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  1. Hi can anyone tell me if I am on the latest firmware version R1 if there is a new one can someone give me a link please as I have not been on for awhile so don’t know what’s what many thanks
  2. Cheers colonic and nice ratio by the way
  3. No not touched it other than at 70% up and down
  4. Thanks faser any idea why there is so many peers nightmare to play on
  5. d76d25f00a7676b 1c58834ef5bbc5ca db566f3af37ab4b9 1956a671f3b88085 451f17e2bce41318 fraser thats some of them says peer and the hit hit detection is bad to
  6. Yeah I will do tonight after work
  7. Domain Name
  8. I will send you one when I get back in Fraser 
  9. just got on duma os i am still connecting to peer,s is there a fix for this at all
  10. I have already signed up to that and not had nothing back
  11. No not had an update and maybe you are right it’s just every game I get in it’s not a dedicated but I only go by we’re it says temp ban
  12. Today and and my filter is over Europe and ping is set at 50ms strict off but had tried it on
  13. Hi there are you guys getting on dedicated servers as I am not and I am not on duma os on the r1
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