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  1. I will do Fraser, hopefully this will improve my online experience . I sometimes wonder why someone who would invent Netflix to be such a internet hungry app.
  2. Thanks guys, I follow now I think lol. So basically leave source port and put these in the destination. Got it.
  3. Hi Fraser, sorry been a few days, just another quick question, when adding these ports to the traffic prioritisation would this way be correct ( Example below) Source Port -- Start -- 3074 -- End 3074 Destination Port -- Start --3074 -- End 3074 Protocol TCP/UDP Would this be the correct way of doing it? and would I do this on all the ports you mentioned? Thanks again
  4. Okay, and do I leave the ports open for port forwarding as well? Thanks
  5. Hi Fraser, thanks for quick reply. i already have them ports opened on pc, so are you saying that these ports need to be prioritised as well as being open ? let’s say I prioritise these ports within the QoS section, do I need to do anything else for example disable duma classified games or disable port forwarding etc. thanks again 😁
  6. Hi Fraser, How would I know which ports to prioritise? I can’t see on my router which ports it uses for the game? thanks
  7. Hi Fraser, thanks for your reply. I play Modern Warfare, how do you mean prioritise them manually? Open the ports? if so I have already done that. I have also double checked IP on PC as well and it is the same. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I have a XR500 and I have been really happy with the performance of it since I upgraded from the XR300. I feel there is an issue with the prioritising gaming traffic on my PC. I have usually been gaming on Xbox one and when the network is under load (wife watching netflix) it has been performing really well. However since doing upgrades on my PC and I am now currently gaming on PC, when I am gaming I feel that it isn't prioritising as it does when i play on Xbox. For example when playing PC and my wife decides to watch netflix etc I don't play as well and when I am in gun fights etc it's as if there is a delay when I am firing my weapon or that it takes a lot of shots trying to kill someone. I didn't have this issue with Xbox, I have added my PC to the QOS as a games console, I have added the PC on the Geo filter and I have also opened the ports on PC as well. But when I play PC and no one is really using the internet I don't have any issues, its only when someone does use the internet that I do get issues. I can't see the issue being my anti-bufferbloat as like I say the xbox when gaming and with other devices using the internet it works absolutely fine. If anyone has any tips or help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi Fraser, the router was directly plugged into the wall. I have returned the XR300 and got the XR500 😊 time will tell but so far so good. Thanks
  10. Hey Newfie, I’m sorry to say but I will be the guinea pig on this one, I returned my XR300 and got the XR500. Early days yet but first impressions are good so far, Wireless is stronger/more range, for wireless device at the furthest away point in my home I can still achieve my full download and upload speed (Exact same for wired device) where as on the XR300 I couldn’t. I find the web GUI for router settings much quicker to navigate -XR300 was slow at the best of times. I also had Multiple wireless devices and my hardwired PC streaming and all devices played fine. The XR300 could do the same but I found 1-2 devices would be really slow to start streaming. Anti-Bufferbloat works well so far using pingplotter for a few tests last night. Still got more tests to do but for now I’ve already seen improvement. As I say it’s early days yet, I will need to see how it plays out over the next few days and put it to work 😊. I’ll report back soon. Hopefully it will have been worth the extra spend otherwise my wife may divorce me lol. Thanks
  11. Thanks for your reply. Main issue for improvement which I was hoping would help is that the xr500 has better hardware compared to the xr300. I was hoping the xr500 would handle high usage a little better than the xr300. I also find (whether it’s a fault with hardware) that when I have a lot of devices using the internet, it seems to lock up and restart it self. Wirelessly yes I would like improvement there as well, also maybe hoping it would also handle the QoS/anti bufferbloat better with having better hardware. I suppose I won’t know until I upgrade which is why I’d post here first as I wouldn’t like to upgrade if I don’t see any improvement at all if that makes sense. It hasn’t crossed my mind that I could try a different router/different brand but I really do like the geo filter function.
  12. Hey guys, just looking for some advice, I’ve had a XR300 router for around 3-4 months, other than getting to the bottom of the QoS issue I did find a way round it. However I noticed over the last month, my xr300 has been doing random restarts, wireless devices are disconnecting etc. Anyway I was wondering before I return the XR300, should I pay a little extra and get the XR500? I know there isn’t much difference if at all in the Duma OS part but my thinking is with the hardware being a little more powerful would it still be worth upgrading? Thanks
  13. Hi @Netduma Fraser yeah the Xr300 was reset to factory default with PPPoE removed, however I have now set it up again with my TP Link modem and using my XR300 to handle the PPPoE ( just how I set it up originally) and I managed to get same results as previous using the bandwidth allocation with share excess disabled. So now I have a stable ping with a saturated line the real test is yet to come which is allowing my wife to watch Netflix while I’m gaming. I’ll post back to let you know how I get on. Thanks
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