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    NekiiMolla reacted to Sgt-Greco in Nothing works with COD: MW   
    Sorry man, but you got it all wrong. I don't complain about not finding noob lobbies. I complain about not finding a variety of good and bad players. A variety between having fun and being better. This is how COD should be. This is how COD flourished. This is how life is. You stomp noobs , you struggle with experts. This is excactly what happens in real life. You may work for IT or whoever, but you are missing the basics. SBMM has no place in COD.
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    NekiiMolla reacted to Burger100 in Call of duty PS4   
    I was thinking of doing one it would consist of 
    1 Eject MW disk
    2 Throw said disk over garden wall
    3 Sit back beer in hand and relax
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    NekiiMolla reacted to Caffeine in Router keeps trying to connect to blocked servers   
    Hey there, I have made changes with the console, off, on but game closed, game on then restarted. Every diferent variation I have tried, but I get put in glitched lobbies and pulled out because on my geo-filter it is indicating a server outwith the range.
    I see this: then the queue restarts  
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    NekiiMolla got a reaction from Wxstrn in Beta 3.0   
    Could you add or send me the link please i still haven't received it too?  I signed up back july and still haven't received anything 
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    NekiiMolla reacted to BOOMRAD in DumaOS not working at all with Blackops 4   
    Hi there. I have been massively struggling with the new dumaos and blackops 4.
    The geofilter doesnt seem to work as i get connected to servers outside of my circle. I get pinged back to the home screen when trying to enter matches. Pings of over 100ms despite ping assist being at 50ms Way more peer to peer connections when geo filter is on Spectator mode still stops me connecting to good connections The QOS does work properly as even with a 1gb connection it stops my tv streaming. I have an open nat with open ports for cod games set. I have tried geo on and off with strict on and off.
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    NekiiMolla reacted to Blue777 in Only Great Connection when Upgraded   
    Well Ive noticed that my R1 only works as a charm everytime I reset or reupgrade the device (you know those matches with crispy shots) and also only works 3 or 4 matches (halo 5) after that It works just like my ISP router 
    So Ive been trying many things I used to do on the old firmware like "Flushing the cloud" or simply disconnect the R1 and my router and then reconnect them a minute later but as a hard core gamer disconnecting and reconnecting every single time I want to play is kind of a hassle for me 
    Any insight on how to make the R1 work flawlessly every session I play without " pre game rituals" 
    Also the Flush Cloud Button is not working (It wasnt working on the first release of dOS anyway)

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