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  1. Thanks! - What settings would you recommend for optimal performance? Here is what is my settings look like. When should I 'flush cloud'?
  2. Great news! Is there a specific way to set it up or just select 'Destiny' from the profile of games under Geo-filter? I'm only asking because when I used it before, I never really got it to work properly 😕
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! No firmware update needed? I am on PC so will this pertain to me or just consoles?
  4. I unchecked 'Duma Classified Games' on traffic prioritization and I was able to see people that I connected to like before
  5. so can you not see who you are connecting to anymore on D2 PC via the Geo-Filter page? When I'm playing the game, I don't see anyone nor the dedicated servers anymore
  6. keep seeing a trend of "i'll ask alex" and "I'll test again". At the sake of sounding ungrateful, could we just get a straight up answer if this issue is actually being looked at or pushed to the side?
  7. My DL speed is usually ~200+ down and 25 up so I use 'When High Priority Traffic Detected'. I'll have to check the ping when I get home from work. One question I do have is that some of their "dedicated" servers that do pop up from time to time, should I deny those and only Allow the ones closest to me?
  8. Ok, I guess that's fair enough. So would it be accurate to say that Destiny 2 isn't exactly a game that is fully supported by DumaOS? Definitely not trying to be difficult I'm just trying to understand why this product only works 30% of the time for Destiny 2. I wish I was into COD or something because it seems like the game you guys use most to advertise the Duma. My QoS is setup as recommended on this forum. I can't seem to find the thread I used but I think it's like the console gets 70% ?? when traffic gets saturated by something. Is there a specific setting I need to be following for optimum QoS for D2 PvP?
  9. that's disappointing and accurate to my experience last night. I would say 3/10 PvP matches seems liked the Duma was doing what it's supposed to be doing. @Netduma Admin @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Alex @Netduma Jack Can I setup a session with someone and confirm I am using/doing is accurate so this product works for me? thank you in advance,
  10. How have been the connections you've experienced? Is the bullet detection the same across your games?
  11. I can't ping it unless I uncheck the auto-ping option.
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