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  1. no what I am saying is that when prioritizations takes place on my gaming pc it still allows other devices on the network to pull more bandwidth than is set for in the congestion control
  2. Yes that seems to make it work. This will disable packet priority to my Gaming PC. My kids are pulling all the bandwidth so I would like to limit it while still having gaming priority sent to my station. Is that not possible? This is the main point of the feature and why I bought this router. It worked when I was using the older firmware but I wanted to new firmware.
  3. Ok I will try that next, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having traffic priority.
  4. I see what I always see. A player in my circle which is my discord and then it does not display the CA server but is joins anyways.
  5. unless I am supposed to share excess which I have always done in the past.
  6. I only have my gaming computer set up for packet priority, but still it total usage should not go over the set value.
  7. I place the congestion control setting and it has no effect. I have had the Duma OS for over a year I know how to use it but is does not respond to the settings. set to 7mbps but pulling 18mbps
  8. I continue to use the device correctly for warzone but it continues to work incorrectly. I set is up exactly in the instructions given above but i continues to put me in servers that are not in my assigned areas.
  9. yes it says 30ms roughly on the geo-filter but it shows in texas my ping should be about 60ms to texas from CA or 80ms in game.
  10. Yes I understand that but I was connecting to CA because the only servers I get a 50 ping are CA, so it says in am connecting in TX but I was actually connected to a CA server. Could the cloud sync be off with server location?
  11. I have been running it for months and it has worked fine i have never paid any attention to the discord while setting it up. So this time I kept my gaming computer off and set everything up as instructed above then I launched the game first then discord and had everything closed. First game I launched put me immediately into a CA server. Seems like I have to do a full system reset and restore every couple weeks once this router bugs out. Fi
  12. I am following all the directions I am not new to the Geo-filter i have had this for months and it has worked fine. Just went through all the steps again and it connected to CA again could it have to do with the discord? I even disconnected from the discord.
  13. That is my discord server, do you think that is affecting the service? should that also be off. I have tried turning the computer off and setting it up. it still keeps connecting to CA it worked fine for a while now it is like there is something in the software / device settings that is not clearing no matter what i do. The only way i have been able to get it to work is to reset the entire router but that is a hassle because i have to go through all the set ups again. All changes are made while the game is off.
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