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  1. Underload is never consistent I’m getting 18ms download and 9-12ms upload. Doesn’t matter which percentage I use.
  2. Talking about the new 3.0 OS. With my original netduma. Mean while I’m been with Duma for at least 6 years Bufferbloat doesn’t work. Tried lots of different setting and doesn’t improve my experience. geo filter makes no difference during my experience. Wi-Fi sometimes works but lost of the time it doesn’t. been waiting 2 weeks to get my modem resolved but no luck! Great customer service here
  3. I changed my monitor to 1080p from 4K and I’m been winning more gun fights for sure!
  4. i heard from a few you tube videos that streamers use vpn for advantages for call of duty servers
  5. Okay I hear streamers use VPN for advances?
  6. Hi NetDumaOS family! im looking for a recommendation for VPN servers. Would this help my gaming experience at all? I mostly play call of duty while I’m trying to find the most consistent connection.
  7. I put mine at 1454 since that rating gives me no pack loss. I change my PS4 to 1454 and leave the Duma to its original 1500. I think I don’t have issues 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. My isp said meter.net is not a accurate website to use for speed tests. I’m using speedtest.net with low ping of 4-6ms Maybe it’s the call of duty servers that are making me feel I need adjustments with my setting or even my setup!
  9. I’m calling my isp because something is wrong here
  10. My connection just goes crazy laggy once I’m on game
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