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  1. U need to download the file upload the file to netduma and press upgrade
  2. Set dns on youre playstation that should fix it. And on all of youre devices connected to netduma for me: pc xbox iphone all needed the dns settings set. Also turn off "use upstream dns" (this should be On normaly but it doesent work with this firmware...) and dont use dns on netduma restart netduma than it should work.
  3. Sadly i can CONFIRM IT!! Netduma doesent use my fritzbox as dns resolver! All of my devices connect to the netduma(pc,iphone,xbox). but none of it is connected to internet. if i set DNS on xbox/phone it does work again. netduma connection speed test does also work without changes on dns (use upstream dns was on) restarting helps few hours (without dns settings) but i lose it if i turn off anything... Workaround ist to set dns on on each device! dns override on netduma doesent work Use upstream dns also doesent work i did 6 factory resets 2 upgrades (same firmware) nothing helped. ipv4/6 works but dns doesent work!
  4. Thanks for the update but can u guys update the forums Dark theme also? this happens to all browsers on my iphone i will update maybe this weekend. One is default theme one is dark theme
  5. I already set the r2 as exposed host ipv4/ipv6 and fixed ip. but i still have to turn on and off the ipv6 on the r2 im not 100% sure when i need to do it, if i restart r2 i have to check for ipv6 every time.... most of the time ipv6 doesent work but its turned on. my fritzbox does have ipv6 all the time. if im connected diretly to fritzbox this issue never happens...
  6. Will the ipv6 bug fixed with the upcoming firmware? my provider resets every 24hours(new ip) using fritzbox 7530 and netduma r2 behind it. i have to turn off, save, turn on ipv6 everytime.... Otherwise my xbox series x runs on only ipv4 mode.
  7. Im connected with fritzbox -> r2 i get ipv6 what i did was On the r2 Go to network settings look at dhcp Do a checkmark on youre xbox (you will se youre console name there) and set youre reserved ip to 100 for the xbox The xbox should always geht the same ip adress now. go back to network settings on r2 set dmz to ip 100 ( (make sure ipv6 is active on wan and lan) now turn off youre bt - r2- xbox Turn off xbox completely by pressing and holding the power button for 10seconds on the console ! Or unplug it because fast boot may cause some problems. Start youre bt until its ready start youre r2 until its ready start youre xbox an check the nat and do a nat type test.
  8. I didnt split 2.4 and 5ghz i only tested it quickly. but 5ghz in that spot has a poor connection 1-2 of 5 2.4 should have 4-5 of 5 but i dont use the wifi of r2 that much. i have 2 isp connections and i splited my IoT devices(phone tv and so on) to isp 2 router and netduma is connected with isp 1 but only my pc and console are connected to it wired. only if i use the autoping i connect my phone with r2. All channels are good i already checked it with fritzbox.So just dont use auto bandwidth settings.
  9. I had the same In range my speed dropped to 0.1mbits changing to 20mhz = ~20mbits if im close to r2 automatic 20mbits set to 20mhz = 100mbits....
  10. Fraser these problems are on EA side yesterday i did play on a google server wich isnt anywhere listet. my highest ping on any eu server is 22ms and that server was at 40ms. netduma app showed me it's located in switzerland i did ping a server in zurich and i get the 40ms ping so they added a new switzerland google server to apex but u cant pick it as a datacenter. Frankfurt 1 disappeared and few other US servers disappeared. also packetloss serverside.i bootet up the game looked at the datacenters and only google server packetloss jumped to 80% and settled down. its random... eu and us servers have the same problem. sometimes it runs good but on some servers its lagging all the time randomly... they maybe put down some servers for battlefield 6 game testing?!
  11. Fraser if you reboot the router ipv6 doesent work via wifi. fritzbox-netduma-iphone if i reboot i always have to disable ipv6 save and activate and save. it always happens...
  12. Can i have youre email adress. i will send u both log files and a video how i pinged the server.
  13. I download a game with my xbox via quick start power mode.console is wired,fixed ip,dmz is set. tv is connected via wifi i use it for YouTube,Netflix and so on. if i use tv only 45mbits after is started a download and watched youtube it dropped to 5-10mbits under netduma it did show me the tv (5-10mbits)and xbox (5-10mbits)under network monitor and it did show me uncategorized download 30-40mbits. There is also an option for share exeded download/upload but that didnt work.i always rebooted the router after i switched the option.i turned it off saved then turned on saved(like the old ipv6 issue) nothing helped. ------- Im connected wired for gaming.in cant add my xbox anymore it does show me unmatched device if i open geo filter.if i try it via app he tells me there is already a device or something. ----- i use it with safari browser i dont delete the cookies but it also happens on my pc.... --- congestion auto setup to test the ping to set youre upload and download speed to avoid bufferbloat with the first official release it did put me on 99% download (49mbits) 100% upload(10mbits) now it goes from 50%-80% everytime i test it again only because of the first ping on each test is way above my real ping (usually 9ms-11ms) ---- i will do another reset in 1-2 weeks because i have to many problems with this firmware. thats why im asking for a beta update after the current official firmware. i think the update process have issues and he doesent replace the old firmware correctly. is there a way to 100% ensure that the firmware is installed "clean"?
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