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  1. Monitor refresh has nothing to do with ping...However, to enable 120Hz on Ps5 for COD you have to select "performance" over the "resolution" in PS5 settings. I believe this reduces processing time when game calculates the ping. I change this settings many times and each time I'm in resolution mode (60hz) my in game ping jumps 20ms compering to ping calculated by geo filter. Going back to performance mode (120Hz) both pings are almost the same.
  2. My network is not that congested, so I gave equal bandwidth to all my devices. To get steady triple A+ score in connection benchmark, I had to check "always" in congestion control. 4 Also... running the game in 120Hz (compatible Tv/monitor necessary) helps a lot. I noticed that... when playing in 120Hz mode, the ping in geo filter is almost the same as the in game ping. When in 60Hz, the in game ping was about 20ms higher than the one in geo filter.
  3. Hi there, I'm running PS5 connected to XR1000 (wired), After few months of applying different settings, this what works the best for me: -Upnp off -make sure to give static ip for your PS5 in Lan setup -port forwarding as per picture, this will get you open NAT -When prioritizing traffic to the same ports as with the forwarding, the rule seems to affect only UDP traffic. So I added prio to whole consle : add device, basic, game console, normal default. This way I see more packets being prioritized than any other way. There is no silver bullet for hit detection, it varies from game to game, server to server or peer to peer. However, with above settings I'm having the best results.
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