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  1. Oof, this has started happening on .179 now. I've upgraded back to .205, performed a factory reset and applied your recommendations. Will let you know how it turns out. Thanks,
  2. Thanks Fraser. Afraid I've already downgraded and don't really have an appetite to re upgrade it if it's so unstable. If I have any problems with .179 I'll upgrade and try it. It's a shame that DHCP has been a persistent service effecting feature since the R2 release (also remember having to adjust the lease time in .179 to prevent WAN disconnections). Can you tell me when you're fixing this?
  3. Afraid it's reoccurred, completely unresponsive. I've downgraded to 179 and performed a factory reset. I look forward to the day the R2/DumaOS is out of beta, I really do. Maybe through those "frequent updates" we were sold in the marketing?
  4. So is the new update going to fix this issue? What's the root cause?
  5. I would say around max 10-15 devices at it's max. They consist of a few desktops, laptops, Amazon FireTV's, digital radios, two games consoles, two TVs, two wireless access points, an AV receiver. Mostly cabled but some WiFi. The R2 does not handle the WiFi and is instead an uplink for two unmanaged switches It's happened three times since the 205 upgrade and not before.
  6. No unfortunately not, it's not particularly load heavy (so far as I can tell). What's really holding this back (and the R2 generally for issues) is a lack of log persistence or even some syslog functionality where we could pump them somewhere else. At the moment I don't make any additional customisations of configuration on the because I know I'm going to have to factory reset it again in a few weeks. I never had any of these problems with the R1 (exact same setup)
  7. Hi Fraser, hhmm, not sure it's the Virgin equipment that's the problem. Let me take a step back. I'm actually writing this thread due to the crashes and constant factory resets, not the loss of WAN connectivity, or ad blocking, or crap WiFi. The R2 is currently losing all routing, switching and management periodically, which doesn't seem to have any relation to the Virgin Hub in my book. The R2 WAN port could be plugged directly into a banana, I would still expect management from the other interfaces. I would also not expect management access via the UI to trigger these crashes
  8. Virgin hub in modem mode is my setup. DHCP presentation to the router. I don't really care about the ad blocking, just a sold feature by yourselves that doesn't work, I've turned it off. I can even forgive the occasional WAN disconnect (although really annoying). The crux of my frustration and the straw that broke the camels back is the constant crashing, both random and UI triggered, resulting in a factory reset to bring it back to life.
  9. I can't remember a time when I didn't have problems with this router. From exceptionally poor WiFi, to ad blocking that prevents people using the web, to dropping WAN connectivity, this router and DumaOS in general just seems unfinished and not ready for public distribution. The latest reoccurring issue, complete loss of connectivity and management to router. Has happened on three separate occasions over the last few months since 205, all requiring a factory reset. I would love to provide you with the logs, but accessing the GUI after power cycling the router triggers the issue. All I can do is leave it, which will buy some time before something else triggers the same issue and I need to factory reset anyway. I've been biting my tongue on posting and hoping things will get better. Looking at these forums, the issues seem common and unrelenting. Nothing else I've ever tinkered with has required so much constant attention and monitoring. Amongst other things, we were sold on regular updates compared to the other models (is it 2 updates in nearly 9 months?). It's just not good enough. I'm starting to think that R2/DumaOS is the Cyberpunk of routers. This is not a dig at the staff on this site who help tremendously, in a clearly terrible environment. This really isn't good enough.
  10. I'm using old WiFi access points, the R2 spike packet loss is way too high. There's a old thread where I did a side by side https://forum.netduma.com/topic/32286-r2-wifi-instability/
  11. Thanks for the advice. Since the beginning I've only been using statically configured DNS servers (CloudFlare). Also as there's been so many issues, I've actually not turned WiFi back on, so strange I'm experiencing this issue
  12. Thanks Fraser, will try it and let you know. Could you go into a little more detail on what's going on? I didn't have any issues on the local network, just getting outside
  13. Ever since the 179 update I've had problems with the internet and general stability. I've managed to work around the stability issues with a factory reset, however at least every day I will lose internet connectivity. I do not lose the WAN IP (which I experienced before the factory reset), but I still lose connectivity. The only way to address this is to reboot the router, which then resolves the issue. I've uploaded the logs, but had no such issues on 123 or 149. log-1604567436009.txt
  14. However this is implemented, if the recommendation for every firmware update is a factory reset, this functionality becomes critical imo.
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