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  1. I restarted my router and everything disappeared I have flushed the cloud numerous times it’s gone v2.3.2.56
  2. Just wanna update admins that I’ve found a bug in the geofilter/traffic prioritisation i flush my cloud once a week and I’ve been on the latest firmware version sense it’s release Am in traffic prioritisation because i was having issues with my old modem and today after I factory reset my router a ton more items had been added to traffic prioritisation have I been doing something wrong that am only getting it now or is this a bug 🕷 should I be factory resetting every couple of weeks incase of updates thanks
  3. Glad to have signed up how do I know if I’ve been accepted
  4. I’ve tried both console and call of duty profile i mainly play call of duty black ops 4
  5. I always have geo filter turned on and never off but I’ve been reading online that it’s better to turn it off until the game has full booted ? (Is this true ) also this is what happens when am loading up my game base ping 20 ping Assist 40 strict mode on is this normal that all servers are blocked except maybe 1
  6. Hey big dog thanks for the reply I’ve just tried this but it picks up nothing I’ve screenshot a picture of my settings
  7. So I mostly stream to mixer and play from the same pc but on my second monitor I’ll have the router geo filter open my router shows the mixer server am streaming to as host ( for that reason auto ping does not work) and when I search for a game in black ops I keep getting lobby’s with a ping of like 70-80 when it should be 40or less I believe because my router things it’s found the host of my game (mixer) when I search it’s just firing me in anywhere and for this reason geofilter does not work but without touching any settings if I end stream and search start away into a 30ping game and connect feels fantastic is there a way I can tell the geo filter to ignore the mixer server
  8. I’ve got the same issue on pc tried everything made a thread nothing helped o reset my xr500 it worked for one gaming session next time it showed now I’ve double and triple checked my settings tried bought adding it as console/pc nothing works
  9. Yes that’s my exact thought... am on pc I’ve added it as a console and tried adding it as a computer both make no difference yes when I go to device manger it says Aaron pc then console
  10. Hello I play black ops 4 and ww2 I set my radius to 1000miles can’t find anything but when I set it to cover the full map I find games that are less than 500miles like uk France etc I like in Ireland
  11. Hello when I play any game I set my geo filter around Uk France etc etc and put ping Assist to 40ms (base ping is 15ms) and strict mode on I can find 0 matchs it will sit and search for match’s but when I make the geo filter say a 9000 miles ( nearly full map) I can find numerous games in secs I would just wondering if there’s something am doing wrong
  12. Hello I made the switch to pc and everything has been smooth but I can’t make the pc priority I’ve tried everything from doing it as game console to adding ports manually the red light does come on but everything stays a 0 before on console this numbers always went up
  13. Ok everyone got sorted Fraser I thought it was the Duma os classified that was the problem but after further test I found out it has nothing to do with it I’ve tested this 4 or 5 times and it’s worked the problem is I have to have my geo filter turned off when turning on my Xbox as I’ve said above I tried having it off and on just to see what would happen ping shots to 160ms if I keep it on soo before I turn my Xbox on I turn geo filter off just to my Xbox boots up and once it’s powered up I can then turn on my geo filter and ping stays as low as 25ms
  14. Ok I’ve got progress for some weird reason when I disable duma os classified games it works and ping drops to 35 but why would this be a problem maybe I cant have geo filter and duma os classified games on at the same time
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