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  1. the new router arrived, I can access the interface now but I have the same low wifi connection. I would try the same method as you said from the beginning, disabling the 2ghz from the interface and rebooting the router, but I m afraid the same problem will happen again
  2. I keep doing what you said, i m on my 4th attempt, and now I dont have connection at all. On the bottom right corner the internet status is flickering ( connected - disconnected )
  3. If i plug/unplug the power supply, there is 50% chance to lost connection at all. If i factory reset manually, there is no change. I tried it and wrote the issue in the 1st page
  4. I did it before, this is why I m here. That reboot from interface caused this
  5. I tried to deactivate IPv6 but I still cannot access the interface ( dumaos / ) for both Opera / Chrome
  6. I only have wired internet connection. And I cannot detect the r2 wifi anymore
  7. I cannot access And I'm using Opera / Chrome ( "This site can’t be reached" )
  8. *update - I unplugged / plugged the power supply and, again, lost connection - manually reset 30 sec and I m back with wired connection and no interface access ( dumaos/ )
  9. *update: I pressed factory reset, manually ( ~30sec ) and now I only have wired connection, I cannot access the interface anymore ( dumaos/ )
  10. I disabled / enabled 2.4GHz, and after I pressed Reboot, router lost connection. I ve waited 20min and still doesen t connect. I can t even open dumaos/... i plugged/replugged the power supply and it s still dead. It connects for 3-4 sec (wired) and then boom, losts connection and its doing this over and over again. The 2.4ghz / 5ghz are not flashing @Netduma Fraser
  11. I tried to place it on several positions, but nothing changed.
  12. I m not using bluetooth and my phone is the only device connected to r2's wifi. So the only option is to distance the r2 from the isp and other electrical devices as far as possible ?
  13. why would this be a problem, the isp wifi works perfectly fine and it's right next to them
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