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  1. Hi for some reason I get about half of my speed from a wired connection. And full from WiFi. I am a little confused about this. Any idea to why thanks in advance
  2. The router is a nice change from the r1 and duma os 3.0 if Fantastic it’s just that WiFi that lets it down
  3. Having the exact same issue mate and need the same question answered my self
  4. Just got my R2 today and so far I am not happy with the WiFi. Walk 12 feet to my daughters room and it goes. So to get something of a stable connection I had to have it only on 2.4. I walk down to the kitchen and it goes altogether. For far just feels the same as the hub 3 we have about 17 WiFi devices connected
  5. I have just ordered it anyway I have had the R1 since 2015 so I may as well keep supporting them. As long as I can keep the WiFi connected to my devices I will be happy until a fix is ready
  6. I was asking about how to WiFi would be on the R2 as I was going to buy the xr500 but by the looks of this post my questions are answered unfortunately
  7. I recon it will be it’s just incase mate
  8. To be honest the WiFi in my home has always been fine no matter were I put my hub. It’s just over time the hub3 has just got worse. I can walk 12 feet away from it on the same floor and loose 150 meg. It never done that in the past I always got pretty much good speeds. The hubs are just 💩 and don’t last the test of time
  9. We’re would I stand if for say the WiFi turns out to be poor I am pretty sure I would have an idea on the first day of using it. I would have 15 to 16 WiFi devices on it
  10. Thanks for your honesty Fraser. It’s just the WiFi that’s my issue I live in a standard 3 bed house so if the WiFi will cover the whole house and be stable I am happy and happy to save some pennies to
  11. Hi like I mentioned in a previous post I was due to get the xr500 more so for better WiFi signal as virgins hub 3 is 💩 so all I want to know if anyone can answer is the WiFi on the R1 going to be as good
  12. Just had an email about the r2 and I was just about to upgrade to the xr500 should I wait for the r2 I am assuming the software is the same in both but what will the difference between the Xr500 and r2
  13. Been getting this error to not sure if it means anything but not seen it before and I have had the r1 for a few year now
  14. I will give it ago later on. And yes I always use chrome. Do you advise on something better
  15. I have the same problem but I find what the duma says is peers they play better for me than the dedicated. I deny the dedicated servers as they a poor for me
  16. Hi any of you play mw on pc. I have encountered an issue at least for me as when I have the R1 app open the proformance of game play is what seems laggy and or mouse delay just not smooth at all. Once I close it it’s fine any idea
  17. Can you please shine some light on the dmz part please. The only dealing I have had with that is by placing the r1’s in my isp’s DMZ
  18. Well I seem to get on the internet from the new router when not in modem mode. As soon as I go into modem mode I get no connection
  19. Hi I have been having issues with my WiFi lately. So I got a tp link ac 1200 the archer vr400 but I am struggling to set it up I have been trying to put my super hub in modem mode so I can use this new router with my r1. Has anyone had any experience with this router that can help me out. Be much appreciated
  20. Is it possible to have another router between my isps hub and the r1. The issue I am having is the WiFi on my super hub 3 is so poor. I was hoping to be able to put it in modem mode and have a new router only for WiFi and have the r1 off that as I only care about the geo
  21. hi fraser sorry for late reply i all ways thought the duma set its self up for the speeds we put in as i have never had an issue in the past.and i dont know were Terbo mode is
  22. I once had virgin’ 360 meg and that’s what I got with the duma. So now on 200 but can’t get 90 meg on speed test .net. I can on my phone via WiFi and on my mac wired
  23. hi there i have had my r1 one for years now.and never come across this issue. i have moved my set up from down stairs to up in my room and taken my isp,s hub up to so i am still wired. the problem i am having is i can only get around 80 meg when i have allways got the 200 on speed test.i have tested the speed on my mac wired into the hub on speed test .net on the same server and i get full speed. i carnt seem to find the problem on the r1 can anyone shed some light for me thanks
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