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  1. SJ 1294


    A big latency different or not really?
  2. SJ 1294


    What's the best VPN to use? Also steps to set it up. Thanks
  3. I believe the dedicated server for COD was moved from UK to France/Netherlands a few years back. We only get P2P now
  4. Hi I've refreshed the sync but IPs still failing.
  5. This also happens to me and only recently been doing this. I'll play 2/3 games inside my Geo location then it switches back to EU servers. I have end my party and reconnect to online services for it to reregister in my Geo location
  6. And when I come out of some games the geo filter resets and then puts me back on EU servers? Only been happening recently too
  7. So if I turn auto host off I don't have to select any servers? Finding a game at the minute since the update Thursday is very slow. Could you elaborate 'strict mode' as well for me please as I can't see any information on it? Thanks Fraser
  8. Hi I only want to play on dedicated servers but everytime I load up the game do I have to accept the dedicated again (do they change everytime when I load up)
  9. Hi I keep getting packet loss on every peer wherever I connect on warzone
  10. It happened after I changed location. Seems to be back to normal now
  11. I had a powercut and its asking for my username and password but what I'm typing isn't working?? Now I'm locked out the website
  12. Hi Fraser. I'm now getting this message on my geo-filter?
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