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  1. I agree with you. The point is that i cannot use DumaOs and its great features.. Also with the preemptive if i set the sliders below 100% even 99% i get a total of 30Mbps download. I checked Turbo mode, disabled ipv6 and made all the recommended settings but the speed is not exceeding 30Mbps. With Duma Os on the other hand the Speeds are ok also i like the feature of enabling qos when high priority traffic is detected.. Is there any suggestion for fixing the issue in DumaOs?
  2. Thank you for your promt response. My setup is as follows: ╬ťodem/router with netduma r1 at dmz> netduma r1 > VOIP router Iam on 50 mbps down / 5 mbps up VDSL. Your theory for packet dropping might be the cause because if i restart voip router telephony led is ok and iam getting tone on my phone, after trying to make a call telephony led shuts off any my phone is dead (with reactive algorithm). Is there a way to avoid packet drop? I also tried with sliders at 100%, disabling CC via super turbo mode, and in duma os i tried disabling qos. Nothing fixed the issue...
  3. Hi there, Iam from Greece and iam getting a strange error with my voip modem which is behind my netduma router. When i use preemptive algorithm my voip router is online and my telephony is working perfectly. With reactive algorithm or with DUMAOS installed my router shows that it is online but telephony is not working. What is wrong with reactive algorithm or DUMAOS? Iam running version 1.03.6j
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