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    Gunzby got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in The Lobby is not joinable   
    I've had this issue as soon as booting up DumaOS. I flushed and expanded my geofilter to 2000km (I live in central NC so the other half of the geofilter is in the ocean). No problems since. 
    I actually had quite a few issues when first installing the new router. No idea why it resolved itself, but after about an hour I had zero issues. 
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    Gunzby got a reaction from David824 in 60htz servers worse than 20htz at launch?   
    Not by my experience. As soon as they started upping the servers my gameplay improved dramatically. I was getting games about half and half of .5 kd and 2-4 kd. When they upped it my games have been 80-90% 2-4 kd and a few bad games. The bad games haven't even entirely been because of connection which makes me happy. I would much rather be outplayed and stomped than beaten by connection
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    Gunzby got a reaction from bagsta69 in COD WW2   
    I'll have to watch some gameplay on YouTube before I even think of buying. I barely played blops3 and only bought it because I forgot to cancel after playing the beta. It was also the first I didn't buy the season pass. I didn't buy IW and didn't miss it.
    I've been playing RS:6 and blops2. I played the new BF, but that got stale
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    Gunzby got a reaction from N3CR0 in Bo2 lag fest   
    Yep the connection is terrible, but it was pretty much always terrible. That is until they started using servers about halfway through the game. Two things I absolutely hated about that game was the connection (prior to servers) and the ppl who vote random every round unless it was Nuketown or Hijacked. Of course when they didn't get either map they'd all back out while I was left with Drone instead of Slums.
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