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    Netduma Andy got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in 1.0.3 Release Notes   
    This update brings full Adblocker support to the app! Along with adblocker there are many improvements across the board focused on polishing the existing sections of the app, these changes include improved loading screens, plenty of styling tweaks and of course plenty of bug fixes.
    Release Notes
    Adblocker support! Smooth loading screens across the app Improved feature handling for different routers/modems Various styling fixes/improvements to unify the look of the app Fixed Traffic Priority scrolling issue Fixed Geo-Filter devices sometimes ignoring suggested default Fixed Geo-Filter restrictions which allowed you to incorrectly configure your devices, breaking some games Fixed Geo-Filter RPC error dialog appearing when overlapping filters are detected Fixed Geo-Filter error when setting radius to 0km Fixed QoS legends to not wrap on smaller screen devices Fixed QoS share excess causing lag spike Fixed exporting diagnostics on Android 10+ Fixed some random hard crashes on Geo-Filter and QoS Fixed first launch welcome screen appearing multiple times Fixed some blurry icons
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    Netduma Andy got a reaction from Netduma Alex in Alpha 3 Release Notes   
    Big update mostly comprising of fixes for issues users are reporting. We have also improved diagnostics and error handling to capture those issues that still remain. Finally we added a few new bits, such as the debut of our new graphing solution and Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (Arcadyan) support.
    Release Notes
    Resolved login issue caused by auto router on iOS Improved icons, clearer and more efficient Doughnut chart added to traffic prioritization Fixed enable/disable issues with Geo-filter devices Fixed network timeout issues Fixed duplicate pages being shown Fixed forgetting Geo-Filter peer adding peer to allowed list Fixed smart home device handing Properly hide/show Telstra feature set Telstra "Not Full QoS" support Added RPC error handling Moved km/miles setting to Geo-Filter settings Changed order of items in the menu Added support for new Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 (Arcadyan) Added websocket diagnostics to track down some bugs
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    Netduma Andy reacted to Netduma Fraser in Duma app Ping value is wrong   
    If it works fine accessing via a PC then it will be an app issue. There is an issue with the app where the ping shows abnormally high so most likely app related.
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    Netduma Andy got a reaction from xfalax in Doesn't show the map in the mobile app for XR1000   
    @xfalax Hi, please can you check your login credentials on desktop and if wrong please try the correct details on mobile. I suspect that's the real issue.
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