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  1. if you dont like the the normal firmware or 3.0 beta, than flash a xr700 ddwrt rom - the software isnt going to make your hitreg better or make you better at games 🤣its just a router
  2. must be a bug, or that qos isnt working in the ping test (under load), makes no difference 70% or down to 1% on the sliders
  3. so qos isnt suppose to work in connection test? whats the point of even having it if its just gonna show D for ping under load?
  4. sqm doesnt work, nighthawk need to fix there setup, i haven't used mine for months, literally took me 45m-1 hour to get it started, or routerlogin wouldnt work, reset modem, pc, hard reset nighthawk twice, and i am quite tech savy EDIT sqm is working, checking dsl reports test, it just doesnt show that its working in the inbuilt duma os 3 app
  5. i dont understand, its not like the xr700 has a blatant problem that it needs to be updated to netduma 3.0, all these people complaining probably think its gonna give them magic hitreg in games and improve there KDs, so funny 🤣
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