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  1. it is in DMZ. I never had this with the old firmware.
  2. I can't get rid of my moderate nat type on Modern warfare. It's definitely not my internet because if I connect through wifi to my other router, I get open nat. Through the R1 running DumaOS, hardwired and nothing else connected to the router except my computer, I have a moderate nat
  3. Im having the same problems. I always loved the netduma, but I cant find any lobbies with the dumaOS firmware. When I revert back to 6j firmware, I find great lobbies
  4. when I say "on the old firmware", I'm referring to 6j. I had no luck finding lobbies when I upgraded to dumaOS either. I figured I would try again with this new version but am having the same problem. I have tried with faster enable and with it disabled. The ping I'm referring to is on the geo-filter. I'm in south Florida. Like I said, when I run 6j, I get great lobbies with very low ping.
  5. I have netduma R1 router. On the old firmware, I found great lobbies in BO4. I always connected to a server within 400 miles of me and generally had a 20 ping to server. Installed milestone and set ping assist to 50 with a radius of 1000 miles and I cant get into a game. I waited for over 10 minutes and nothing shows up. I finally got into a game and the ping was over 100 with lots of spikes. I tried everything I read including rebooting the game and rebooting the router. I really want to take advantage of dumaOS but every time I install it, I cant find lobbies. Is there something I'm missing? I am running the netduma behind an Asus AC88U. The only device hooking up to the Netduma router is my PS4 and my Xbox One. I also login to the netduma screen through the wan on my iMac, which is connected to the main network.
  6. I thought I had the same issue. Clear your cache in the browser. I have upgraded and downgraded 3 or 4 times over the last couple days
  7. OK, I tried that and still getting same issue. Here is a screen shot of dumaOS and then 1.03.6j. Both in a team deathmatch lobby scan. The 1.03.6j is after downgrading from dumaOS and both were done in chrome. I waited 10 minutes in dumaOS and couldn't find a match In 1.03.6j it took less than 30 seconds to find a match
  8. over tried rebooting router, reboot PS4, nothing works. This is a screen shot if I go back to old firmware. I Connect immediately
  9. I really can even connect. I even downgraded back to original firmware and found lobbies quickly. Then I re installed dumaOS and am having same problem. I've been sitting in a lobby for over 5 minutes right now and cant get in a game. I have booted up the game with the geofilter set and cant get a game. Heres a screen shot of what I'm getting after 5 minutes inside a Team Death Match lobby
  10. im having the same issue. Prior to upgrade I was consistently getting dedicated servers close to my house with a 20 ping or less and I had the setting at 600 miles and 30 ping, strict. Now I'm running dumaOS and I have the setting at 1000 miles and cant find a lobby and when I do, its laggy. It also won't let me ping the server.
  11. I upgraded to dumaOS on my R1 router and now Im having a hard time finding a lobby. On the old firmware, I had it set to 30ping and 600 miles and found lobbies instantly. Now, I have it set to 1000 miles and it takes over 10 minutes to find one and when I do, its a crappy connection. Top top it off, the auto ping isn't working. If I turn off auto ping, and try and manually ping, it just buffers but never shows the ping Im playing BO4 and live in south florida
  12. Here are the results for group g on North America ps4. We started with 7 and Lymzy joined late. We started at about 1:12
  13. I have invited my entire group that I'm hosting, however the following people still haven't accepted friend request, tournament is in 1 1/2 hours This is on PS4, North America ERG_Tybo_Ingram MOTMoxie kyoiiism xcrossCARNAGEx Midspeed_
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