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  1. If I set the R1 up with the modem and entered the PPPoE settings on the R1 with the WiFi turned off and then had a different router after the R1 transmitting the WiFi signal would i still see a speed drop?
  2. yeah it is something they need to do on their end, but they are adamant it's turned off, even though I can still see the SSIDs of the signals. I'm just accepting it now and trying to save up enough to get a XR300 to then use with the openreach modem.
  3. Similar to the problem I had, streaming sticks seem to like to cause problems.
  4. ahhh then I have no idea cause your graph looks identical to mine. Try closing the game completely then restarting it and then load up a few strikes and see what the result is.
  5. what do the nil things mean in your settings? .
  6. just returning to this, I found the issue with the WiFi drops after receiving a new R1. Its the fact that BT Hubs transmit the Fon network hotspots and they refuse to turn signal off for me even though I have opted out. This means as long as I have my Duma plugged into my Hub it will always have interference issues. I have a openreach modem but due to the PPPOE limitations in DumaOS that cause my speeds to half I've had to remove the R1 from my set up unfortunately and make do with the bog standard so called "Smart" hub. Hope this might help sorting future peoples problems.
  7. Yeah I went into every planet and activity solo, crucible and gambit would error out as it couldn't find anyone.
  8. Just plugged my R1 back in and loaded up an instance on mars, been in here solo for the past 30 mins, these were my settings.
  9. I can try this weekend sometime, I don't have mine plugged in anymore due to wifi drops constantly. But I'll give it a go.
  10. I've done this on the R1 before. Had my geo location over Antartica, then ping assist on 0 and strict mode was off. It gave me instances for just me, so I could run Escalation Protocol solo to get the grenade and melee kills for each class triumph.
  11. friend wasn't in allow list but strict mode was off as it has to always be off as we play a lot of Destiny.
  12. Same has happened to my brother. Seems completely random but happened most when he was trying to do an online mission with his friend. He was on WiFi through the R1.
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