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    Waka4412 got a reaction from Wayne in Struggling to find games?? It is Netduma's Fault ... Watch this, Server misplaced mess   
    I have a x300 and the whole software is a mess, so many bugs. I have to restart the router everyday and to reset every week. Otherwise every online games run like sh...
    They are probably working already on the Netduma R3 and have no resources to fix stuff.
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    Waka4412 reacted to Originsjuega in Struggling to find games?? It is Netduma's Fault ... Watch this, Server misplaced mess   
    In this video I expose the huge problem Netduma has with server locations. They wont update it on a regular basis, making it so we can't find games consistently. Keep in mind we PAID A LOT OF MONEY for this "PREMIUM" routers. The servers are stacked on top of each other, taking out the whole point of geo fencing servers. This not only happens in Warzone it also happens in Fortnite and god knows which other games. WE NEED CONSTANT SUPPORT BECAUSE THE ROUTERS ARE SUPER EXPENSIVE AND THIS PROBLEM BEEN HERE SINCE FOREVEVER. When you check the IP adresses in the Geo Filter the location don't make sense, And the closest servers get blocked because of this problem. YOU NEED TO HAVE SOMEONE ON A PAYROLL THAT CAN BE ON TOP OF THIS ISSUE. And I forgot to mention in the video that the Sync Cloud option crashes the whole router. Imagine paying 800 bucks for a router that wont work unless you do a super deep research just to find out that someone at Netduma wont update
    netduma.mp4 server locations. Trying to find aliens is easier to do than making the router work as intended. I love you guys but things are getting outta hand
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    Waka4412 got a reaction from tehwayne in Geo-Filter XR300   
    There will be no 3.0 for XR300! Just make it official already.
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    Waka4412 got a reaction from N3CR0 in how to get better hit detection   
    0.2 is working very good and it is also logic. You need a little bit of knowledge about netcode in games to understand why. Here is a good starter guide: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/16499-networking-lag-compensation-and-hit-detection/
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    Waka4412 reacted to davemarsden132 in Shoot first die first? Come here, this is my solution   
    I leave my PC as computer in the setup, he is an engineer by trade but is extremely smart when it comes to PCs etc 
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    Waka4412 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Xbox: Packet Loss 3 Orange Squares in EVERY CQC engagement   
    I haven't had time but I will try on the weekend.
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    Waka4412 got a reaction from Netduma Liam in Xbox: Packet Loss 3 Orange Squares in EVERY CQC engagement   
    I haven't had time but I will try on the weekend.
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    Waka4412 reacted to Kfetish in how to get better hit detection   
    You seem to just get it. Nothing will magically make you a god at the game. Idk if all the sweats are in league play now, or if they toned down the sbmm, but I no longer feel like after a few good games I can no longer compete. I may just be getting better at the game, and those lobbies that were brutal before, just aren’t as bad. Naturally you’d get better at a game having played for 3-4 hours a day. My map awareness and general understanding of how the game flows has helped me get 5-6 less deaths a match and 5-6 more kills. So maybe that’s it. I still run into the unkillable person per lobby, but at this point that’s just par for the course. When traffic prio was working my hit reg was great and consistent. That’s the biggest problem I face now. Consistency. I get absolutely melted and try the same gun, same attachments, and it’s like I’m shooting marshmallows. The point blank kills are maddening because for me on pc, the closer I am to an enemy, the less my bullets register. 🤦🏽‍♂️  I can’t try fun creative gun variants. Task force barrel is a must, yet I get pooped on by ppl using attachments I can’t even think about using. Lol. Turning off cross play helps with the aim assist snapping deaths and getting locked on through walls, but it takes FOREVER to find a match, and the try hards use controllers on pc. Can we get input based matchmaking pls? Sigh. The cod struggle is real. 
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    Waka4412 got a reaction from N3CR0 in Warzone Bot Lobby Servers   
    Funny thing is, time doesn't matter. I tested using the same country via VPN at different times of day. It works at every hour. A misconception is that you get 100% easy lobbies. That is not true. I for example get around 60% bronze, silver and gold. Without VPN I'm getting 100% diamond and platinum no matter the time.
    So JackFrags did a Test with a tiny sample size and now that's just law because he said so. We need to stop believing everything big streamers say. No one knows how SBMM works and Jacks vid is one theory.
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    Waka4412 reacted to Cdog77 in Warzone Bot Lobby Servers   
    The proof is in the pudding. I guess you are as clueless as you sound. I asked to see if there was any other possible servers that I haven't tried that produce the same results or better. I personally don't care how long you've been using Netduma because you are obviously clueless at the fact that people put their locationt to different areas to break the algorithm of SBMM. I can again for a fact say that geofiltering 100% can dicate the SBMM algorithm. A fool I must say.
    a greeting.
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    Waka4412 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Warzone and MW "Packet Burst" Fix? Anyone?   
    I read in another thread that DumaOS doesn't like it if the ranges are to big. It is maybe bs but as I have finally a good hitreg and tried hundred different things I'm to afraid to change stuff now. 😅
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    Waka4412 reacted to titofuenla in Any tips on getting easier lobbies in warzone?   
    Are you seriously saying that with a K / D 3.75 you want to play silver lobbies? With that K / D it is logical and normal that in the lobbies you play they are difficult and hard, what is not normal is that you intend to play in gold or silver lobbies ... I understand that someone like Waka with a K / D of 1.14 and if you get into difficult lobbies, try to get something like that, but you with 3.75? I honestly think it is a absurdity... It's as if you were a first division soccer player and you wanted to play in a local neighborhood league ... some of you really want things that ...😆
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    Waka4412 reacted to Kfetish in how to get better hit detection   
    Ok ladies and gentlemen idk if they fixed the hit detection issue on pc, but my hit detection has been absolutely brilliant like “back in the day” when I first tried port prio. I’ve changed absolutely nothing on my end and I’ve played at least 20 games across servers from Texas to Cali, to Oklahoma with consistent results across all. I haven’t had to deny a server all evening. Kinda makes me want to remove all my denies and start over. For reference my congestion control sliders are set at 98% up and down with never selected. My bandwidth allocation flower has all values equal. Share excess is not checked for up or down. NO traffic prio. I’m forwarding the ports activision lists. Upnp is on. Weird I know but works best for my setup. 🤷🏽‍♂️ DumaOS classified games is on. Geo filter is set to about 500 miles around where I personally live. I think that about covers it. It’s so good right now I hope I don’t have to reboot my router and I hope there’s no update to the game. 🤣 I’m working on lmg’s right now and the M60 is making ppl quit the lobby. I hope y'all have as much luck as I’ve had because this came out of nowhere. 😳
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