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  1. yes only one, but with multiple ID's, for now i'm trying to add those id's to deny list to see what happens ba0dd8a3aa592328 9b0d531eaa3a2328 give me few days , i'll probably post more id's for this location
  2. btw i didn't blame any one , i'm just trying to get a better experience
  3. no it doesn't filter anything, i'm still stuck with uk servers, with or without geofilter take a look at my network monitoring tool, the game put me 90% of time with servers with ip range 13.40.x.x , and it's located in london according to many ip geolocation sites
  4. with strict mode on, it doesn't wotk, the game keep searching and i get an orange triangle in the uk server location here is another screenshot while playing a game with strict mode off, and my allow list & deny list is empty
  5. i know that , it's the same server located in 1 data center, but why i'm stuck in UK severs, Geofilter don't seems to work, it keep matchmaking me at the same place , spain & france servers are the closest to me any idea ?
  6. same thing here for battlefield 2042, ever after resync cloud i also noticed that the ping heatmap is showing only very few servers, there is much more servers for this game i've NetlimiterPro installed on my gaming PC, i keep an eye on the servers i play on, and here is some
  7. under device manager, in the advanced properties of ehernet controller you're using
  8. for me moderate nat is better, less lag, better hitreg, but nothing spectacular, i'm still getting instakilled so often, i tried using wifi , but it doesn't make any difference for me maybe because the wifi router is too close with a good signal, i don't know i've to try out opening the nat is just a horrible experience , not only with COD, i think it comes along with the nature of the equipment that the isp has, or maybe a too strong firewall, that add extra latency to packets that make you completely desync'ed from game servers i've also experimented a strict nat with 4G, it's a bit better but again not a game changer i've found an interresting article with a simplified explanation of the differencies of the differents nat types https://serverfault.com/questions/208522/what-is-strict-moderate-and-open-nat
  9. no need to use wireshark, netlimiter pro is much simpler & easy to use
  10. @chaiyoabc, dude, what i can tell you about your trick, THIS IS THE TRICK, i'm on PC, and 1 year after MW came out, i got today my first HACKUSATION :D, hitreg feels so nice now thanx dude, this trick did the job, looks like the game detetcs that you're using wifi, and put you on the good side of the lag compensation
  11. you bought a better monitor that decrease input lag, that's great; but sooner or later SBMM will catch you, and you'll find again the game so laggy with bad hitreg i upgraded my gpu from a 980ti to rtx 2070 super, which is around 40% faster, i had 1 k/d, and now i'm stuck 1.2 k/d , i felt a big difference just by upgrading a gpu, as you may know , a stronger gpu means less input lag input lag is real, and it's a fact, but the big problem is that even with 0ms input lag, sbmm will sooner or later catch you and put you will sweat lobbies full of tryhards, i'm even going further sbmm will deliberately destroy your hitreg, and put you few ms behind
  12. i flashed my wdr4300 v1 with the firmware above, but i have no idea how to make the rooter acting like a switch, any tutorial is welcome i'm little confused because, i switch is not supposed to do any NAT operations, it belongs to the modem/fibre where he's wired to, so how flowoffloading will work ? in other words, if i'm not wrong a switch is just a device that forward packets nothing else thx
  13. brand & model of the switch ? at this point , i'm ready to try everything
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