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  1. Hi we're also going to be adding a tool to help troubleshoot low WiFi speeds.
  2. Hi all, we have been able to reproduce disabling QoS preventing devices connecting to the internet over WiFi. Will be investigating this, hopefully can fix soon.
  3. We could add a ping plotter/ping route R-App, it could be useful to see what parts of your packet's trip are causing lag. We could look into adding a third 'spectate' type to allow/deny enable watching server without impacting the rest of the geofilter, or adding another panel which hosts a list of servers that it pings. Thanks for the suggestion. VLan is definitely a useful feature, we plan on adding it in a later version. We are definitely interested in expanding the appeal that our routers have. Parental controls would be a nice addition to DumaOS, it could have features like periods of time devices can access the internet. I'm not sure I understand what you mean by not supporting a Nintendo Switch, you can configure your Nintendo Switch devices in the device manager and the R1 allows full port forwarding from 1 - 65535 on both protocols. We don't currently have DMZ in our R1 firmware but we do plan to add it in a later version.
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