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  1. You know I respect your input and opinions :), but I do have to respectfully disagree here to at least a small degree. Netgear controls the release but they also need something to release since they are not making the software for these routers. Netduma absolutely (at minimum) shares some fault here. (by here I mean both the current wait on 3.0 along with little to no updates to 2.* on the XR500) I fully agree with your sentiments in regards to beta.
  2. Turn off QOS, Turn off all Advanced Gaming "Features", set NAT to open. Sadly, the above will result in the best gaming experience, period. My wife and I are Xbox One gamers with XR500 and the above easily proved to be the most stable experience.
  3. So... Are we placing bets on end users seeing 3.0 before 2021? 🙄 (Without buying a new router) At least this time NetDuma and Netgear can blame the pandemic 😷 Seriously absurd and anyone defending either company at this point is blind. Do not make excuses for them, and do not pretend like this practice should be acceptable. Such a premium router should have come with FAR better long term support (or at least short term support...). Disappointed doesn't even begin to express my outlook on my purchase of the XR500 (preorder customer).
  4. This is the nail in the coffin for me. I have complained many times about how Netgear has pumped out other routers (with Netduma) without ever updating the XR500 but now even Netduma will release a new router WITH the new software before we have even seen an update. I agree 100% with your sentiments.
  5. Im trying to hold off as well, but now with Wifi 6 becoming more mainstream I think its time to be done with the XR500 and more importantly be done with Netgear. I haven't seen a router this poorly maintained since the Amped Wireless release. I'm 99% going back to Asus at this point.
  6. Can you, Yes. Should you, no. You will gain nothing from that. If you are having any NAT troubles just set NAT to Open instead of secure.
  7. I would not put your console in DMZ, it is not necessary. For any flaws the XR Routers have - NAT is not one of them. If you only have one console, you don't need to do anything to have open ports. It will NAT just fine on its own. If you have two of the same console (Xbox One especially) change from Secure to OPEN NAT and call it a day. This is a majority of the reason I purchased this Router as many modern routers these days can not achieve Full Cone NAT so if you have 2 Xbox One's on the same network it is a giant mess. The XR series are some of the few routers available that will do this without custom firmware. For more information I suggest reading up on: https://badmodems.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=21
  8. Even those as skeptical as myself don't believe that it is truly "given up on". It is however well beyond slow progress. For such an expensive Niche market I would've expected more regular updates and upgrades. I am sure DumaOS 3.0 will likely come to our devices - EVENTUALLY. That is the biggest question, and one that NetDuma can not answer due to Netgear. (nor would they want to give a timeline at this point anyway) All we can go on is what they have said combined with what has happened in the past. Based on that info, I would guess we don't see this update until Q3 2020 at best. (with the R1 seeing it well before hand). But again, this is just MY opinion.
  9. I would love this feature. It's not just about the router. Some WIFI Devices enjoy a freshly established connection :). (always on devices, thermostats cameras etc)
  10. I have no idea how you came to your conclusion but I am not on .40. I am well aware that the hotfix was then rolled into the newer firmware. You made some pretty bizarre assumptions that make zero logical sense. I was talking about facts of their update process. I did not at any time state or imply that the hotfix was no longer available, or that that fix wasn't still in play, or that I was running an old firmware. My XR500 is fully up to date (If you want to call it that). All of that aside, the hotfix and patch did NOT resolve all disconnect issues for all of us and Netgear/Netduma have admitted to seeing the problems. They may have fixed ONE issue, but they haven't fixed all disconnect issues. See multiple threads here and on the Netgear forum (I'm sure you did already) as was my point that clearly I should have been more elaborate with for you.
  11. Facts and actions prove otherwise. Stating a router is supported doesn't make it so. The internet disconnect issue was last "hotfixed" in April. The last firmware released was in August (with no fix for internet disconnects). Here we sit another 4 months later being told we aren't forgotten and the router is going to some day get fixed. This is well over a YEAR from the problem being revealed, in case anyone lost track. They did however release several new XR routers and have released firmware updates for those routers. Tell me again how they haven't moved on? 🙄
  12. Are they really? I feel like we have heard that story for a LOOONG time now. I feel pretty convinced Netgear has moved on from this router and all we are getting at this point is smoke and mirrors. Netduma may be still invested, but what good is a new OS if we can't fix actual problems?
  13. Probably the smartest choice. We'll be on entirely new standards (and many revisions later) before they patch bugs with this router.
  14. @xlr8r Great find. I haven't had time to test this yet on mine, but I still have Smart Connect enabled. I have a 4 day weekend so I am hoping to try it then. IF that is the common factor, its pretty sad that nobody (especially Netgear) could have caught or found that by now. Maybe if they weren't so busy focusing on releasing more and more XR routers and actually spent some time fixing the ones that are out 🙄
  15. I wouldn’t leave it off, I guess perhaps I misunderstood your previous post. I interpreted “why wouldn’t netgear update” as a lack of guarantee they will. I will not be selling or getting rid of the XR500 so I most definitely will at minimum check out 3.0 when it arrives. I completely agree that big overhauls rarely (possibly never?) come to a router after purchase so that is a valid point, I have no doubt Netduma means well and I hope 3.0 meets those expectations. thanks again for your work and communications.
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