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  1. Yes my internet comes to my house wireless. I have no access to any of the controls on their end (ISP). There is not Wi-Fi or settings available the is just an access point. What is the DMZ? What specific setting are you looking for?
  2. all devices are connected to the XR, the modem is a POE - https://store.ui.com/collections/operator-airmax-and-ltu/products/gbe i believe this is it. It is worse because when i have (traffic prioritization) off it doesn't lag then I turn on traffic priority and the ping spikes get worse. I also notice sometimes that the usage goes higher than the set throttle. I am using both traffic control and traffic prioritization.
  3. I tried these settings and the lag is worse when I have it turned on. This should be the opposite. I have owned this for some time and it used to work perfectly for the packet prioritization.
  4. Thanks i will try to settings and see what happens
  5. goes up to 900 from about 80 ms the modem is a ubiquiti PEO or WAP this is in game ping
  6. I am having large ping spikes and variation on warzone using congestion control it seems to work better when set to never unless my family is using a lot of banwith with is not usually the case. This used to work very well? what is going on?
  7. I keep though intermittently connecting to CA servers. This should not happen. Very strange.
  8. Thank! Not sure how I missed that. I never change that setting.
  9. The filter does not seem to be working I followed the steps and now i am getting these weird ping assist server symbols that I never get.
  10. no what I am saying is that when prioritizations takes place on my gaming pc it still allows other devices on the network to pull more bandwidth than is set for in the congestion control
  11. Yes that seems to make it work. This will disable packet priority to my Gaming PC. My kids are pulling all the bandwidth so I would like to limit it while still having gaming priority sent to my station. Is that not possible? This is the main point of the feature and why I bought this router. It worked when I was using the older firmware but I wanted to new firmware.
  12. Ok I will try that next, but that kind of defeats the purpose of having traffic priority.
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