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  1. Is the problem with duma os and call of duty been fixed yet want to go back to duma os asap
  2. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000085792-downgrading-back-to-the-original-r1-firmware-from-dumaos
  3. Downgraded from duma os can find a game no problem perfect dedicated servers. Will remail on original firmware until issue is fixed then upgrade back to duma os as just want to play cod without problems.
  4. So if i am on dumaos i should just be able to factory reset my router am i correct if not how do i go back.
  5. PS4 ALL GAME MODES R1 SCOTLAND ALL GAMES I HAVE CONNECTED TO ARE P2P NO DEDI'S WHATSOEVER. How do i downgrade back to original firmware or will this be fixed within next couple of days.
  6. How do you whitelist friends is there a way of doing this without them been online etc or do i have to wait for them to show up on geo map then ping them and allow them ? don't think its playlist changes. I have moderate nat in game but not on console is there a way to fix in game nat to open thanks
  7. when i am playing with friends i invite them into my lobby but sometimes it says lobby not joinable for them. Is there anyway around this ?
  8. I got it to work finally just needed to reset all my stuff thanks for the help lads
  9. AH i am in the uk but can't connect to dedicated servers.
  10. Are you from uk what settings you sitting on ?
  11. I installed the patch. I didn't change any settings before or during the problems might just need to reset all my stuff cheers for advice
  12. Still can't connect to dedicated servers in uk not sure why any tips please.
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