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  1. I don’t think it matters what settings you use for your setup. Activation knows you have a netduma and it literally makes your gaming experience worse with lag or delayed response time during gun fights. I would leave your setup with strict mode off your from the filter. during my experience this is the only way for this device to work. Any other setting doesn’t really matter.
  2. Question about qos and warzone. Does your qos change during game? When I lock in my setting before game everything looks great but my gaming experience goes down hill after a few games. So my main question is the netduma qos shouldn’t change when your in game correct?
  3. I have to say Mtu isn’t that consistent like you say. Input lag is a serious issue for me. I replaced my hdmi cables and I feel that made my experience a lot better
  4. I used these setting for ports while placing my speeds to .5 mb up i down felt like I had an advantage on my gun fights!
  5. Do you lower it to your console and netduma? My games don’t load with my Mary value at 750 on both units
  6. I did. My first game was working fine. Afterwards it was getting worse
  7. Is anyone lagging really bad? Unplayable on my end
  8. I mostly get peer to peer off Seattle servers. Florida has a better experience on my end! Ping is around 80ms-108ms but I don’t lag or loss gun fights as bad. Kind of interesting for sure!
  9. I’m seeing pack loss on Duma and isp up address. I’m using the latest beta
  10. There is no mtu filled in. Also MAC address is empty
  11. I’m getting lots of pack loss on the latest beta of Duma OS. Anyway to fix this? I
  12. My friends are local. I find better games on the east coast of North America
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