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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong location to post this question. Is there an icon legend anywhere that will tell which icons mean what when looking at the map? Thank you!
  2. Also, the High Priority Traffic indicator only lights up when browsing public games. During a private game, it does not light up at all. Not sure what this could indicate.
  3. Before creating a private game, there is a lobby and while looking at the available public sessions, the Geo filter map shows them all over the usa and there are several inside my 500mi set radius. When creating a private game however, there are no icons on the Geo filter at all. Should I try the game's dev forums for help as well?
  4. Finally had a chance to try the suggestions and unfortunately it made no difference in ping so I turned QoS back on and added the consoles back to the Geo-Filter. I appreciate the effort!
  5. All 4 of the consoles in my house have been added and are using Filtering mode. Sadly there is no LAN option in this title. That is one thing I miss from PC gaming is the lack of LAN play option on console titles. It may just be this game's servers are known for high ping?
  6. So under QoS, use the Traffic Prio and add the consoles from there? What service should I select after adding them? I understand your explanation for high ping but both consoles are in the same home which is why I'm wondering why it's so high.
  7. I added both consoles to the Geo-Filter and haven't changed or added anything other than that. I do have 4 consoles but I understand you can add a max of 4 consoles. I did change NAT to open instead of secured.
  8. Ahh that makes sense. So in a private game, does this mean the ping would be more dependant on the connection to the ISP hub? And yes both consoles have been added. QoS is at 70% for upload and download as well.
  9. When creating a private game, there doesn't appear to be any servers on the Geo-Filter map and the game traffic isn't detected as high priority traffic.
  10. Would be great if this game could be added. Trying to play it with 2 consoles in the same house and I'm getting 100-200ms ping on the client console.
  11. Thanks for the tips everyone! As soon as I disabled HT160, all my 5Ghz devices were able to connect again. Pumped for 3.0 and the mobile app! Is there a link for a beta list to sign up for?
  12. Thank you for the reply. I do have 160ht on and it has been since my initial setup last weekend. No issues at all until this morning. All of my devices are able to see the 5Ghz SSID, but immediately disconnect when trying to authenticate. Only the 2.4Ghz band is allowing a connection. I did update the firmware and did not do a 30-30-30 reset but after 3 days of it being stable, I assumed it would be fine. I'm at work now but I can try a factory reset when I get home.
  13. Hi all, Been enjoying my new XR500 but this morning, none of my wireless devices will connect to the 5Ghz band. Looking at the DumaOS status page shows it is enabled and broadcasting. All of my devices can see the SSID but will not connect. Any ideas what might have caused this? Thanks!
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