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  1. That's my issue. I don't think anyone here blames Fraser for any delays, but sadly he's the only face we come in contact to, so we resort to pinging him for updates. I'd love to get a Dev in here and at least acknowledge the need for information, I mean, If you take your car to the shop, you might be greeted by a salesperson, but you need answers from the mechanic.
  2. Title says it all. @Netduma Fraser A bit more transparency and less closing threads that aren't even close to being uncivil or insulting. We bought a new version of a product, knowing full well of the sketchy update history of previous iterations (still stuck in Beta for R1 I believe?), and yet again, we find ourselves waiting for new firmware on a device which is less than 6 months old. Not demanding for anything, just clarity for your customers. That's all.
  3. The more things change the more they stay the same. Sad thing is, it's not even @Netduma Fraser fault, he's just the one who deals with us. But yeah, great hardware, solid software, super crappy update process.
  4. @Netduma Fraser It's starting to look like old habits are returning. This is the second router I purchase from you guys and honestly I expected certain lessons to be learned. If a product, no matter how new it might be, is not performing optimally, then you issue a hotfix instead of trying to bundle everything into a full firmware update. I have no issue being patient, but I fear what happened to the R1 is starting to happen to the R2 from a very early stage .
  5. Title says it all. I can disable individual hosts up until 60 minutes, but not permanently. Will this be fixed in the next firmware maybe @Netduma Fraser ?
  6. No worries man, do what you need to do. New firmware is pointless if it's not quality.
  7. I'd welcome this new firmware, although to be honest haven't had a lot of issues. I do have to reboot the router every couple of weeks, indication being that Adblocker stops working and then the UI is inaccessible. I'd love a scheduled reboot feature down the road if possible.
  8. Overall, I'm quite satisfied. I wrote about my experience in-depth here
  9. Hey all. I caved and bought the new Netduma. I'm quite happy with it, but it wouldn't be myself if I didn't have some initial observations: Overall, the firmware feels responsive and much more finished than it did on the R1. I'd chalk it up to hardware, but I also believe that the maturity shows more resources poured over it. I'd criticize it if it didn't make sense both from a technical and business standpoint. The fact that symbols aren't allowed on either the admin or wifi passwords truly boggles the mind. It's almost like encouraging users to type weak passwords out of desperation. I saw this initially back on the R1 3.0 Beta, but only on the admin password, and at the moment, I assumed it was a weird quirk. nothing more. Now. I feel absolutely weird having to change the password on all my devices simply because my usual symbols aren't allowed. I noticed a similar issue on a different post, where it was stated it would be corrected on a future firmware. I truly hope so, since it's a security hole waiting to happen. Perhaps I'm overreacting but I get paid to overreact . I really hope that frequent firmware updates become the norm on the new device (kinda gave up on that happening on any other). If every feature, bug or hotfix relies on an update that never comes, the goodwill that comes from releasing a truly unique product will fade fast, and let's face it, it's barely there. I may sound harsh but I truly want the product to succeed to the point where I now have a love/hate relationship with it. From the beginning of my Netduma experience, the lack of a config backup option has been a noteworthy issue, specially coming from OpenWRT where you could backup the entire customized firmware as a BIN file. I half expected to find it in 3.0 yet here we are. Not super pressing, but as someone who enjoys tinkering with different options, having the option to rely on a backup is surely missed. A very overloooked aspect of Netduma is how well the Hybrid VPN works. To me, it almost seems like magic. I sorta replicated it using OpenWRT and policy based option, but it never came close to the level of performance Netduma offers. I'm overjoyed to find it working even better on the R2. A thousand kudos from me. The Adblock option finally works! It never fully worked on the R1 Beta but here, it almost rivals my PiHole setup, with the added benefit of not having to have an external device. Excellent work! The Offline devices bug is no longer an issue on this release. From a development perspective, whatever happens on the R2, feels like it should cascade to other devices, as long as the hardware supports it. I hate to admit it, but the R1 may never have the capabilities for some of the newer options. Absolutely love the concept of Rapps. Modular applications on your router a la OpenWRT? Yes please! Can't wait for the new offerings. That's it for now, I'm sure more will come up. Excuse the cynicism but you should read my reviews on the products I actually despise
  10. Anything from the ROG lineup is solid in my opinion, although I have mostly just bought PC parts from ASUS and I'm not going back to anything else. Then again, you will benefit a lot from a router that runs firmware that actually exists.
  11. Ok folks, today is the fateful day. I am no longer a Netduma user. Waited patiently (and not so patiently at times) for any new releases, but as of this morning, I went back to my ol' trusty Netgear WNDR3800 with OpenWRT LEDE, and I gotta say, for a device that was shoved in the back of a closet (much like my Netduma), it sprung to life with efficiency and gusto. Good luck to all of you, and hopefully will go back when DumaOS 3.0 is out and available for BrainOS and AI devices in the near 2050. Stay safe out there!
  12. What I find funny is, why and how do they keep posting new features on a firmware that no one expects any more? It's like adding mod support to Half Life 3.
  13. Just focus on being safe dude. I may rag on the company for their unfulfilled promises but I have a different stance on folks like you, who has been the ONLY voice in these forums for a long time. Family is important, trust me.
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