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  1. My WiFi has started to drop out all the time too please help using an R2
  2. I can see the "save settings" button but when I press it it does not save the setting that the auto setting result lands on
  3. The save setting is there it just when you press save it does nothing
  4. When I run the auto setup for the congestion control, it goes through the cycle but does not save the settings when finished. Is there anything you can do thanks.
  5. Loving the R2 with a wired connection to my ps4 it's great, bit the WiFi isn't great for the rest of my house. I had a Nighthawk x4s before I got the R2 and the WiFi was Great, I live in a normal 3 bedroom house so I shouldn't have much issues but the WiFi isn't reaching to the far corners of my house like the X4s did. Was wondering if I purchased a WiFi extender would it help but the one I was looking at only has WPS connection but I don't think the R2 has this function, would love some help with this matter. Many thanks Nigel
  6. Sorted worked first time thank you so much !
  7. I'm having trouble connecting my new R2 to my Netgear DM 200 modem, it won't connect if I put the modem into modem only mode and if I don't I get double Nat , can any body help.
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