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  1. We’ll see, that’s the thing Fraser, ....77.1 / .1.1 doesn’t open any pages. ...or at least it wouldn’t last night. I have gotten to the DumaOS now. But... I feel like data is still moving incredibly slow for fios. Dashboard is still loading as of my typing this. I have a welcome message and a “This Rapp is not loaded yet, please try again in a minute.” So I’m thinking I’m not out of the woods just yet. I’ll check around for those PPPoE, Wan / Internet settings and report back.
  2. Howdy, Having same issue. Fios Router works perfectly fine with EXACT physical setup. Removing Fios router and replacing with R2 = "connected, no internet." It was all literally just installed today. And I was preoccupied and didn't tell the installer I'd be using my own router so now I'm frustrated. I've had the R2, waiting to unbox/connect for what feels like a month already. Please help. R2 is connected directly to Verizon Fios Modem. The INTERNET led on the R2 is steadily lit. Did I mention this is frustrating?
  3. Thanks gentlemen, apologies for my delayed realise but I'm connected again and running 1.03.6g. So I'm good! Thanks Big_Dog, Thanks Fraser!
  4. I thought we weren't supposed to do that (use the external reset button)?
  5. As title States, R1 has been out of commission for sometime, unfortunately I do not remember the version, due to it being in storage but I am currently MST-AZ and available from 0800hrs - 2300hrs (MST)
  6. I received an error message, attempting to upgrade: "undefined?" :/ Apologies, currently 3.5m, but my router hasn't been online in several months. Moved states and had it in storage, remote access is checked. I haven't rebooted since receiving the error code. I disabled upnp forwarding, the WAN IP/DMZ? How do I verify that setting? My apologies, for not being as tech savvy as the other users... All right. Well I'm fairly certain I did everything correctly this time. Completed upgrade successfully although now my speeds have dropped to 400kbs, and it's intermittent, cutting and out and the cloud settings won't load in miscellaneous, thereby causing a mini bug report pop-up, altering me to contact you guys. :/
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