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  1. So in Destiny 2 I used to be able to set my geofence out in the middle of the ocean to ensure no one could connect to me, or vice versa, in order to do things by myself, like strikes or roaming. This worked because D2 is on a p2p type system vs dedicated servers for game play instances. For some reason that's not working anymore. The matchmaking for strikes takes a long time, as per normal, because it can't find people but instead of just starting anyway, eventually some people in random countries are connected ruining my plans. I've tried several times to no avail. Any clue as to why? How am I able to connect with these people?
  2. I can’t geo filter any more on destiny server will there be an update or so to help get back into doing it or an ETA when it could be fixed I’ve tried everything from resetting the router to configuring it & also strict mode but nothing works at all. Should I just give up & return my router? I have the xr1000 & it worked well for 2 weekends now it’s like I can’t do anything anymore.
  3. Hey everyone! I’m 34 years old and an avid gamer and I am new to ....ALL of this. I have reasearched ghost lobbies for some time now and I’m coming up with conflicting answers on wether or not it’s even still possible. Just for the record I’m on Xbox one and my router is a nighthawk r7000 but I’d be willing to buy a new router if it offered this ability. I also want to add thanks for such a great site. I can’t stand these people charging hundreds of dollars for this stuff. Knowledge should be free! Any and all help or even just getting me pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated
  4. What will be happen exactly to geo filtering Destiny 2 on consoles when sdr will be implemented in 1/2 weeks? Because i bought this router just for this feature
  5. Need Help with settings this is my connection Test . I mostly play Destiny 2 guild wars 2 final fantasy online and genshin impact so would be nice if i can get the best out of my router (XR1000) also i live in pakistan so guidance would be much appreciated if anyone can help me figure out these settings because i am not that bright when it comes to these things lol
  6. To my previous post destiny turned back to p2p i guess to deactivate crossplay which was unintentionally activated. When i activate geo filter i can land tower by myself or go to activities by myself but this time friends cannot join me 😕
  7. Answer with help or don’t answer at all this people are trying to make you off the way to do it instead of just telling us. If you know how to do it don’t be a Douche & just post the method.
  8. Hi, How come i cannot find any servers to accept for destiny?
  9. So way before I used to geo filter a lot for destiny. Now you guys did a fix. Can you walk me through with how to flush the cloud, and get the bungie servers to filter appropriately so I have decent matches again. You mentioned something about accepting a server. Please give me step by step with how to do this. @Netduma Fraser
  10. Tbh this community of destiny players are super toxic when it comes to helping each other out especially find a solution to a new method. I didn’t mind letting people know exactly what to run or what they need to run G lobbies & now y’all are gate keeping it for what?
  11. So since Destiny 2 moved from Battle-net to Steam, I've reconfigured a lot of my settings. The list below is my current config along with the order I preformed each change (ascending). Changed my "PC" device from XBOX to Computer in the device manager menu. Flushed the Cloud. Reset my computer Set distance to 600 miles Set Strict mode = on Set Auto Ping Host = on Set Ping Assist = 30 (ms) Set Fast Search = off So far with the above settings I've noticed longer queue times although some what of a better connection overall; yet I still see people not blocked outside of my desired mile range. And the Auto Ping Host only shows details while match making, and then goes null once the match making ends/match starts; previously prior to the move to Steam the Auto Ping Host would show details through the match, not just during match making. Also I would like to note that I stay in spectating mode until I reach orbit in game (Destiny 2), then I will toggle Filtering mode on & then select whatever PvP/PvE mode to start match making. I never toggle filtering on prior or while Destiny 2 is loading characters.
  12. Agran

    Destiny 2 geo

    Does any one know how to set up geofilter for match making?
  13. This is a question for Fraser or another mod that would have a full explanation. I’ve seen information across multiple posts but I would like a clear cut response with what was done and how to do it. All I have gotten is, allow the server in the middle of the United States. After that can I place my filter in the middle of the ocean and match with anyone there (my other console)? Also, if this works, will it work on the newest firmware? I remember before bungie updated, geo filter would not work on duma os 3.0. id like the whole explanation and walkthrough how to use geo filtering in destiny 2 now that a work around has been identified. thanks!!!!
  14. I have 2 playstations set up, 1 ps4 and 1 ps5. I haven't done trials carrys is a while but usually it went smoothly. I would have 1 team on each console and use my geo filter to make them match up. Now when i match the geo filter just does not work. Im matching random teams and and if i do match the other console on the super rare occasion it always chooses the same console as host. Before i was having trouble i was using 2 playstation 4 consoles. Could changing one of them to a ps5 be the problem? Or has the net duma support just went fown the toilet?
  15. Hi I have a XR 1000 now I previously had a XR700 witch the go filter worked on for destiny 2 I have two xboxes witch I used to be able to load myself and friends into the same instance using the go filter it doesn’t seam to be working on the XR 1000 is there anything I can do or is there a problem with this model any help would be appreciated kind regards Roy
  16. Hi. I was wondering if i can now use my XR500 while playing Destiny 2? I read that there was an issue and it wouldn't work. I kept on getting Beaver errors and i read there was in issue. Can anyone clarify if this has been rectified its the only game i really play and if i cant use the router then its been waste. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello me and my brother would like to match each other on PvP activities but we don't know how to set GeoFilter order to make this? Can someone explain us? We try to set same location via GeoFilter but nothing 😕 Thanks for answering me.
  18. So I am new to this but I know a lot of people who use the XR500 for Trials of Osiris and Glory Win Trading. Some people just watch the queue steps and pull the team that loads in last out...and others have a way where it automatically does it flawlessly every time. Does anyone know what they use if it is NetDuma and how I can set that up? I just want the teams to get automatically pulled rather than me watch it like a “hawk”
  19. Hi, I have a nighthawk rx500, it has been for some days that on destiny 2 every time I activate the geofilter, every time I enter a rabbit error lobby (I have kept the router for at least 6 months and until now it had never given me problems) . I would like to point out that even before these errors, after the release of the XR500 V2.3.2.66 they started to have problems with xbox live parties. I wanted to know from any of you if they have the same problem, both with destiny 2 and with xbox live parties (having the geofilter enabled). I play Xbox series X. Thanks
  20. First of all i would like to say im very happy wit my R2. So i have seen a lot of topics on Destiny 2 could anybody give me the best setting for pvp on PS4 as it is in its current state. All so i play Black ops 3 but dont know how to ping ops 3 servers as they not listed on ping heat map.Do i use Black ops 4. or what are best settings.? Many thanks.
  21. I see there is no Geo Filter profile for Destiny 2 - Xbox....So how can I set BufferBloat just for one specific console? Is this not how it works? Can someone explain? Is it smarter to leave it on "When High Traffic is Detected?" Thank you!!
  22. Router worked great up until bungies most recent changes, and i understand there will take time to fix it, no complaints about the router or the features it provides, and for my purposes it works great! My question is this, i was reading in another thread by an xr500 user whose name i don't remember, who was able to download the firmware beta for the 3.x update and got the issue resolved, i'd like to get this solved as soon as i can, and if there is a firmware equivalent for the xr450 i'd be happy to try that and see if it works and what can be gathered from that on my end. Sorry if this is a redundant question, i was unsure if the firmware updates were relevant across models and wanted to be sure. Again nothing but good things to say about the netduma services otherwise!
  23. hello everyone, I have an xr500 router, I have always been able to play with my friends using the geo filter, for a few months now I can no longer start the game, maybe some software house changes but some still manage to find their own
  24. I cannot get the geofilter to work on the XR500 for Destiny 2 on Xbox One no matter what I try. Let me preface this by stating that I've tried using the Destiny setting, stopped using the Destiny setting and set my range to the minimum of 69 miles and set my location in Antarctica, tried auto ping only, tried strict only, tried both auto ping and strict, added both of my primary consoles in the Add Device section, tried wired and Wi-Fi and have the bridge setting turned on in my gateway. Nothing works. The reason that I purchased this router was strictly for the geofiltering, and I've talked to a few people that have it while gaming that said they set their geofilter to only match up with themselves and it works 100% of the time. Unfortunately that was awhile back and as they were random players on different continents I didn't bother adding them or asking more about it. I use my consoles to help people rank up in comp by win matching. If you don't know what that is, I have 2 host consoles and bring 2 players into each party. I then launch into comp, choosing which console to launch first to ensure that is the one that gets host, and as soon as they match but before they launch in I back out the fireteam that isn't host. The host fireteam loads into a match with no opponents and it's an instant win for that team and no loss for the other team. I'm a PvE player. I haven't played competitively in over a decade, and have no desire to. Most of the people that I play with are in the top 100 or 200 in raid leaderboards, strikes etc. and have no interest in playing PvP, nor do I. That being said, certain guns can only be acquired through playing comp. Rather than employ a method that would be considered cheating and hurting other players' stats, I do this to help people get the glory they need to acquire the guns they want (or at least the quests for them). I don't do kill lobbies. If someone wants the gun that bad then they can go in and get the kills the old fashioned way, but some people simply don't have the time, skill or friends with the skill to confidently go into matchmaking and hit the glory that they need. Not to mention people that manipulate connections to lag you out so that they get the win. Long story long... I was able to match up relatively easily when everyone was around the same glory (prior to purchasing the XR500), but if everyone was 4000 - 5500 glory except for one guy that was at 1000 glory they would never match. Hence the router purchase. I've spent hours and hours trying different configurations, selecting different consoles to be host (had some friends bring theirs over and was running 6 simultaneously) and still no dice. Is there a solution to this issue? Does geofiltering even work in Destiny 2 anymore? I can get it to work to where I can load into strikes solo, and I can also load into the tower solo. I can have both host consoles with a full fireteam load into their own instance of the tower or any planet, but for the life of me I can't get them to match up in comp regardless of the location I set or the settings I've tried. Please for the love of all things holy someone have a solution so that I didn't just throw away $300. Thanks in advance for suffering through my rant lol
  25. Hi, i have two consoles using Geofilter on the same Netduma R1 using netduma OS new version updated. i was always able to match my two accounts in the same game whitout any other players in the game. But yesterday after a power reset it don't work anymore. the geofilter seems to by applied but the two accounts cannot match togheter anymore. i have tried too remove device from geofilter and add them again but still not works. do you have any suggestion? do you think that is better if my netduma stay power on all the time or can i turn of the power when i don't use it? Thanks a lot.
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