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  1. Hi @Netduma Fraser yeah the Xr300 was reset to factory default with PPPoE removed, however I have now set it up again with my TP Link modem and using my XR300 to handle the PPPoE ( just how I set it up originally) and I managed to get same results as previous using the bandwidth allocation with share excess disabled. So now I have a stable ping with a saturated line the real test is yet to come which is allowing my wife to watch Netflix while I’m gaming. I’ll post back to let you know how I get on. Thanks
  2. Hi @Netduma Fraser Here I have 2 attached pics, setup as follows ISP ( Plusnet Hub One) Wireless Disabled- Handling PPPoE ----- XR300 (Factory Reset) ----- XR300 DMZ on the ISP router. No difference in pingplotter evidence for the saturating the line. I can maintain good results this way, QoS -- Anti-Bufferbloat set as Always - 65% Download - 70% Upload ( 68mbps Actual download speed) (17mbps Actual upload speed) Bandwidth Allocation - Setting the high bandwidth devices (Netflix Streaming) to 5mbps, Disable Share Excess Bandwidth. This isn't an actual solution just a workaround, I am exhausted of any other ideas.
  3. Ahh right I will look into that then and see what it does. It’s amazing how technical someone can become when it involves gaming 🤣
  4. Oh right it’s not something I’ve looked into, could you tell me what the ping assist does then? What I can really get from that is like setting ping assist at 15 would be like making sure it connects to a server with 15ms ping? It must be some sort of firmware bug then, hopefully that gets sorted but I assumed when it said like 15nil it meant ms lol.
  5. Yeah I’ve just set my geofilter to just cover the UK, ping assist? I’m not sure I’ve seen that or do you mean auto ping? Does your ping show as NIL on your router by any chance @Philace866? Yeah I play Modern Warfare although I’ve had a break from it for a few days 😅
  6. @Philace866 yeah I used to do the same thing on my previous ASUS router that also had broken QoS, even running custom firmware on my ASUS router made no difference hence why I resorted to just using bandwidth allocation. I had my smart tv down to 2mbps for download and 1mbps for upload and that seemed to work just fine while gaming. Only thing is at the time I had done it, it was hard to tell if the gaming packets were prioritised and if I maintained a low ping. Main thing was it was lag free gaming thankfully, I just hope I find a solution to the problem on the Xr300 because other than the QoS it’s a pretty good router and I love the Geo filter feature too.
  7. Hi Fraser, yeah I was using the isp router for handling the pppoe connection. I had been adjusting the download and upload from 70% and just lowering it slightly to see which was working best. Honestly felt like it didn’t matter where the sliders were on my QoS as it didn’t improve it any or does it take a few minutes each time for the QoS to work? Even just loading a new video on YouTube was enough to give me high ping spikes on pingplotter.I will try that tomorrow regarding DMZ and post back how I get on. I use Ethernet on my PC as well. Thanks
  8. Mine seems to be worse even with packet loss this time 😢 really pulling my hair out with this. All I want to do is game online with no lag or packet loss. Netflix has a lot to answer for. @Philace866 my wife wasn’t happy either when I put Netflix to lowest quality, the only other thing I am going to try is use the bandwidth allocation and limit my smart tv to a couple of meg of bandwidth and see how it goes.
  9. Hi Fraser, I have the isp router so put that in between the tplink and Xr300 or use isp router and Xr300. My isp router is a modem as well. Thanks
  10. Does anyone have any other ideas why my ping plotter tests are not the same as what should be in the guide that has been previously posted? I am also on PPPoE I am not using my isp router as it was rubbish so I use a TP-Link W8890 as just a Modem and my Xr300 as my main router. I do also notice on pingplotter even just opening up YouTube my ping shoots up is that normal? Thanks
  11. I have got to say the support on here is appalling I don't mean, the time it takes for admin to reply but replying with minimal response to help someone out, you should be giving us a few things at least to try or do. Anyway @Philace866 I will try and help you a little although I am in a similar boat to you which is basically down to the QoS. In regards to your ping plotter evidence I did so happen to notice you had done it wirelessly via your laptop, I would do the tests via an ethernet cable if you can, firstly do it with nothing on you network in terms of using it. See what your base ping is and ping the bbc.co.uk. Before you do that put your QoS sliders at 70% and enable QoS, then try your tests. Probably not worth doing really as I have done the same on my XR300 and I still can't get it to where it should be although I don't get packet loss like you did in your tests but I think that may be because you were doing it via wireless. The XR500 runs the same Duma OS as the XR300 as I looked at that option as well, the difference really comes down to the hardware. The XR500 is more powerful in terms of CPU etc and wireless coverage and speeds but the QoS is exactly the same. I would research the XR500 a little bit more in terms of the QoS for it, ie see if you can find any forums with QoS problems on XR500 seen as they are more expensive just to save you forking it out to have the same issue. Sorry I am not much help but I would help if I knew what the problem was.
  12. Hi, Anti-bufferbloat is set to Always, modem is not visible to any devices and the devices that use the bandwidth are wireless. The pingplotter was used on my PC which is hard wired. As for traffic prioritisation my Xbox was the only added device and for the basic section I selected games console, do you mean delete the Xbox from the traffic prioritisation? Just so you’re aware the Xbox was not in use or on during the pingplotter testing. Thank you
  13. Hey guys, so over the last few days I have been doing some testing in regards to the QoS on my XR300. I have been doing some sort of process of eliminating anything that could be causing the issues I have when gaming online while other users are streaming movies. A few things that I did come across were a few of the ethernet cables were only CAT5 (not sure to be honest if that would make a difference but I replaced them with CAT 5e) and I also unplugged my powerline adapters to make sure there were no interference that way either. I have attached some evidence of the tests I performed with PingPlotter. Picture 1 ( This was a test with nothing other than my PC connected which shows you my base ping) Picture 2 ( I had 2 smart tv's streaming Netflix, I was also performing speed tests and watching videos on YouTube on the PC) Picture 3 ( Settings of my QoS settings on my XR300, as you can see my download is 68mbps and upload is 17mbps, from there you will see where my anti-bufferbloat sliders are) So from the guide about PingPlotter and setting up the Anti-Bufferbloat that Fraser posted the second picture of my PingPlotter isn't correct to what it should be according to the guide, where do we go from here? I have tried quite a few times in changing my sliders in my QoS settings to see which is working best and unfortunately as the evidence shows in picture 2 is the best i can get so far, admittedly it was worse than that before with previous settings. I am still trying to think is there anything I have overlooked has anyone anything else i can do? It is very disappointing for me as the reason for buying this router was that I hoped it would resolve this issue for gaming online when other devices are using the internet as well, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  14. Hi Fraser, sorry been busy at work hence for late reply, I have been playing with it a little, the link you shared was useful however I don't have my ping plotter doing exactly as it is in that guide but it's not far away so I am going to keep adjusting it in small increments to see if I can keep a stable ping without sacrificing too much on my download and upload speeds as I only have 70mbps download and 20mbps upload. I also used the dslreports which at the minute where my anti-bufferbloat sliders are set I have A+ for Quality, Bufferbloat, Overall I assume this is good as well? Thanks
  15. Sorry I wasn’t clear with my question. In regards to bandwidth I was meaning for each device, as I have manually changed the bandwidth for download and upload on the smart tv and my Xbox. So my question in relation to that is once I’ve adjusted the sliders on the “anti-bufferbloat” as you suggested what would you recommend I do for the bandwidth on the devices? Thanks
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