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  1. Can you please shine some light on the dmz part please. The only dealing I have had with that is by placing the r1’s in my isp’s DMZ
  2. Well I seem to get on the internet from the new router when not in modem mode. As soon as I go into modem mode I get no connection
  3. Hi I have been having issues with my WiFi lately. So I got a tp link ac 1200 the archer vr400 but I am struggling to set it up I have been trying to put my super hub in modem mode so I can use this new router with my r1. Has anyone had any experience with this router that can help me out. Be much appreciated
  4. Is it possible to have another router between my isps hub and the r1. The issue I am having is the WiFi on my super hub 3 is so poor. I was hoping to be able to put it in modem mode and have a new router only for WiFi and have the r1 off that as I only care about the geo
  5. hi fraser sorry for late reply i all ways thought the duma set its self up for the speeds we put in as i have never had an issue in the past.and i dont know were Terbo mode is
  6. I once had virgin’ 360 meg and that’s what I got with the duma. So now on 200 but can’t get 90 meg on speed test .net. I can on my phone via WiFi and on my mac wired
  7. hi there i have had my r1 one for years now.and never come across this issue. i have moved my set up from down stairs to up in my room and taken my isp,s hub up to so i am still wired. the problem i am having is i can only get around 80 meg when i have allways got the 200 on speed test.i have tested the speed on my mac wired into the hub on speed test .net on the same server and i get full speed. i carnt seem to find the problem on the r1 can anyone shed some light for me thanks
  8. Just a quick one does anyone know if I can have a WiFi signal from my isp modem just for my daughter to game on. One from my r1 for all my other devices will this work thanks
  9. Cheers mate as long as We can get enough speed up stairs for my daughter to game on and don’t drop out that’s good for me. We have a smart home to a lot on the WiFi. I don’t use the WiFi on the r1 as it was dropping out all the time awhile back. So we just use the super hub3’s WiFi and that’s crap
  10. Cheers for the advice mate. But I still need the OS software
  11. liveandletdie34


    hi everyone thinking of upgrading how is the wifi around the house on the xr500 thanks lee
  12. Sorry for late reply fount issue faulty cable. But I have a new issue now geo not working for some reason
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