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  1. Nm than, I only use combo for Ip adresses and firewall, wifi disabled.. The R1 doesnt work well with my speeds nore do I need the Qos since the switch can handle it with port prioritization and bandwidth limiting.. I literally only want to utilize the geofilter for my xbox...I wanted to have it prioritized like my xbox is but have the duma inbetween for the geofilter but was hoping to be able to get access it through the switch from my pc but i guess that doesnt work lol... So I will continue to use it as a paper weight, ty for help though!
  2. So I was wondering how I can access the R1 interface from my PC .. My Setup goes Modem/Router combo > Netgear x10 switch > I have 2 pcs my Xbox and netgear modem in AP mode > Tried adding the r1 cant access , I also tried using my Xbox port and than add cord from R1 to Xbox and I could access the r1 software but unfortunately it is not optimal when i am trying to game. Now i can still access my AP by the ip provided by the modem/router but if I try to do the same with the R1 it wont access it. I Just want the R1 for geo-filter primarily that is all.. Thanks for any input
  3. I downgraded too, and now on a Dedi ... so something might be conflicting with OS
  4. I just woke up since I posted this topic, and I am currently still getting p2p on this game. Prior to "updates" i was getting more dedicated servers and mis located dedi's... They are killing they're own game! Also to added to this , i have it in spectating mode and when I tried just now to join, I get a common pop up of "the lobby is not joinable as is full"
  5. So since tuesday around 6pm I have had almost no luck playing, I went to work for over 8 hrs to come home and still cannot connect.... Is this a Duma issue or anyone else having same problem... I am from Ont, Canada.
  6. yea we switched it up , my brother had a 4 port switch so all connections are on r1
  7. it does have bridge mode but I cant take it out of combo mode or whatever it is called because others in my house use it. R1 does not have enough wired connections so only I use it with my comp
  8. It would not let me use mine it came up with an error RPC error 'ERROR_VALIDATION': LAN network must differ from WAN.
  9. if this works , this is an example
  10. I been having issues with my bandwidth too and I have tried with Qos off and get my full speeds.. when I used dsl reports my download would spike a lot during the test , one minute at 25 than up to 125 and down , up etc . Also in the results screen it is saying i have really high RTT /Jitter which it never was like this before... and only on the download portion, upload doesn't appear to get affected. p.s Im on the R1 with OS beta
  11. Does anyone know why I always see people in my lobbies either stuttering or seems like there in fast motion, like is the servers that bad? Cus I play with a guy from Ireland and he says he doesn't see it, but I clearly do!
  12. no but I dont know if my isp is just super bad but have 250/20 internet i get either lag comp to shit or I get like no hit detection...=( and I see people stutter all the time, and my friend doesnt, and he plays on NA servers and he lives in Ireland so how come i see it all the time =(
  13. I used ping plotter to ping my ps4 and computer and both are 35-50 ms on average
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