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  1. How do I go out getting one will it be by the. The last comment you left me saying I would have to contact netduma and explain what’s happening
  2. Yeah I have made my mind up as much as it pains me. I will just keep using my R1 that’s been spot on for what I want
  3. How would I go about getting a replacement. I would try that but I think if I still had same issues I would call it a day I think. It’s great that add new features and updating firmware and all that great stuff. I am only bothered about the geo filter that’s it for me like I say casual gamer don’t have the time with kids and work if you know what I mean
  4. Yes I did a factory reset. I think it’s broken to be honest mate or it’s been firmware updates that’s done it I don’t know. At first we had no WiFi so I came to my pc to see if we had a connection and there wasn’t after 5 mins it said on my pc there was a connection. But there wasn’t and I couldn’t even get into the R2 so I don’t know what’s up with it. I have packaged it all back up ready to send back.
  5. Hi Fraser can you tell me how to get a refund mate. There is clearly something wrong with the router or firmware. I am a casual gamer and a family man I don’t have time to be messing around trying to sort this router out.
  6. I am having an issue there were the R2 is connected to the internet for hours or all night even and then all of a sudden no internet the R2 isn’t connected. I thought it might have been my isp but there is no lights showing any issues
  7. And the R App takes ages to load now to it never did this before
  8. I can access it by any browser just carnt set it up as there is no internet access well through the r2 there isn’t
  9. I had it in modem mode no static ips or anything of the sort no it were in the dmz to get my open nat. Mate it’s been fine from the day of settling it up. Now just stopped working it’s like the port isn’t working.i have now taken my isps modem out of modem mode just so we have internet. And I have even been trying it as though I am still using the r2 and getting no internet mate there is just nothing there. I think you are going to have to remote access as I think the port is broken and I have tried all I can try and I am not a very patient person if you know what I mean
  10. Hi right what it is. All of a sudden the r2 has just stopped providing. On the network map it says there is internet link speed 1000mbits. Says wan ip disconnected. It’s been fine it was just when my daughter said YouTube has stopped working I noticed the problem I thought it was just my isp or there hub but that’s all fine tested that. So just seems to be the duma got me baffled. Picture
  11. Cheers Fraser I will give it a blast
  12. If I had two screens on with os open do you think my problem could get worse.as it would be better for me as I can see it all the time then
  13. No I don’t realy tab in and out I have the geo filter open on screen boot the game up start to find a game see what server and ping I am getting then I go back onto the game that’s normally it until I start seeing the lag then I close it then it feels smooth again. I was starting to think it was my rig at one point. But not sure pretty new to pc gaming but I have an i7 7700k cpu a gtx 1070 turbo gpu I know there pretty old but I am sure it won’t have anything to do with them will it. Not enough power so to speak
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