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  1. Fraser, wich ports do you recomend to prioritize in my case xbox series S ?
  2. I'm not running COD or any other game. That's why I posted here, is strange....
  3. are you sure? beacuse im not runing any game in those pictures
  4. i don't if this helps but.... when i create a party whith geofilter off netduma is blocking servers as you can see in the pic, and two seconds after i got the party chat error. when i create a party with geofilter ON netduma don't block server and i create a party with no problems but if someone joins the party i got the errors. BTW, im from portugal
  5. i was about to create a post about this problem. since i have a netduma i cant joint a party, when i join a party or create i got two diferente error . yesterday i was doing some tests and was able to create a party (disable geo filter) without any error but if someone joins the party i got one of those errors. 0x89231041 and 0x8923106C - Nat type pen -All ports open -I have done this: Disable IPv6 in WAN & LAN Disable Syn Flood Protection in WAN Disable Adblocker Disable QoS entirely from the Congestion Control menu - Tried the firmare version 1 and 2. -Xbox IP on DMZ- -Netduma on ISP router DMZ. and the problem didn't go away. i have replaced the netduma with a cheapest asus (asus rt-n12) just to test it and i didn't have any problems with the xbox party. i really don't know what to do anymore EDIT: i have tried this and did't workout.
  6. hello again after two weeks of trying to improve my conection and tunning every single option in dumsOS e wasn't able to achieve the expected results. im steel losing most of the gunfight's (shooting first) and my enimies end up with 2hp (one shot) its unbelivable believe me. btw i'll put some pics from my setup maybe you can see something wrong and sorry for being so boring
  7. I have one dedicated server next to me (Spain) and the others I can find are peer. How do I force R1 to connect only to this dedicated server? Thanks
  8. hello again!! I have my R1 for 2 months now and i have already messed with alot of settings and still i can't see many improvments in warzone, 5/10 enimies i shoot first die first and when i watch the killcam the other guy end up always but always with the same HP (one shot) i have fiber 200dow/100up i have the r1 connected to isp router and the r1 is the only device connected to it. i don't know what to do anymore Sorry for my english! EDIT: in this clip in hardcore mode i shoot a burst fire gun and i don't see the hitmarker. i have a few more clips Call of Duty® Modern Warfare® (8)_Slomo_Trim.mp4
  9. this is me right now what do you guys think? this is a match in warzone i have a95ms ping and in dumaOS i have 39ms
  10. yes but even with netduma e have a very high ping in COD 50/60/70ms in multiplayer and 80/90/100 in warzone. EDIT: this is the test on my xbox one and even with these results e experience lag and shots not regestring
  11. i clean mac adress right now and stays the same but when i ping xbox live in dumaOS i got 16ms ping.
  12. hi guys I really don´t know whats happening here. Doesn't matter what optins i change in R1 i always have the same ping in my xbox one on pc apparently is everythink ok. o bought this r1 to beat the lag in call of duty but i got the same ping with the R1 or the ISP router. Im desperate for help.
  13. the problem is i want to control my network with R1 to be able to get a decent ping in cod. with the isp tv box conected outside of the r1 this could be a problem?
  14. Hello, so i have an r1 and i conected it to my isp router and on the r1 i conected my xbox, pc and the isp tv box. The problem is on my isp tv box beacuse it freezes the image, i change the tv chanel and is running well for a few seconds and then freezes again. i've searched on the internet about this and from what i see is about IGMP i don´t find this option in dumaOS. my dumaOS 1.3.29 and my firmware is sorry for my english. thnaks in advance
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