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  1. I am having some trouble sending the hotfix to your router. Can you make sure you have configured it correctly.
  2. I have just successfully sent your router the firmware hot fix so you should be able to manually upgrade. Thanks for your patience.
  3. I was not able to send the hotfix, please make sure you have configured your router correctly.
  4. Hi All Just thought you guys would like to know what I'm working on. I am currently working on the automated test scripts for DumaOS. This should significantly improve the development process with regards to how fast we can test the OS and identify bugs to be fixed. I also work on the cloud Geo-filter database to provide the most accurate geolocation on the router. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Yeah this is a great idea that I have actually been working on. We hope to provide something like this in the future.
  5. Can I get some information on what game you are playing and what console you're using. It would also be nice to get more information on your geofilter setup. I cannot reproduce this issue.
  6. I will be looking into this for this week.
  7. Thanks for your support and patience. We are constantly finding ways to deal with servers that move on a weekly basis whilst maintaining the same ip address. This is a non trivial problem that state of the art geoip databases have not solved. For this reason we use a combination of many different techniques. This takes time especially when there are other developments going on. May I know what problems you are encountering with ping assist?
  8. When I said "taken down", I meant recorded. Apologies for the confusing language.
  9. I have taken these down as well as everyone else's mislocated servers. I will be looking into these and this may take some time. I suggest using ping assist as this will get you good quality servers too.
  10. So these are all the mislocated servers you have found?
  11. It is better for you to roll back as .10 has several known issues and was released by Netgear without our involvement. Please roll back.
  12. Please use this form to let us know about any servers that are mislocated. Thanks
  13. Yes this has gone out for all firmware. If you're an old R1 then make sure bleeding edge is ticked in your settings before flushing. You really should upgrade though.
  14. Hey I can not see your ipv4 address. You will need to turn off ipv6 on your router.
  15. I was unable to send the fix to your router. Can you please make sure you have the correct settings.
  16. Hi I just sent the hotfix to your router so you can manually upgrade. Thanks for your patience.
  17. I have just created a form for collecting information on mislocated servers. Could you please head to this thread and complete the form. Thanks.
  18. We have a new way of reporting mislocated servers. Please head to this thread:
  19. Please quickly complete this form to let us know of a server you believe is in the wrong location on your Geo-Filter Map. We will then use this to try and relocate the server to it's correct place. You can also access the form from this link. Loading...
  20. We are currently looking into this issue but for now you should be able to get great games by setting your ping assist filter to < 40ms.
  21. Hey Ted, I just attempted to replicate this issue on the R1 with the latest firmware. I put my geofilter in the ocean and set my ping assist threshold to 10ms and I was repeatedly successful at getting a game in black out. I also set it to 2ms and failed to get a game ever. This seems to be the correct behaviour. Based on the information you have provided, the geofilter does seem to not be working for you. I recommend a factory reset to get it working again.
  22. Hi, Just sent the hotfix over and it was successful. You should be able to manually upgrade to DumaOS now. Thanks for being patient with us.
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