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  1. It’s a pure modem and yes I have everything off, also I plugged it into the Netgear and everything works fine but when I use the netduma sometimes my friends would join and I would get connecting and it would just hang there and sometimes I would join parties and same thing
  2. yeah but the quality of my ping plot showed a bit more spiking
  3. it seems to be a port issue, i sent you a message @Netduma Fraser
  4. ok i did dmz and it didnt help my nighthawk x6 8000 is in ap mode
  5. No i haven't tried port forwarding, should i try that? if So i haven't done dmz in a long time ..oof
  6. * Im in Spectating Mode *Isp Fios 990dl/880 up * Briged- Modem ( not a router/modem combo) >R1>Netgear Nighthawk, Hard Wired Cat6 * Qos off * Not running xbox insider hub I noticed when certain People join the party or if someone joins through app i get disconnected I Ended up Plugging directly to my modem and i could connect perfectly to party chats.
  7. I signed up back late june early july and still haven't received anything
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