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  1. @xlr8r Great find. I haven't had time to test this yet on mine, but I still have Smart Connect enabled. I have a 4 day weekend so I am hoping to try it then. IF that is the common factor, its pretty sad that nobody (especially Netgear) could have caught or found that by now. Maybe if they weren't so busy focusing on releasing more and more XR routers and actually spent some time fixing the ones that are out 🙄
  2. I wouldn’t leave it off, I guess perhaps I misunderstood your previous post. I interpreted “why wouldn’t netgear update” as a lack of guarantee they will. I will not be selling or getting rid of the XR500 so I most definitely will at minimum check out 3.0 when it arrives. I completely agree that big overhauls rarely (possibly never?) come to a router after purchase so that is a valid point, I have no doubt Netduma means well and I hope 3.0 meets those expectations. thanks again for your work and communications.
  3. I appreciate all your support Alex, but I call BS on this. We have been waiting all year for an update, to be told something big is coming. We finally get an announcement that basically says your starting a new version of DumaOS with no guarantee of when (or even IF in some cases) it is coming. This to me reads another gimmick, the XR1000 or whatever comes next will come with DumaOS 3.0 on it, and we will be stuck waiting in the wind. My support for Netduma and Netgear ends here. Again I thank you and Frasier for your work and keeping us updated the best you can, I am certainly not blaming you! Anyone starting a betting pool for "few more months" release? I'll take somewhere in the 6-10 months we get an informational update. I must admit that in part this is also my Fault. My reason is that this router wasn't my best choice to begin with. I chose it for a reason that is different than your goal. I do not use bufferbloat, QOS, or any of the other features of the XR500. (all turned off). I bought it because I needed a router that supports Full Cone NAT which is sadly hard to find these days. (my wife and I both play console and were having connection issues iwth 2 trying to NAT from the same router). These features aren't what I need or care about, but its your core functionality and your priority. Also I have never cared for Netgear. NetDUMA showed a lot of promise and looked much better so I thought things would be different this go around (and to an extent, they are) but I should have stuck with my instincts :).
  4. Awesome! thanks so much. I did go look there but saw you hadn't updated in a bit
  5. Hey @e38BimmerFN Any new AX routers support true open cone nat yet? I'm probably going to move away from Duma/Netgear after the disappointment in continued support for their products and open cone is a must! Not ready to move on yet, I'm going to still hold out for this infamous XR500 update for a while longer but when I do upgrade to AX it won't be with them.
  6. Yet here we are, 2 more months on the books with no news and no firmwares. This router is closer to being obsolete then getting updates at this point. I don’t care whose fault it is, NetGear or NetDuma - it will be my last of either. I am sorry but I have reached my patience limit and will make sure my next router is properly supported.
  7. Honestly, at this point I don't care who is to blame. This was a product co-made and co-released by Netgear and NetDuma. You both need to work together and stop dropping the ball. This much time without any fixes, updates, or product care is embarrassing to you both and doesn't leave most of your customers wanting to consider dropping this kind of money on your next product. Yes, knowing there is at least an update coming helps, but it is still an empty gesture. And again, I'm not pointing fingers at you here Fraser, I can't express how much I appreciate your support and community guidance. You are a big asset to NetDuma I hope they value you for what you deserve.
  8. Have been feeling this way as well, a little disappointed at the updates/fixes/releases for the XR500. For such a pricey and Niche device I thought the priority would be a little better. Seems like NetDuma and NG have prioritized product pumping over current customers (XR700, XR300, XR450 all coming out since XR500's release with very few Firmware updates and even fewer additional features or fixes in the same time frame) Not pointing fingers, certainly know this isn't your fault Fraser, just adding a +1 and sharing my agreement in the disappointment.
  9. I believe that is the issue. I have not tried this firmware, to be honest I only saw the thread on the Netgear forum about that AFTER I posted this. I would love to try it, I asked in the thread.
  10. We have heard lots of promises of updates for this router, fixes in the works, but we have seen VERY little. Netduma has been great about supporting this router (when someone has an issue) and has had a great showing on both forums. Netgear, not so much. But 90%+ of the problems that existed when the router was released still exist... People still having major wifi issues (myself included) which while I recognize may not be the "top priority" of this type of router, it sure is for me! . Im not generally the complainy type, but I must admit this is why I usually steer away from Joint company products. I really hope there is going to be further firmware support for this router for stability or all of its flash and extra features are a waste .
  11. Using here as well with XR500 without issue.
  12. Yeah I already went through all that unfortunately. I thought I would post here first due to the nature of this forum generally attracting slightly more advanced users. I suspect its more of a setting than hardware issue . Can you answer the other part, is it possible in any way to force a device to use 5g/2g with the default "Router picks best" method? Thank you!
  13. I switched from an Asus AC66U to the XR500. Overall very happy with it and solved all the issues I had with gaming. My Nest Camera however has serious issues with this router for some reason. it randomely disconnects several times a day, and even when its connected I can barely watch live video even on Low quality. It worked fine with the AC66U so trying to figure out what is causing the issue with the XR500. I have a 100/10 connection, and nothing using bandwidth currently and I can't even get the video camera to get past the spinning wheel. (this camera is less than 10 feet from the router, no walls) I tried specifically assigning the camera more upload bandwidth in QOS but it made no difference (as it technically shouldn't since it should use overflow, and nothing is using bandwidth). I originally set up my network with 2g/5g separated, I have since gone back to the default (where the Router determines the best network). Is it possible to still tell this device to use a specific network? Thanks for any thoughts or tips.
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