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  1. The biggest issues I have at the moment is latency on all my games especially, on Call of duty & Apex legend I even setup my QoS 70/70 & put the Bufferbloat sliders Always on.
  2. I did everything still experiencing so much issues. Also did DSL reports test on my line graded me 100/100 I know for a fact nothing is wrong with my internet connection.
  3. I would like to say I’m so disappointed with the NetdumaOS company y’all just seriously made customers like me spend about $399.99 For the Nighthawk XR500 it’s having so much issues this Router made all my games so unplayable I have RCN Fiber connection 1GIG package with my ISP they told me everything is perfectly fine with my connection they don’t see any problems at all. But now I’m so upset the GEO filter doesn’t work for Apex legend every time I go back to the lobby kicks me out saying connection error like c’mon y’all need to put effort into what you guys make honestly such a crappy router for gaming.
  4. Hello, I’m here by wanna talk about the living hell nightmare I’ve been dealing with Call of duty black ops 4 so clearly the geo filter shows my ping to the server 15ms but the in game ping constantly 30 - 40ms wow what a disappointment. Will be nice if you guys who invented the XR500 will give more tools for us with this router especially for APEX Legend. But anyways the xr500 great piece of a equipment but the inconsistency of the lag spikes in the game is not. I shot somebody get drop in 1 second but I’m here emptying whole intired clip to the enemy. Only to died by 3 shots but anyways did some testing on pingplotter here is the results also switch to a different ISP name RCN my internet package 1GIG but my PS4 only reach up to 500Mbps.”
  5. What will be the best option for me as of now question black ops 4 been so unplayable for me I just wanna enjoy my game to the fullest potential.
  6. I’ve been having awful day especially with my game Black ops 4 seems like for some reason the ping meter on black ops 4 way to high comparing, what my geo filiter saying I have a ping 20ms to the server but BO4 saying I have a 40ms Ping which idk what else to do anymore my game been so bad couldn’t even play one game without having terrible latency on the game my internet package 350Mbps upload 15 ping 10ms
  7. I have the XR500 Nighthawk Pro but I will like to know if I have to contacted my isp or my Ping looks pretty stable?
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