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  1. Yes under WAN settings where I have autodetect selected and it is defaulting to DHCP there is a drop down bar and some options are either just Transparent bridging(TB)- or TB 0/32, TB 8/35 or TB 0/35. I did some googling in the past as to which bridge mode to try and boy did that open up a can of worms. I believe I crashed my whole internet after switching to the bridge modes and made a post on this forum about it. I cant really remember how I fixed it or even what caused my issues. I am not very savvy when it comes to internet technical things. I have definitely followed the optimal settings guide more than once. As for the age of my Duma, I don't think it's that old. I could always provide a serial number but I don't think its more that 3 years old. Could be though.... lol
  2. Alright, here are my ISP settings. I will just go down the tabs in order in the advanced settings. DHCP: Enabled IPv6 Lan: Disabled DHCP Reservation: Enabled and auto dhcp enabled WAN settings: ISP protocol (auto select) Selected-DHCP DNS host mapping: My isp router is there centurylink technicolor c2000T Dynamic DNS: Disabled Dynamic routing: Disabled Static Routing: IPv4 selected, nothing inputed No ports forwarded DMZ: Enabled with DUMA WAN IPv4 Firewall: disabled IPv6 Firewall: Enabled, block traffic in, allow traffic out NAT: Enabled UPNP: Enabled; UPnP NAT-T state Enabled. There is a device in the NAT-T list. I also have the wireless function off to allow devices to be used by the DUMA.
  3. I can turn upnp on again and see what happens. I have tried so many things that I cannot remember why I do stuff. haha Yes I have the Duma WAN IP in the isp router DMZ. I gotta run out for a bit, when I get a chance I will go into my ISP router and give you my current settings there. Thank you for your time so far.
  4. My other settings are as follows. LAN: ipv6 off DHCP on UpnP off Port forward off, but I have isp router in DMZ WAN: ipv6 off, dhcp on Anti Buffer bloat- when high priority detected. 70/70 (not sure why I cannot find the tab that has preemptive ect...) I know I set that to whatever Jack recommended.
  5. Ok yes I found share excess under the QoS tab. It is checked for both I believe
  6. All my bandwidth is allocated evenly at the moment. I am not sure where to find the share Excess option.
  7. not sure why my photos are covering the text? Hope its not like that on everyones screen.
  8. Hello, I have had a few discussions in forums over the time i've had Netduma. Jack plus others have been suggesting fixes and optimal settings and I appreciate all their insight. However, months ago I just gave up and unplugged my Duma from my ps4 and connected back to my ISP router/modem combo because I get better connection MBPS from there. I love being able to geo filter etc which is why I purchased Duma, I play mostly CoD and wanted to eliminate the laggy play as much as possible. I followed the optimal setting and tweaked everything to advice given but my duma is basically halfing my internet speed or worse. I cannot figure out why? The only reason I can think of is that im running 70/70 DL-UPL filter as suggested for gameplay. I don't think it should be messing with my speed that much if its the optimal setting.... I am attaching some photos of my speed test today, you can see in the background that my yellow ethernet cable is hooked up to Duma in two and my ISP for other two ( the higher speeds) The speed difference is significant. My speed package is 25mbps from centurylink. Maybe someday I will get to enjoy the wonders of dumaos. lol
  9. I tried to set up pppoe and then switched my isp back to bridge. However i dont think I had the correct name and password, as I really dont know anything about that. I totally understand they are busy. Well my issue was that after always having open NAT, it all of a sudden switched to moderate in black ops 4. I have always had the wireless off plus optimal settings recommended by Jack etc. I have my router in DMZ with the WAN address of netduma, yet for some reason I cant get open nat anymore, with dmz or port forwarding. Thus, I said screw it and im going to try and bridge my combo router......which resulted in a whole day of nonsense lol Id rather not bother the Devs either. Oh and how the heck do I find out my PPoE password. It is hidden in my isp GUI. Is that a password I need to call them for?
  10. Hello, I am requesting a 1 on 1 due to the fact that my isp (centurylink) told me to provide encoding, vpi/vci and v-lan to NetDuma techs in order to successfully bridge my router as a modem. I did not want to post my info publicly incase its sensitive info. I spend 5 hrs so far today on the phone with isp techs troubleshooting my issue. Everytime I try to put my isp modem into transparent bridge mode 8/35, my internet connection gets blocked. My isp techs eventually deducted that the netduma router must be somehow blocking my internet everytime I do a bridge. Something about how once its bridged the gaming router is now the provider of the internet, etc. Does this make any sense? Should I be bridging my isp router/modem combo? My set up has worked fine previously by just turning isp wifi off and only connecting duma via WAN but I feel I still have issues and figured having a bridged combo would just make everything run smoother. Thank you for any help here. I do currently have the info to provide you about encoding etc.
  11. Nat type mysteriously back to moderate in game, yet I have not even played since this last post. Did not change any settings. Netduma still in DMZ. Weird that after network settings always saying open that after I tweaked a couple things, yet put them back as they were, that I now keep having a moderate setting in game. Frustrating.
  12. Alright so I got my open back. I turned off upnp in newtwork settings tab on duma. Then I power cycled my isp router and restarted game. open NAT. But that still leaves me with the question of what the heck is the client mismatch, tty host error we keep getting??!!
  13. If I log into my ISP router upnp is on and upnp nat-t is on. ( these have always been on as I did not change anything) There is a long list of ports (8 of them) associated with my isp router ip address in a box below named upnp nat-t list and has an option to remove them. for example. device-unkown ip adress- xxx.xxx.xx.xx port range- 9308 protocol- udp
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