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  1. There will be no 3.0 for XR300! Just make it official already.
  2. 0.2 is working very good and it is also logic. You need a little bit of knowledge about netcode in games to understand why. Here is a good starter guide: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/16499-networking-lag-compensation-and-hit-detection/
  3. @N3CR0, @Kfetish Are you using the same settings for Cold War and Warzone. For me it feels like that both are very different. What works for Cold War doesn't work for Warzone.
  4. I just set it up yesterday. I'm still testing and will report back. Is Warzone still working well for you with your new setup?
  5. The weird thing is that I dont have problems with Cold War. I'm smaking people in MP without problems. Warzone on the other hand is unplayable for me.
  6. I have now tested Warzone with my old router for a few days and it is 100% better. I have a normal hitreg, and also don't die in seconds. So I guess the QoS of DumaOs is currently not working with Warzone.
  7. I will try your setup in the next day and report back how it worked out for me.
  8. Thank You for the information. Do you put your computer as a gaming console in traffic prioritization? How did your friend come up with the idea for the new setup? Does he have an IT background?
  9. Sounds very interesting. I will try that out. Thanks for the tip. What are your QoS Settings in your XR700? What Wifi are you using, from the BT ROUTER or the XR700? Is the connection from BT ROUTER to XR700 not still PPPoE?
  10. Very cryptic.😆 Can you point me in the right direction? Maybe pm me?
  11. There is definitely a trick. Maybe you have to combine the Geofilter and a VPN. I played against that dude and found him on SBMM Warzone. He has a 3.37 KD and plays a lot of Bronze Lobbies. There is a trick that a lot of people know but no one wants to tell how it works. And again the time of day doesn't matter. He even gets Bronze Lobbies in the evenings.
  12. I have exactly the same problem. No problem with long range fights. But in close quarters especially with fast shooting guns the hitreg disappears. I don't use the geofilter. I noticed that I also have alot more prio upload packages than download packages. Almost twice as much.
  13. I think you are right, the traffic prio just seems to not work for CoD anymore. Atleast in Warzone it was working great till the Cold War Integration. What are your port prios right now?
  14. For a while I used Egypt. But that is not working anymore. Maybe Activision fixed it or too many people are using it. If North America gives you good Lobbies just use it. A ping of 160 is not that bad. CoD loves high pings. You will destroy people because of Lag Compensation. If you have the time you can test all the virtual servers from the list a posted. Try the servers that are located in the Netherlands or the UK. Maybe there is another country in there that works. I don't use ping assist. If you use a VPN I wouldn't use the Geofilter. To what VPN-Server in North America are you connecting exactly?
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