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  1. @Netduma Admin Any placement of the update for destiny?
  2. Does the update come out this week?
  3. Can you share the progress you have made? It would be interesting to know ... Any predictions?
  4. I managed to get down a few times solo on the tower. This happened a few hours ago. I'm not getting it right now. Don't ask me how, but I believe @Netduma Admin can respond better.
  5. As I did before, with two consoles .. I just don't use netduma, because it is deviating the route of the match.
  6. I understand. I just want to have a prediction. Last week, it was said that it would be implemented this week. Thanks
  7. did you manage to release any updates until tomorrow?
  8. I can still do it. But I am not using netduma. It works the same as it was before, it is much slower, but you can do it.
  9. Hello @Netduma Admin, I acquired my netduma R2, 3 weeks ago. I have been following the posts about the geofilter in Destiny 2. I have a question and a question. The placement: Some people on the xbox, are managing to use the geofiler, did not want to talk about how. My question: Do you believe you launch an att this week? Sorry for English. Greetings BRasileira
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