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  1. Me either... Me either... Have you done a lookup of that server/ip? I think it's the same one that pops up for me as well. It was associated with a program I had on my PC for my LAN. But, I cannot deny it now. Am i missing something Fraser? Is this maybe a server associated with DUMA or maybe the game I am playing? (COD)?
  2. Interesting you get the server in Germany pinging. I thought this was Xfast LAN or something pinging me. However, I uninstalled all of that. Is this a DUMA process?
  3. Would love access to this. Thinking about getting an R2. Have a ton of r-x series netgear routers. Just upgraded to a CM2000 and pulling my R1 back out of my game room back into the front of the mix. WOULD LOVE TO TRY THE BETA! Signed up when it was announced!
  4. Oddly enough I get bufferbloat if I don’t have qos on with one of the devices
  5. Thank you so much! I have 1gig download and 50up. It really is about 750-890 to the local server but I get around 550-600 on a speed test.
  6. I have an R1 behind a Nighthawk 7960p and I am considering running the R1 as the main router. I don't have any issues running the r1 behind the nighthawk however I do see that constant download and upload speeds on a speed test are throttled. I just want to use the geofilter right now. Would you guys recommend using the R1 as a main? Just not sure if it's more powerful or will it handle everything? I also have an Orbi system I can use. I have tons of gear. Gig internet 50 up.
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