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  1. I do have a crazy clip from today that I put up on my Twitter. The issue I had with the clip isn't that they dropped major frames like they were lag switching, but that I put 4 headshots on them with a GKS and didn't get a kill. https://twitter.com/Gunzby/status/1057795878822526976
  2. Not by my experience. As soon as they started upping the servers my gameplay improved dramatically. I was getting games about half and half of .5 kd and 2-4 kd. When they upped it my games have been 80-90% 2-4 kd and a few bad games. The bad games haven't even entirely been because of connection which makes me happy. I would much rather be outplayed and stomped than beaten by connection
  3. I've had this issue as soon as booting up DumaOS. I flushed and expanded my geofilter to 2000km (I live in central NC so the other half of the geofilter is in the ocean). No problems since. I actually had quite a few issues when first installing the new router. No idea why it resolved itself, but after about an hour I had zero issues.
  4. Do you still want info? I'm back and upgraded to the xr500. I can get on it tomorrow after work
  5. At no point in time did I mention a single company, or defend it. I said that what the article was about already existed before, during and after NN.
  6. Pricing and bandwidth caps have zero to do with NN. Bandwidth caps existed (particularly for satellite) before, during and after NN.
  7. That hasn't been my experience over the last 20 years of having both, making both and testing both
  8. I was talking more to the point of the effect of NN. Regulations don't just typically begin and end. They typically begin and build. What motivation does an ISP have to spend millions on line maintenance when it's possible that they might not really own that line in the future? I highly doubt things will get worse after NN. Competition is actually starting to build in that market. The heart of competition isn't offering crappier service.
  9. You have a horrible cable line if your connection was more stable with dsl than cable. There is absolutely no reason why that should happen.
  10. I'm not so sure about that. During NN my connection had gotten progressively worse. During NN there wasn't as much incentive for them to keep up their lines as they could be treated like telephone lines at any time (trust me, you don't want them to be treated like a public utility). I've worked in manufacturing last mile trunk lines, network cable and currently fiber optics for almost 20 years. When NN was repealed I saw a huge spike in orders. Right now I'm supposed to be on Christmas vacation and I'll be going in to work Thursday and Friday (8 days early) to work
  11. I changed my settings to reactive today and immediately saw a huge difference
  12. Gunzby

    Cod servers

    I did this when the game came out. I turned PA off and went from east coast (i'm in NC) to west coast. Suddenly the hit detection was spot on. This speaks volumes about their lag comp and perhaps their matchmaking. I haven't bothered doing it in quite some time because my issue is with getting booted. I may give this game another day or two. I'm most likely going back to R6:S. SHG has really shit the bed.
  13. That might actually help. I went and moved my filter from NC to near Nevada and dropped my PA to 20. It took a while to get a game, but when I did it was much better. Only bad part was I got dropped mid game and it then showed that server as dormant. I might try to put it back where I am, but make the circle much smaller and PA about 20 so I won't get any servers near NY
  14. Gunzby

    COD WW2

    I'll have to watch some gameplay on YouTube before I even think of buying. I barely played blops3 and only bought it because I forgot to cancel after playing the beta. It was also the first I didn't buy the season pass. I didn't buy IW and didn't miss it. I've been playing RS:6 and blops2. I played the new BF, but that got stale
  15. Doesn't surprise me at all. Games that require high focus are big on it. Pool has had this issue for years. Adderal and beta blockers as well as cocaine and pain pills are pretty big in both. It's all about finding that right mixture
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