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  1. Aye this point I’ve no option am getting shredded on cut
  2. Hello as you can see by my title am in need of help as am losing my mind so basically using WiFi on my Xbox one x I have a open nat with a ping of 40ms but once I connect Ethernet cable my Nat is not available with a ping of 160ms I thought dam my Ethernet must be to old/faulty so I bought a brand new one which is doing the same also my speeds are cut to half when using Ethernet My Set up virgin hub 3 in modem mode then Ethernet connection to my XR500 I’ve tried resetting everything severely times to no luck I’ve read on old posted clearing Xbox Mac might work I’ve tried it did not help
  3. This is how I did mine for every port dunno if it’s helping for game ports or not
  4. I would also like to know this
  5. before and after 60% on both for some weird reason when I reset the qos back to everything having the same amount on the flower the line also became more stable
  6. For some weird reason when I turn of anti bufferbloat my ping drops and I play better in game it’s weird but that sort of defeats the purpose I’d rather have it on and working to improve my connection not to make it worse any help or tips is appreciated
  7. I have both enabled but Am I doing something wrong am getting getting melted in COD xbox reserved ip geo filter 450miles strict bufferbloat A+ Xbox has priority would have both upnp and dmz enabled be causing me to get destroyed by opponents also my bullets seem to be dealing little damage my game ping is 25-35ms 9x out of 10
  8. That’s no bother thanks for everything you do
  9. Thanks and sorry if this is asked alot but as I’ve said before I’ve been out of the community for a while but is the duma os app out yet would making checking geo filter etc so handy
  10. To start of i sold my r1 just after duma os was released and yesterday am proud to say am back in the community after purchasing the XR500 and what a brilliant router it is i already have my buffer at A+ 1. Can anyone help me set it up for cod mw remastered or any cod
  11. Hello I’ve got the network set up in this order modem,R1 and then my Tp link router then from there my Xbox is connected via Ethernet to the tp link which everything is working perfect but my question is am I still getting the full benefits of the r1 like this for example hyper traffic congestion control Edit: forgot to add R1 has WiFi turned off as am using the tp link for WiFi
  12. The very first post on this thread he sAid that it would take no more than 2weeks mmmmm it’s been 2 weeks sooo whAt lies do we have to listen to now
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