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  1. Hi! There is a problem in mw2019! The closest server to me has a ping - 28 (in Moscow). The closest authorization server to me has a ping 60 (in Warsaw). Often the game can't be found (there is a connection to an empty server and after 10 seconds the search starts again), and so goes on forever and ever. Sometimes there is a VERY long search (10 minutes on average) and only then connects to the server. I play one match and then the search starts again. In all previous COD games I could play on a Moscow server, but in mw2019 this problem began. Please, help me) P.s. Netduma R1, Beta 3.0 Screenshots: My settings ↑ Authorization server ↑ Mislocated Moscow server ↑
  2. Could you add or send me the link please i still haven't received it too? I signed up back july and still haven't received anything
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