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  1. I am sure I did try that and because I didn’t have a connection I had to reset the hub and R2
  2. Wasn’t the Nat that was the problem Fraser. It’s the disconnection problems
  3. I am getting no connection to the net now mate
  4. Do I still keep the hub in router mode and also the R2 wan ip in the hubs dmz
  5. sorry mate not sure how i have put that many on lol
  6. It will let me add one of the other devices just not the DumaOS
  7. Yes can do. When I tick it then click add rule duma os disappears from the list bust don’t appear in the reserved list
  8. Any idea when I tick and try to add rule nothing shows in the reserved list
  9. Just a quick one as I haven’t changed anything yet. When you said take it out of modem mode. Am I leaving it out of modem mode or putting it back in
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