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  1. Hi fraser I've given up now trying to use this in filter mode, this thread has been going on since february with the same questions and replies from staff. i guess this game is some incompatible anomaly in filter mode. If you guys do your own home testing and post back hey we got solutions then i will be delighted.
  2. Hello Just wondering if this game will ever be properly compatible with the geo filter. Filtering mode is a real pain to work with this game, you get a game or maybe two then something decides you won't be getting anymore in filter mode. Timeout after timeout and unable to get in a game, it results in a really poor experience, shame really cause i do notice when the filter works for the one off game its a much better gameplay experience as opposed to the game itself deciding to put me overseas. im an OG netduma user so i know all the tricks and things to try and have tried, i guess im looking for a simple answer will it work better in future with apex, or the state it is in just now is the best we can do?
  3. I'm delighted you guys are getting on top of this horrible situation with black ops 3. Will what you are doing help with the lag compensation that is so unfair with bo3, cause alot of people i know are finding this game ruining including myself. Got exceptional on all the tests done through the duma and my bufferbloat is A rating.
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