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  1. He posted earlier in this thread the congestion control settings. I made some rules to prioritize traffic to ports used by COD in PS5. IT only works for UDP. Nothing happens to TCP (probably buggy firmware).
  2. It's actually better for me with disabled upnp and no ports forwarded. Nat filtering to open( I'm still getting open NAT). Make sure you disable armor (it can only be done within nighthawk app). Geo filter to 900km radius with fast search enabled. QOS as per Handsome king. It works for me better than anything before in this game. I'm on PS5 with XR1000.
  3. Yes, I have a Hitron cable modem (no router) connected to XR1000. All my devices are hooked up to the router as follow: XR1000 gets the external WAN IP from ISP as below:
  4. Ok, No Armor always wired (already mentioned, wifi not even set for Ps5) MS edge to access the router no making rules when in game also my ps5 is in static ip
  5. I bought this router to enjoy gaming, not to troubleshoot the problems in a baby steps details. Before you were suggesting, that the TCP prio problem was because wifi and wrong traffic type selection, now it's upnp conflicting with forwarded ports. I never enable both, it's common knowledge on every router. I apricate your help but you can see there are some issues with the firmware. For now I'm playing without forwarded ports, upnp on, traffic prio: basic PS5, game console. It's more simple setup but it has to do for now.
  6. Ok, once more:) I forwarded number of ports to get open NAT in COD for PS5 (TCP 1935, 3478-3480, UDP 3074-3079, 3478-3479). It played fine for days, then I noticed NAT is moderate again. I went to forwarded ports page, where all the settings were gone. I tried to reenter them, just to get ports conflicting with another service error. Only solution was to revert to factory settings. It happened probably 5 times within the last 3 months on both firmwares. After all router setting were done (wireless, QOS, port forwarding, device manager), I obviously wanted to save it. In Backup page, I would save a copy of current settings in NETGEAR_XR1000.cfg file. Next time, I did the factory reset, when initial setup begins, there is an option to restore the settings from backup. Pointing to my saved cfg file, would start the restoration. Unfortunately, after few minutes nothing gets restored. Traffic prioritization for TCP ports not working because the you assumed I'm on wireless My PS5 is hard wired with 1G cat6 cable, that's why you see "normal default wan" selection. Strange enough UDP ports are being prioritized with no problem. Guys, If you have access to XR1000, maybe you could do some testing, instead shooting possibilities from the hip. If Netgear is responsible - shame on them for this support.
  7. LMAO, Instead of asking these questions and playing detective, why don't you take XR1000 and simulate the problems I described.
  8. No ISP router, just the modem. Trying not to complicate things. Following QOS rules prioritize TCP ports 1935 and 3478-3480 for any outgoing and incoming traffic to and from my console. Unfortunately no single TCP packet shows up:
  9. was released in August 2021. The Upnp problem was noticed on this forum right away. 3 months later same crap! I'm not a fan of putting my console in DMZ. It's simply not safe. Besides... port forwarding should not be an issue. I added number of custom prio rules for COD PS5, including TCP ports 1935, 3478-3480 (Duma OS classified games is off). Netduma never show any packets being prioritized. Strange, since The same TCP ports can be visible sometimes in Upnp table.
  10. I'm not here to whine about those firmwares ...but there are some major issues with them: -forwarded ports disappear with time -restoring setting from the backup file does not work -when selected manually, traffic prioritization does nothing to TCP packets (only udp) -Upnp on off not visible ( only) This is a gaming router, ironically the basic gaming features don't work!!! For f... sake, start supporting your product!!!
  11. My 2 cents on day 2 of this game: -Certainly there is something weird about the hit detection. My first games, when playing without the attachments, I could not register a single bullet. Later it got better. However, one bed attachment can screw up the whole weapon. If it's the ADS Bloom? - Probably. -The game on the start was released with heavy lag compensation. Playing below 30ms is almost impossible. Again, thanks to Duma, I was able to test it on variety of servers. Best experience is on 60-70ms connection. -Activision again did nothing or not enough about cheaters. Because the hacks are fresh, the wallhacks are even visible on the kill cams. All together, same old, same old..... PS5, XR1000, wired, 120Hz Tv, East coast N. America.
  12. I'm on PS5 with XR1000. Since season 6, I've tested cold war in any possible way:) Regardless... if geo filter or cross are on or off, in any combination. I'm getting plenty of P2P games. In fact way...more peer games than before. I'm assuming, the dedicated ones are getting ready for incoming Vanguard. My best gaming experience at this time is on 60-70ms connection. Anything below or above this ping is unplayable.
  13. I'm not sure, who are you referring to as "demons" and I disagree with no console cheats (Hacks) statement. Anything can be hacked, it's just the matter of resources. PSN itself was hacked and shut down in April/May 2011. As of console cheats, they're not as easy as PC's but still there. Some examples: -Cronusmax device players can run custom scripts on them improving aim assist, recoil, rapid fire, who knows what else? -jailbraking which basicaly allows to run anything on the consoles - Packet editing for online games, a Packet editor will be connected between the PS4 and the Internet in order to change the data that is being sent from your game client to the game server and vice versa, allowing you to send fake data to the server and gain advantages.
  14. Since the release of the battle pass 6, I noticed big lag increase in my games. Even when playing on low ping servers (25ms) I'm getting killed by the enemies, which I can't even see in front of me. Also, some of them seem to know exactly my position, tracing me behind the walls, begin shooting before I even come out. When trying to report them, they don't even appear to be in the enemies team or in the recent players list. I'm playing on PS5 with cross play disabled. Because the game is almost 1 year old, I can explain the lag with the fewer number of players, being matched together around N. America. However...cheaters on PS network? - unless they letting PC players now regardless the cross play settings? Any comments appreciated.
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