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  1. Has anyone had any luck finding good servers for the west coast users? I’m in Vancouver B.C. Canada and I feel Seattle servers are a hit and miss
  2. I find if I have my setting lock in and restart the duma. My connection in the game is super smooth.
  3. Is there a way to see how many gamers are on each server? I feel there should be some kind of way to figure this out for a gamer perspective
  4. I haven’t had hit marker issues yet. I get shot before I get my aim down sight on target. It’s smooth gameplay. I’m still getting peer to peer and misplaced servers on my geo filter. This game has been out this far and still having connection issues is kind of pathetic 👎
  5. Do we c know if there is a Seattle server that works? I can’t get any games if I place me geo filter over it with ping assist to 0
  6. My base ping is 6ms should I place my geo filter ping assist to 10ms or leave it at 30ms wondering if this will help my cod connection versus other gamers in the word? cheers
  7. My d link modem has dmz mode should this be on or I should just have my provider dmz on with upnp enabled? my Netduma is setup provider- d link - Netduma cheers
  8. I’m getting lots of peer to peer in new York USA and I’m in Vancouver BC. Ping ranges 9-46ms. looks like no servers are in Seattle either. any tips to fix this?
  9. I have the original Netduma router. Curious if it’s worth upgrading to a netgear for gaming purpose? My network is not congested im looking for smooth gaming experience at possible! cheers
  10. I couldn’t find games off blackout yesterday. When I log the game I don’t see any servers available on the map
  11. I had to reinstall the old os and haven’t had any issues since.
  12. I have lost my open nat. It doesn’t even open my ports off ps4 when I log in.
  13. Crashes consistently from I open it. Support from ping plotter can’t give me a reason why this is happening. 👎
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