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  1. I have one dedicated server next to me (Spain) and the others I can find are peer. How do I force R1 to connect only to this dedicated server? Thanks
  2. hello again!! I have my R1 for 2 months now and i have already messed with alot of settings and still i can't see many improvments in warzone, 5/10 enimies i shoot first die first and when i watch the killcam the other guy end up always but always with the same HP (one shot) i have fiber 200dow/100up i have the r1 connected to isp router and the r1 is the only device connected to it. i don't know what to do anymore Sorry for my english! EDIT: in this clip in hardcore mode i shoot a burst fire gun and i don't see the hitmarker. i have a few more clips Call of Duty® Modern Warfare® (8)_Slomo_Trim.mp4
  3. this is me right now what do you guys think? this is a match in warzone i have a95ms ping and in dumaOS i have 39ms
  4. yes but even with netduma e have a very high ping in COD 50/60/70ms in multiplayer and 80/90/100 in warzone. EDIT: this is the test on my xbox one and even with these results e experience lag and shots not regestring
  5. i clean mac adress right now and stays the same but when i ping xbox live in dumaOS i got 16ms ping.
  6. hi guys I really don´t know whats happening here. Doesn't matter what optins i change in R1 i always have the same ping in my xbox one on pc apparently is everythink ok. o bought this r1 to beat the lag in call of duty but i got the same ping with the R1 or the ISP router. Im desperate for help.
  7. the problem is i want to control my network with R1 to be able to get a decent ping in cod. with the isp tv box conected outside of the r1 this could be a problem?
  8. Hello, so i have an r1 and i conected it to my isp router and on the r1 i conected my xbox, pc and the isp tv box. The problem is on my isp tv box beacuse it freezes the image, i change the tv chanel and is running well for a few seconds and then freezes again. i've searched on the internet about this and from what i see is about IGMP i don´t find this option in dumaOS. my dumaOS 1.3.29 and my firmware is sorry for my english. thnaks in advance
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