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  1. Thats why i was wanting to know which are the French dedis so I can put them on the deny section I've just played on one there and I don't know if it was French or not it looks like its in France but geo filter is in UK strict mode on and ping assist 0 so don't know how it should be but it looks like its there
  2. Hi again fraser the server id is 0a68572205a9e9ee so im not sure if its uk or France
  3. Hi fraser the problem im having is i can't tell which server it is as the dedi is in the sea and when I go to the allow and denied box what server im on its giving me an id but not the ip if It did give me the ip address I could like you say match it up with the 14ms dedicated im pinging for the UK so I can't tell where its from
  4. Ok fraser thanks will try this cheers 🍻
  5. Hi all I was wondering if anyone knows the I.p address for the london cod modern warfare servers as when I'm using the geo filter im trying to ban the French servers as they are not 5he best to play on but when I zoom in when a dedicated server comes up when in the lobby I can't tell if its in France or the UK as its in the English Channel im from Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK and just want to play on UK servers or even the Holland ones but im trying to stay away from the French ones but like I stated I can't tell so if anyone knows the UK servers ip address so I can allow these and the French ones so I can ban them I would appreciate it my settings for geo filter are strict mode on fast search off ping assist off and home set in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and radius 313 miles to try and avoid the French servers but for some reason my lobbies are always full of French and german gamers Many thanks peter
  6. Hi fraser forgot to mention when opening qos it keeps saying device not found not sure if this has anything to do with the problem
  7. Hi there fraser thanks for the reply I did reboot the router but no change is there a way to save your settings incase of a factory reset but I'll try rebooting again thanks
  8. Hi there when I'm in my os settings when I'm going to qos the box that has port prioritys for the ports its just buffering any ideas what to do as I really don't want to factory reset and be on all night setting all my devices up and all the other stuff many thanks peter
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