiFI simply because the Duma doesn't have 5 GHz on the R1. I have a solid installation in my house with several repeaters, and my wifi is so dependable, I barely use cables anymore. Of course, according to BIG_DOG, that makes me an unprofessional, savage gamer. To each his own, brother.
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