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  1. Feedback: I got a static IP address and put the Wan IP of NetDuma R2 in the DMZ host section. My nat type automatically changed to Open. I asked my ISP to change my current router, and provide me with another that supports Bridge Mode. They will deliver me a new one soon, and then I shouldn't have any problems at all. I am currently working on installing Fiber Pro in my home. Optical internet in my country is not covered in all regions and the only way to achieve that is if we know someone in a big position in the provider's house. The only way is through a connection, and to pay someone illegally. They work for free only for private individuals who have a lot of money and some influence in politics. They do not supply optical internet to ordinary mortals as we are - citizens. I hope that this will help everyone who has a similar problem and who lives in the Balkan region, because mostly we all have the same problem. I want to thank all of you who invested time in helping me to solve this damn problem. Your customer support and users here are great. Thanks and best regards.
  2. Doesn't work man. My nat type 3 is still standing... My modem have bridge mode but it seems that I need to call my provider and tell them first about what I want to do. Only they have the right to advanced settings. At least that's what I've read on some Dutch forum page. Are you suggesting I try that?
  3. If i don't open ports manualy in Technicolor I still have moderate. And thanks for vpn info
  4. I can open ports on Technicolor. Btw, can I get ban for using VPN on console? Just curios about it. Does sony have some different policy that prevent users from using it...
  5. I turned off geo filtering and it's still moderate. The thing is My ISP provider said it would make two partitions from my internet. I have 350mbps but they left 50 for TV modem or chanels etc... because I don't live alone and rest 300 mbps will go only in another room in my house and they said that the tv won't pull that connection that i am using for gaming. The thing is, i saw a tv modem take up to 100 mbps connections. Mostly is around 87 mbps. I will test one modem that I use when I travel. It has a 150 GB limit. I'll use it for TV and see what the situation is. My friend works as a manager in this provider house. I'll wait for him to come back from vacation and ask him for help. Sorry to complicate things. I really appreciate your advice.
  6. Nightwalker


  7. Hi Liam, thanks for your time. I did put WAN IP from NetDuma R2 into ISP router. My router is technicolor tc7210... i really don't know if i have bridge mode or don't. I never have tried this solution to fix this problem because it's my first time facing it.
  8. That's one of the reason that i am mad in last 3 weeks. We always need to wait someone who have nat type open in order to group and play together. Ports are not opened 100%. I really don't know how to solve this issue.
  9. CyberGhost VPN is best for console. I have done my research. Btw, yeah. I think that every time when I see UK server it's making me have these issues. Sometimes North Germany as well but I'll still go with that servers are not stable at the moment in Warzone. I just don't get it why I can't get my nat type open, btw should i get static IP or stay with DHCP?
  10. On Vanguard my nat-type is moderate or strict, same thing like in Warzone. I turned Geo-Filtering because I have 77 packet loss when I search game with it. When I turn off NetDuma R2 and connect only on my ISP router i can open ports without problem and i have nat type open and i have no problem with high ping or packet loss. But when I stomp on 2 games in row then game connect me on Dallas in Texas or Singapore. I have to chose between two poisons. Maybe the best solution for me is to get vpn and play on those servers without sbmm like India or Kenya and feast on clueless souls and then i will not care about high ping. Btw, which vpn is the best for PS5? CyberGhost or ExpressVPN?
  11. In Warzone my nat type is moderate and strict, varies from time to time. I am alway connected somewhere where I shouldn't be at all. Packet loss is always from 1-20. But when I switch on Vanguard my ping is 39 ms or 49 ms which is fine from where I play. But on Warzone it's always 80-147 ms.
  12. Hello there! So, I moved from Switzerland to Serbia and now when I put WAN IP from R2 into DMZ Host section on my ISP router my Nat Type on PS5 is still moderate and strict. It's causing me high ping and huge packet loss even thou my internet here is fast.My current ISP is Technicolor TC7210. What's causing the problem? Do I need to get Static IP or just continue with DHCP... I have a strong feeling that something is very funny about what's causing the problem, but I don't have enough knowledge to solve this on my own. Please help me.
  13. No, bro. My router is DSL. The thing is, I have no option 'Bridge Mode anywhere'. Internet access The Internet diagnosis contains technical information for Internet access fault analysis. Internet connection Connected Connection type g.fast DSL connection type DHCP DNS server Internet IP address IPv6 prefix IPv6 type DynDNS Not activated The only similarly thing I've found is this: Static routes Expert users can use static routes to operate an additional router on the Internet-Box. To enable the Internet-Box to recognise the network of the additional router, a static route must be entered the first time. This ensures that the data traffic is forwarded to the additional network.
  14. Thanks, man! My nat type is open again. Now, there's a cable for my connection that goes from electrical outlet (telephone) and when I take that main cable for internet which is plugged in my ISP router and move it in R2 instead, my whole internet just stop working. Then, when I plug it back into my ISP router again, it's back! I know that there's a solution to make my R2 main one and not to use two routers like i'm doing now. My R2 is plug into ISP one but I don't like that idea because I think that my connection will not be at best because of it and from another side... Who uses two routers? NetDuma R2 is everything I ever needed.
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