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  1. under device manager, in the advanced properties of ehernet controller you're using
  2. for me moderate nat is better, less lag, better hitreg, but nothing spectacular, i'm still getting instakilled so often, i tried using wifi , but it doesn't make any difference for me maybe because the wifi router is too close with a good signal, i don't know i've to try out opening the nat is just a horrible experience , not only with COD, i think it comes along with the nature of the equipment that the isp has, or maybe a too strong firewall, that add extra latency to packets that make you completely desync'ed from game servers i've also experimented a strict nat with 4G, it's a bit better but again not a game changer i've found an interresting article with a simplified explanation of the differencies of the differents nat types https://serverfault.com/questions/208522/what-is-strict-moderate-and-open-nat
  3. no need to use wireshark, netlimiter pro is much simpler & easy to use
  4. @chaiyoabc, dude, what i can tell you about your trick, THIS IS THE TRICK, i'm on PC, and 1 year after MW came out, i got today my first HACKUSATION :D, hitreg feels so nice now thanx dude, this trick did the job, looks like the game detetcs that you're using wifi, and put you on the good side of the lag compensation
  5. you bought a better monitor that decrease input lag, that's great; but sooner or later SBMM will catch you, and you'll find again the game so laggy with bad hitreg i upgraded my gpu from a 980ti to rtx 2070 super, which is around 40% faster, i had 1 k/d, and now i'm stuck 1.2 k/d , i felt a big difference just by upgrading a gpu, as you may know , a stronger gpu means less input lag input lag is real, and it's a fact, but the big problem is that even with 0ms input lag, sbmm will sooner or later catch you and put you will sweat lobbies full of tryhards, i'm even going further sbmm will deliberately destroy your hitreg, and put you few ms behind
  6. i flashed my wdr4300 v1 with the firmware above, but i have no idea how to make the rooter acting like a switch, any tutorial is welcome i'm little confused because, i switch is not supposed to do any NAT operations, it belongs to the modem/fibre where he's wired to, so how flowoffloading will work ? in other words, if i'm not wrong a switch is just a device that forward packets nothing else thx
  7. brand & model of the switch ? at this point , i'm ready to try everything
  8. thanx fraser, will give it a try
  9. traffic prio is pointless if you are the only one using your internet, like me, and i agree it could be helpfull if you're sharing bandwidth with others btw i play mainly mw 2019, and nothing worked for me to make it enjoyable except when i play in the spanish dedi server, it somehow works fine most of time, and sticking on that server is not a solution because it can take a while to find a lobby DE & UK servers are the worst for me, it's so ridiculous and unfair experience
  10. i'm in this forum since the release of BO4 and i was mostly in readonly mode, i've read almost eveything related to call of duty franchise, and i can tell you that i've tried eveything possible to improve my gaming experience, begining with netduma os with my XR500 and trying other routers with various OS's like DDWRT, OPENWRT, ASUSWRT, TOMATO & GARGOYLE, , yes i've all of them and even after hundreds of hours trying to fine tune each router, the results are 90% of time bad, it works for few games and next round i'm shooting stones instead of bullets, i'm always 1 second behind, my aim is good, but i'm just feeding other players killstreaks, like many of the users of this forum, it's so frustrating i was hoping that the netduma 3.0 Os comes with some new blood to the gaming routers industry, because, right now with the actual firmware version , except for the geofilter feature everything has no impact at all, and i'm tired for waiting for the 3.0 update, and to be honest i don't care anymore; i don't blame any one, beacause, i don't even know what to blame maybe it will be different with the newt cod, even if i feel that it will be the same story again thanx to all for reading, and have GG regards
  11. i remember that i've tried the ipvanish socks5 proxy to play cod, and it doesn't made thinks better same thing is used by exitlag , noping etc.. they are using proxy's to redirect game trafffic, sometimes it"s working , sometimes not add to that the fact that using a proxy , the geofilter is useless, if you join a server near the proxy you're using, it's ok, but if you're even in a dedi server far from the proxy, you'll no enjoy the game at all
  12. looks like he's at 1080p not 1440p, i do have the same frame rate at 1080p with rtx 2070 super 1080ti is slightly better than rtx2070s and even with the lowest settings , i dont understand how he managed to get those fps fyi , i advise every body to play COD in 1080p, that will reduce input lag, high frame rate = less input lag, pro players always use lowest settings possible to get the highest frames/s possible
  13. why the 1.11 build, does it perform better than the latest one (1.12) ??
  14. off topic guys, open a new thread for that
  15. i just found this on youtube,, the netduma 3.0 looks very promising https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Cjr0-rDcck
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