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  1. Hi. habe die gleichen Probleme wie du. Hat das nun endgültig geholfen? Gruß Tobi
  2. Hi, du kannst oben rechts auf die drei Punkte klicken und dann die Sprache auswählen.
  3. No, I didn’t change anything else. I have no problems with my iPhone when I’m connected to the XR 500.
  4. Somehow it's still not working properly. I have set the download and upload to 70% like you said.
  5. Thank you! Now it is working without problems. I have set the download and upload to 100% because at 70% I still had some issues. Thank you very much!
  6. Thank You! Can you check if the settings are right? It's still not working properly. I'm sorry, the screenshot is in german. I hope it isn't a problem.
  7. Hi, I have the Nighthawk XR500. Somehow I have ab big problem with the download speed. When I have a Warzone update the download speed is only 250-300kb/s. Normally it is about 6 mb/s. In addtion to that i have packet loss when an other device is connected to the XR500. The next issue that i have, is that when i'm in Discord and the same time on youtube i have big problems to understadn my mates in discord. They sound like a robots. I have set the qos off. Hope someone can help me! Thank you!
  8. So actually there is no problem with my settings or?
  9. I know that I didn’t try to connect to that areas because it is impossible to connect to the servers.
  10. I wrote also a message to you.
  11. Somehow it is not easy to connect to the server in Spain, Amsterdam and in Germany.
  12. Ok, thank you! But there ist still the opportunity to get easier lobbies because you can force a different area.
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